Rumours point to the Samsung officially announcing the Galaxy S IV on March 14th


  • skazzberry 2.0

    RIP Galaxy S3

    • harlem shake

      I hope this kills off the z10.

    • eshizzi

      One can only imagine how many more S3’s are gonna sell if they price drop it to zero!

  • BB10

    Z10 all the way.

    Hopefully BlackBerry releases another key flagship this fall.

  • E

    unfortunately, once again… R.I.P HTC One sales.

  • Jules

    I will definitly wait for the X Phone, getting tired of TouchWiz and the year long delay before the update. Only from Google for me, Nexus all the way.

    • monsterduc1000

      @Jules: Try an alternate launcher like Nova or ADW if you don’t like touchwiz. I use Nova and it is very nice 🙂

  • AeroBrennan

    I’m really interested to see what the HTC One brings to the table, but I’m also interested to see what the Galaxy SIV has to offer.

    Based on what has been leaked, I’m thinking the Galaxy SIV might be the one for me.

    HTC One’s lack of removable battery and storage just doesn’t do it for me. Especially since their track record with battery life isn’t exactly the best.

  • Miguel

    it’s either this or the X phone for me…but since this is probably coming out first it will be very tempting to resist buying it until the X phone comes out

  • allhype

    Samsung might bring some great hardware to the table but it’s still carrying the same low quality android os.

  • Mr Grewal

    Hey i got an idea lets make a 10inch tablet a phone!!!!!!!!!! How big do these phones need to be and by the way i am a PROUD BLACKBERRY USER!!! And for the spec lets have a 5gig ddr3 ram and 8core super computer processor so i can protend to be a NASA researcher BaHAHAha!! Todays world and mobile tech damn its sad!!!!

    • S2556

      So you are saying you don’t want new technology in your phone and would prefer to run year old technology? great, you picked a great OEM to fulfill your needs.
      So the mobile industry is sad because of how rapidly technology is growing? I think you just switched from your iphone 3gs to the blackberry z10 so any bigger of a step up and you would have s**t your pants.

    • John_hates_blackberry

      What exactly are you proud of?

  • screamer

    If I will get it? See what I am getting for my money. Still happy with my s3 but I think that other phone makers needs to step up.when I see blackberry specs are old same the experia, iPhone and Motorola. All way behind. For me and I hope you guys agree the q10 is the device that can step up and win it all!

    • What?

      Can you tell me what is the big game changing difference between Z10 and Q10. If Z10 can’t do it. How in the world would Q10 do it?

  • skullan

    Bored now…

  • What?

    I feel bad for HTC they are gonna loose their HTC One sales to samsung again.

  • Keith

    I never thought I was say that screens are becoming too big. But that is too big…unless you’re buying it for your coffee table.

  • Zod

    I agree on the screens being two big. I really wish there would be more competition (or desire) from Samsung to make high end phones in a smaller form.

    I still have my Galaxy S2 (which was updated to jelly bean over the weekend). I really like the size of it. It’s a 4.3″ screen. I’m going to ride the S2 until my contract runs out the summer after next. I’m afraid to see how big the S5 is going to be. I really don’t want an Iphone, but it seems RIM and Apple aren’t really following suit with the abundantly large screens that Samsung seems hell bent on.

  • Dr.Hugo

    All this is , is a S3 but bigger and who the heck is asking for bigger phones ?? Im glad BB didnt go this rout , BB10 is perfect

    • @Dr Hugo

      hey bud you do realise the Z10 is identical in size to S3 nexus 4 and optimus G. The screen on the Z10 however is painfully too small for ugly unwanted bezel that says blackberry. Rim did a terrible job at screen bezel ratio. they might aswell put a 4.7 inch screen in. The Z10 is total garbage overpriced plastic junk.

  • Pat

    It’s near my birthday! How awesome can that be!?

  • Dalex

    I’ll wait for the X Phone, since my N4 should arrive tomorrow and I’m a big fan of stock Android.

    Make no mistake though, this will be the phone of 2013, with a possible rival in the X phone.

    It’s not a surprise that the GS2 was the phone of the year of 2011 and the GS3 the phone of the year of 2012.

  • PhoneHoo

    Samsung take my money now please!

  • Mr Grewal

    S2556 don’t hate because your loosing your eye sight because your always on your phone catching up on some episode while your on a date and can’t hold a conversation down becoming anti social so just enjoy those jumbo screens with those super computer specs while the mobile software only handles dual core technology………S2556 soon you’ll be able to surf on those 60inch phones!!! Bahahahahaha

    • John_hates_blackberry

      Mr Grewal, you still haven’t explained why you are so proud of your blackberry…….

  • Sweet

    There’s no innovation in it. They just bumped up the screen size and processor power, just as Apple was heavily criticized for doing. So that must mean that Samsung is going to get criticized just as Apple was, right ? Wrong. Much of the criticism against Apple was by Fandroids whose criticism had nothing to do with the product and everything to do with their hatred of the brand and the company.

    Samsung deserves to be as heavily criticized for the lack of hardware innovation in the S4 as Apple was for the iPhone 5.

    News Flash: hardware innovation has pretty much plateaued. You’re not going to see much hardware innovation from anyone for a while. The only thing on the RADAR is a fingerprint scanner that will appear in the iPhone, an e-ink screen on the back of some phones and flexible screens.

    • Dylan.D

      Your reply will become valid once the phone actually gets released. There has been zero official announcements on specs or design so a final judgement can’t be made.

      Fandroid or apple sheep, regardless, the phone isn’t out yet.

      I love both Apple and Samsung, I see Samsung coming out with something that matches the specs of todays phones without much innovation or design changes, and it will still sell like crazy.

      It’s just what the market is right now.

  • Dylan.D

    Extreme doubts it will be called the Galaxy S IV.

    It will be a named device for sure. While it will have better specs than the S3, it won’t be a successor to the “S” franchise.

    Either way it will be loved by all I’m sure. As long as they push out everything that is popular right now, NFC, wireless charging, quad core processor, lte of course, and at the same time creating it all within a package that feels at home in the hand.

    Let’s see what turns out.

  • John_hates_blackberry

    So who else thinks this will beat the Z10 to the US market?

  • MM

    While I love my S3, I am not terribly wowed by this S4 as it stands. its same old pretty much. While some reports say its the Exynos Octa, other say it will not be. I suppose this is a major hinge point for me. But that aside it’s same thing with a slightly bigger screen thats higher resolution. But it will still be locked (and probably better than the S3) While some S3’s are easy to root and flash, the one I have is one of the few that are very hard to flash. This fact in particular, while I like samsung, I like the GS3 and I even like TouchWiz…. will probably lead me to drift to Sony or HTC. However, things could change.

  • Spiders in my urethra

    Smaller bezel or no, this phone is just too big. When Samsung starts putting smaller screens and better materials on their otherwise excellent phones, I’ll take 3.

  • freestaterocker

    My Ativ S is about the biggest phone I ever want to use. If this trend in size keeps up I may have to settle for mid-level phones…

  • Miguel

    If I wanted a phone made of plastic, I’d but one from Toys r Us.

  • gjeff12

    Well, my contract will be done in time for the SVI or the Note 5 .