Intel catches up to the pack, releases Android 4.2.2 developer preview

There aren’t many Intel-powered Android devices on the market, and none of them are available in Canada, but the company is working feverishly to be taken seriously in the mobile space.

Last year, Intel partnered with Motorola to release the Razr i in Europe, but carriers in North America seem to be taking the safe route and sticking with tried-and-testing ARM-based devices (likely for good reason). Intel has announced today that an alpha version of its Android 4.2.2 software is available for users to try. It is even dual boot-enabled on Windows 8 devices, though the PC must have UEFI Boot capabilities.

This developer preview runs the Linux 3.8.0 kernel, which has x86 support built into its mainline kernel, but Intel is warning of bugs and instability.

Source: Intel
Via: Engadget