Rumoured Facebook phone specifications leak, could launch this summer


The Facebook phone rumour has persisted for years, but new evidence has come to light showing specs of a Facebook-branded “HTC Myst”.

While we’re not sure how the collaboration will turn the Myst into a branded Facebook phone, other than having the company’s apps pre-installed on the device, the specs don’t point to anything particularly powerful. We think the phone will be marketed to the entry- and mid-range demographic, powered by Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and running 4.3-inch 720p display, a 1.5Ghz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor with 1GB RAM and a 5MP back camera. Of course, the device will have a dedicated Facebook button as well.

The HTC Status, which also had a Facebook button, was not particularly well received, nor did it sell in great quantities, so we’re curious as to why these rumours keep cropping up. Facebook has also repeatedly denied the existence of such a device, and for good reason; the company has little to benefit from branching off Android since, with the official apps installed, there is already plenty of integration with the OS. HTC has also beefed up Facebook support in Sense 5.0.

Nevertheless, the Facebook phone may very well be real, and look to be a full-touch device this time as opposed to the QWERTY styling of the Status.

Source: Twitter
Via: UnwiredView