• derp

    Why can’t bell do something like this, they basically just copied the iphone app and pasted it to android

  • Navdeep Singh

    FYI, the Fido My Account for Android has been updated with the same changelog. As you surely know, it’s the same app as the Rogers version with different colours/images.

  • Ka-ra-te Master, The Fifth Dan

    hey can i port this to my blackberry z10?

    we dont have these kind of apps

    • Chris

      Rogers released this app for BB10 and it’s far better looking and can do more than the Android version. It appears to be natively coded for BB10 with the pull-over menu to access more options. Hard to believe but I actually think Rogers did a good job on the BB app. I’m hoping they release a version of the PVR app next because that one on Android is decent.

  • Shawn

    It would be nice if we could also view our Internet and cable bills with the app too.

  • Shawn

    And view our Internet usage

  • andy c

    Glad I was not the only one who found the old app slow as hell

  • Tom

    Why does this need permission to read my contacts?

    • Tim

      It can fill MY10/MY5 boxes by pulling from contacts.

  • elektrovaporx

    I wish they would update the iOS app to fit the iPhone 5 display properly.

  • gjeff12

    The problem with this app is that it didn’t work without a data connection. When I’m roaming, too bad can’t check it. I have to go use their equally ****** website.

  • papermiles

    or if it ever worked–ever. I enabled it briefly to try this update and surprise surprise still “technical difficulties” and the website doesn’t accept my password. It’s bad enough that you can’t get rid of the app and are forced to use data but it has never worked or given me any information. I’d like to disable every connection from this phone to Rogers if I could

  • papermiles

    also has Rogers even started updating its phones to 4.2? The Note II just got 4.1.2 hardly a week ago

  • pin

    F u c k you to any one of you ignorant a s s holes giving Rogers money each month. Go k i l l yourselves.

    There shouldn’t be the need for an app but thanks to total i d i o t s they are still in business.

    Rogers customers are usually f a t dis gusting d i p s h i t s.

    • Jay

      @ Pin, you probably live in your moms basement and use your moms phone to make calls. For all of us who have jobs and need to go places we cant afford to be on crappy WIND network.

      Tell your mom i said hi

  • Peyton Manning

    Looks like Daniel is back using Note 2 again! He did write an article about wanting to try the new multitask feature of Note 2. 🙂