TELUS expands LTE coverage to Cranbrook, B.C.


  • Roger

    looks like some more CEO’s got LTE at their cottages

    • SV650

      There are few cottages in the coverage area. Some golf courses, maybe, but the lakes & ski hill are all either in a 3G zone, or without service at all! Telus has entered an agreement with the BC government to extend wireless services to the winding valleys in which BC’s highways are constructed. The old equipment is likely being repurposed to these areas, and the subsidy makes it easier for Telus to upgrade smaller communities to LTE.

  • Memischap

    I know that telus and bell are supposed to have lte at my cabin

  • np

    *echo* “Winnipeg?” *echo*

  • Happyboy

    Go telus go

  • ihitmyheadalot

    they released it here in moncton we enjoyed it for about 2 weeks and they shut it off again.. still trying to get an answer to why and when it will be back. been almost a month now.

  • Owen Finn

    20,000 people in Cranbook? Give them 4G.

    750,000 people in Winnipeg? Not worth it.

    If Telus has any customers left in MB, they should take note of this.

  • Ogre

    Lets see some love in Northwestern BC!