The Facebook phone apparently exists, and it’s being made by HTC: Rumour


  • js

    When you get poked does a shaft erect from the device so you feel it in your pocket?

    • FaceBuck

      Just updated my status to: “Don’t care, won’t buy”

    • Nexus 4


      NEXUS 4 FTW!!!!!!!

  • Christian

    Get ready for a mid-range device without a microSD slot and removable battery…I love HTC but they have become rather predictable.

  • 7-Down

    Is not like I have a Facebook account, but hearing from friends and family on how bad the app is on both iOS/Android, this looks like it’ll fail (once again). Facebook can’t even fix a simple app and they want to have their own phone? A big “LOL”.

    • Brian

      Amen… their website is notoriously buggy, their apps on said website are little more than data mining tools, and the mobile apps are one of the few things Phandroids and iPhans agree on.

      Who are they expecting to sell this to?

  • Silence.Alert

    HTC makes quality products, so it will be a solid phone.

  • Will

    I agree with 7-Down, if Facebook can’t even get their apps working right on Android/iOS. It’s laughable that they are trying to come out with a phone. Some features that work on the facebook mobile version, still doesn’t work on their apps.

  • Matt

    I liked the htc status, great keyboard for my secondary device. Just not enough memory for applications. At least it has a micro sd card slot….looking at you new nexus device.

  • carl

    If Facebook wants to improve their mobile experience I’ve got a solution. FIX YOUR DAMN ANDROID APP.

    WP7 has a native app. IOS has a native App. and yet Android is stuck with a crappy HTML-type app plagued with lag and bugs?

  • LJK

    I really wish they wouldn’t. HTC is great and I love’em but a FB phone is not the way to go.

  • David D.

    I have never had a Facebook account.
    Is there something wrong with me?
    Please respond…

    • 7-Down

      Nope. You’re perfectly fine. It’s 2012, almost 2013… the only people who still use Facebook are people who still think it’s the only way to “Stay in touch” – Plus, Facebook is so 2008.

  • hoo dat


  • Mark

    Facebook is desparate. HTC is desparate. It is completely plausible that they would try almost any bad idea to gain ground again.

    What happened to HTC? They had such vision in the early days of Android. Now its cheap earphones and a Zuck phone.

  • skullan

    Hopefully, it’s priced low enough and is distributed enough around the globe, that we wind up with a stock Android ROM on it.

  • TKG26

    crap phone for the pay n go crowd/

  • Adam

    The only way I can see this phone selling is with a physical keyboard that isn’t a slide-up. THat’s the one type of phone missing from most providers’ lineups. THey have alot of high-end droids, alot of low-end touchscreen phones, but outside of blackberry, Galaxy Q, Moto Defy Pro, there isn’t that much. A GOOD keybaord phone will sell better than just another low-end touchscreen phone.

  • GTP20

    Facebook???? Is it 2008 again?

  • Miknitro

    As long as zucker paid Htc up front, why not.
    Its a total fail whale.

  • Vance

    Show me a Google+ phone built by Samsung and I’ll show you some interest.

  • Mike

    The Facebook android native app has been tested and it’s ready to go but they haven’t announced the release date.

  • mzanette

    This phone does not appeal to me at all but I can see it being big with teenagers who spend all their time on Facebook as it is. I could only imagine the nightmare of status updates coming from this phone :”Johnny has just made a call from his phone…”

  • Shuji

    Seriously a keyboard? Not full touchscreen.

  • Chris H

    This is how RIM could revive themselves with the non enterprise world. BBM and killer Facebook features together.

  • bill


  • Mike

    On the keyboard topic, how about a slide down touchscreen keypad, save the screen real estate along with the ability for swype and swift key. Do it on a real phone tho, facebook blows.