Press for Android updated with DashClock extension support


  • Rick


  • nik

    whats the point? with custom roms or with samsung roms you get this anyway lol

    • Patty

      Ya but then you’d be using a crappy Samsung phone with crappy Touchwiz.

    • S2556

      you do not get lock screen widgets on sammy custom ROMs they are not on 4.2
      If you get a custom 4.2 ROM like AOKP then you will get the less functional stock version that dashclock replaces.
      This is not just a lock screen you can swipe left to other widgets or right to the camera

  • andy c

    Love dash clock. One of the must have apps for a nexus 4

  • Brandon Liu

    So which app do I have to download to get my homescreen to look like the one in the original post?

  • Brandon Liu

    Correction: I meant lockscreen.

  • LookWhatICanDo

    Doesn’t work on my Note 2 on Rogers. Ugh 🙁

  • PGill

    Tried this on my N4 but I don’t see the lock screen at all.

    • scrooge

      The instructions on how to set it as your default lockscreen are in the app details on the play store

  • PGill

    Thanks for your advice. It is working now.

  • Brandon Liu

    Just updated my S3 to CM10.1 but I still cannont download the app. Any help?