Google announces Keep note-taking service for Android and the web

Google announced today the release of its Keep note-taking service, complete with an Android app and web service.

The idea behind the Evernote competitor is simple: we often don’t have a pad of paper and pen near us when we want to jot down a quick note, and there are few app solutions that consolidate our disparate thoughts across text, voice and photo.

Keep attempts to do all these things by providing the means to quickly take a note from the Android lockscreen (4.2+) or a widget. The app supports photos or lists, and you can change the colour of a particular note for coordinating certain themes or topics. It’s not nearly as full featured as Evernote — there is no rich text formatting — but the app is considerably faster and more attractive than Evernote’s Android version.

The app syncs your content via Google Drive so you’ll always have your notes on any Android device or on the web.

The app supports Android 4.0 and higher, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see an iOS app in the near future.

Download Google Keep for Android or head to the web portal.

Via: Google Blog