LG likely bringing the Optimus G Pro to Canada in Q2


  • ActivesiN

    what a beast of a phone

  • Comment Master

    well..I like the models more 😉

  • Darth Paton

    note III will blow this piece of crap out of the water

    • til-bar

      Ya, well the LG Optimus G Pro II will blow the Note III out of the water…

      Claiming that a future unannounced phone will be better is foolish. That’s how product iteration works, things get better over time.

  • jeffrey williams

    holy crap thats a true beast hope samsung and htc bring something better

  • til-bar

    Substantially narrower than the Note II. This makes it far more useable.

    I would love to use a device with screen size over 5″, but I’m just not comfortable using a device that is wider than 70 or 71 mm.

  • tonya

    holy crap! that’s the size of a beast!

  • Instant Love

    now its HTC’s turn.

  • Come On LG

    Android 4.1????? Please LG don’t do this

  • petery

    Come on Telus. Please launch it.

  • Gman

    LG Optimus Note 2 looking good.

  • sak500

    No thanks with the usual last gen o/s and pathetic support which will be dropped as soon as the phone is released. I’d rather sell my S3 and get an SIV once it’s released.

  • Brian

    Nice to see LG is absolutely shameless in stealing the Note II design

  • some guy

    Based on LG’s past of cheap phones that just don’t work… I suffered with conflicting feelings when testing the Optimus G.
    It was fast and well built. Screen was fantastic and it was a pleasure to use. But the LG logo on it always makes me wary…

    That being said, If the G Pro is like the G in terms of build, it will be a solid phone. Now LG just needs to work on getting updates out faster.

    • ACITceva

      I completely understand your point and went through similar struggles myself with the Optimus G. In the end though I took a chance because I liked it so much and I have to say – I haven’t regretted it yet. It’s really quite an amazing device but I’m just hoping not be abandoned in regards to updates.

  • Steve

    Where are the legs?

  • Darknut

    After the G& Nexus4, I think LG will emerge as one of the best mobile manufacturers in the world. Their build quality is undoubtedly better than Samsungs, and imo LG makes nicer looking devices as well. If they can just build of the great software of the G, this will be a success.

  • SuperCows

    Those are some nice LGs … and I ain;t talking about the phone.

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    @Brad F (dickless pic)

    Sorry you have to go through life looking like that.

  • sal c

    This still coming to Rogers here in Canada?

  • eric

    finally it will problably never come to Canada….gonna have to buy the e980 version from “at&t”….sad that the U.S have it and not Canadians…..