Virgin to offer the Nexus 4 for $399.99 outright


  • Well done Virgin

    Impressed with the no term pricing

    • Jodie

      Virgin mobile is always one upping other companies. Soon there will be no Wind or Mobilicity. Those are garbage companies.

    • 3Yr Contract

      -Now the question is: Will Koodo ( the remaining player) sell the N4 for:

      $360- $407 NET (no markyp over Google Direct/potential revenue)

      $370-$418- Same Google price/ the make $ by savign on shipping

      $380-$430 ( $20 less than Virgin)

      $390-$440 ( $10 less than Virgin)

      -My guess is Koodo will sell it at $380 – $20 less than Virgin.
      What do you think ladies and gents? At this price this will effectively kill the sales of the Koodo-S3
      Will the S3 drop in price, upon releasing the N4?
      Is this why Koodo is waiting to release the N4( to sell as many S3 at $550 as possible?)

    • Dave

      Out of curiosity (and somewhat off-topic, I realize), does Virgin offer any plans that might make sense to a data-heavy, voice-light customer coming from WIND?

      Currently, I pay $40/month for unlimited everything, but of course the trade-off is somewhat limited coverage and data speeds. I have no need for the unlimited talk and Canadian/US long distance that I get, but I do need the unlimited texts and at least 3 GB (preferably 4 or 5) of data.

      Looking at Virgin’s Web site, it appears I’d need to pay $80/month (twice what I currently pay!) to get just 3GB, and I’d also get unlimited local calling with that. Is there any other option that might make more sense for me?

    • Just you

      No thanks I am waiting for the s4 with lte

    • Rio

      I would have to agree! With Shipping it comes to around 350$.

      Combine this with instore specials at the Source and you could get a Nexus 4 as cheap as 300$

    • james

      hey thanks to those “garbage wind and others” people have been hassle free. when i signed up i was told i will pay $30 a month and i have not pain anything above. i can call/text/use data freely. i dont have to worry of my usage like i did with rogers.

  • Tom

    Given that I paid $376 (incl. shipping, but not tax) for my 16GB Nexus 4, this price seems rather reasonable.

    I’m quite surprised.

    Are there any catches, or can one just walk into a Virgin store and buy one, and then put their SIM in it?

  • hoo dat

    WIND: You reading this?

  • John

    Isn’t the price 359 direct from google? What would be the benefit of getting it from Virgin in this case?

    • COBwiggy don’t have to pay shipping to walk into a Virgin store and buy one. I paid 430 with tax and shipping from Google.

    • Plan Shopper

      Buying from a physical place is always better than online. Problems can be solved by returning to the place of purchase.

  • 3Yr Contract

    It took about three operators to make an offer that actually makes sense:

    If Google sells the N4 directly for $420 all in. Then the MAXIMUM MSRP should be the same price (after all the operator will be getting revenue/profits from offering the service)

    -This assumes that Google sells the N4 to operators at a lower price than the -direct to consumer-price.

    $452 Taxes in ( no shipping, but IN STOCK) via Virgin is only $30 more with no credit info given to Google/ no waiting.

    So Worse case scenario Virgin will make $30 per phone, and just took a bunch of customers away from Fido who sells it at $480.

    • Alphs

      You do understand that Virgin would also have to pay taxes and shipping fees to get these Nexus 4s? They would then also have to distribute the phones to the stores and pay for their employees.

      And you realize that Virgin doesn’t make money on taxes right? Taxes go to the government.

      If they paid $420 after tax for each phone and sold it to you for $450 after tax, they’re not making $30 per phone. They would have paid $420 after tax and made $400 before tax to sell it to you, a loss of $20.

    • zAlbee

      @Alphs: Uh, your comment is only half right. While they do have to pay their employees and shipping companies, tax isn’t paid twice. Customer pays tax to the reseller and the reseller gives that tax money to the government. That’s it. So a $30 after-tax difference (assuming 13% tax) means a ~$26 before-tax markup for Virgin. They’re not losing money. As others said, it’s reasonable.

  • Zoomus

    I am sure you will have to buy something else to get the phone at that price and walk away, if not a plan then a SIM with $50 bucks prepaid or something like that, I dought if I am able to walk up to the counter and buy the phone only for that price and walk away.

    • COBwiggy

      You’d have to be with Virgin, clearly. They aren’t going to sell it to someone for them to use it on another carrier.

    • Tom

      “You’d have to be with Virgin, clearly. They aren’t going to sell it to someone for them to use it on another carrier.”

      Oh. I guess that makes sense but the article didn’t mention that.

