Google Glass apps from NYTimes, Path and Evernote revealed during SXSW demo

Google Glass is coming this year, and while it will be out of reach, financially and geographically, to many users at first, it is poised to change the way we interact with computers.

And while we’ve seen various clips of the headpiece in action, they’ve all been largely curated by Google itself; we had yet to see the way users interacted with the HUD.

At South By Southwest this week, Google’s Timothy Jordan showed a demo of the device in action, including how users will interact with the device by hand, by voice and, ultimately, by sight.

He also showed off the first products of the Mirror API, which allows third-party developers to plug into the service. Basic versions of Path, Gmail, Evernote’s Skitch service and the New York Times were demoed for users, but Jordan assured everyone that these will not impede the device’s basic functionality.

An attendee captured the demo on video, and we’ve embedded it below. It captures Jordan conveying his enthusiasm for Glass and how easy it is to call up the translation service, the camera interface and, ultimately, basic multitasking.

What do you think? Are you excited for Glass, or is it still a bit too early to tell?

Source: Engadget, YouTube