      Does anyone know for sure? That’s the sort of detail that I would like to see included in the posts here on MS.

    • COBwiggy

      Well, Tom, with MS not actually being Virgin they wouldn’t know. Even customer service will give you varied answers half the time. Just use common sense.

  • screamer

    i think getting my wife one. Is it.unlocked?

    • migo

      yes, all gsm nexus phones are unlocked

  • Ka-ra-te Master, The Fifth Dan

    wow, game over for the blackberry consumer market

  • zzZZzz

    Considering stock was limited on the Play Store, I’m going to make the assumption that stock will be limited with our Providers as well. That means that you won’t be able to just buy it full price and walk out, but rather to put it on a 30day plan – which are actually not too shabby at Virgin given you also get a 10% off (should be more though).

  • Dave

    All of you are assuming that there will be any available for sale.

  • Matt


    Virgin gives you a few options, as you mentioned the ‘platinum plans’ that have bundled data, but with some of their lower priced/featured plans you can add on data.
    The cheapest option would be the $20 silver plan (50 Canada wide min, unltd messaging, VM + CID) and add the 2GB data option (additional $10/GB) at $25/month for $55/month. However, using their pay per use data included on the $20 plan, 3GB data costs $30 (additional at 2c/MB) for a $50/month.

    Hope that helps.

  • Haxor99

    Wow, very reasonable. Only $28 more than shipped from Google, that’s the most impressive price yet!

  • sparky

    In regards to the statement in the article: ‘We’re unsure of the SuperTab pricing but the no-term price will be $399.99.’

    With Virgin’s recent switch to the Silver-Gold-Platinum tiers, the Supertab pricing would be as follows:

    $249.99 – Silver Plan
    $99.99 – Gold Plan
    $0.00 – 3 year Platinum Plan

    Unless I’m missing something?

  • andy c

    I think we can safely assume google is not loosing money selling these things at 360 through the play store

  • Frosty

    In response to those asking if there is a catch to buying the phone outright, I bought the HTC 8S outright last month from a Virgin store to use on Wind (Wind hadn’t released theirs yet).

    The 8S is a pentaband phone so I just needed an unlock code.

    Regardless, I didn’t have to jump through any hoops or purchase any extra services/products to get the 8S.

    I would assume the no-term pricing here for the N4 would be just as simple.

    • migo

      the 8s is.not pentaband. has aws does not mean pentaband. the 8s is at most quad band

  • Booger

    Hope Fido is listening as well. Just chatted with a Fido agent yesterday and thier “release” date is Feb. 26th, but no (official) pricing yet, eventhough the price has been posted on this site.

  • Brian

    No Virgin store in their right mind is going to sell this to you without a contract.

  • TouchMyBox

    Hey WIND,

    You paying attention to this?

  • Jim

    Do we know a launch date for Virgin? This is the best price by far in North America (Tmobile sells it in the US)… I’ll be the first in line at Virgin. Well played Virgin.

  • kisd

    Depending on who the employee is, Virgin typucally only sells devices outright to their current members. You’d probably have to activate on a $18 (10% BYOP) agreement if you wanted to buy the device to use elsewhere.
    Again though, it depends on which Virgin kiosk you goto.

    • Frosty

      Well what if you said it was a surprise gift for a friend who was on Virgin?

      I think it’s quite archaic to have a no-term/outright price and have it only apply to members.

      Like in my previous post, I wasn’t with Virgin and I was able to buy the HTC 8S straight out. Maybe it’s a YMMV thing.

  • ry29

    @Frosty. While it does seem archaic, it’s nice that they put that restriction in (employee’s discretion), so that existing customers aren’t left in the cold by low stock. Z10 is an example of this, with all the people flipping them in the USA

  • Phil

    I can tell you that the only way to sell it outright is to sign up for a plan for at least one month. You can take any plan, typically people take the cheapest one and then go home and cancel their service for next month. You sign up for a 30 day contract so there is no cancellation fees, basically you pay the first month of service and thats it.

  • Rogido

    Assuming you have to be a Virgin member to buy one outright, would they make you pay off your current Tab before they’d sell you one?

  • Darryl Wright

    There’s an unspoken advantage to buying direct from Google and that’s the updates. With a Nexus direct from Google, you get the build which downloads the updates directly from Google. When you buy one from a Canadian provider you should still get the updates (because it’s a Nexus) but it’ll be later.

  • Gaily

    The Google is giving Nexus 4 8 GB for $309.00 and 16 GB for $359.00 (plus tax) so why one should not buy unlocked phone from google.