Videotron releases the 16GB Nexus 4, prices it at $500 outright


  • chrisvassos

    Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of the whole Nexus idea?

    • LW81

      It doesn’t defeat the purpose, this just shows how stupid wireless companies think we are. And some people will prove it true.

    • Eduardo

      IMO this doesn’t defeat the purpose of nexus devices at all. I’m not defending videotron or fido or t-mo, but as far as I remember nexus devices are about setting the bar for others to come, about pure android experience. If I remember correctly the nexus one went up for sale for $500 ~ $600 and we all know how that went. I also remember videotron being the first of not only carrier in Canada to offer it.

    • Squint

      The phone is still a Nexus, and I doubt that just because you got it locked to a provider it stops you from getting the instant updates from Google. If that is the case then yes… it totally does defeat the purpose.

    • Mark

      It’s not locked.

    • Mexico Ron

      Given the relatively cheap price of buying it from Google directly, does Videotron assume all Quebecois are retarded?

    • Squint

      @Mark That’s a bit surprising. I guess that’s even more of a reason for them to have such a high outright price. So people don’t just buy it and go with another provider.

  • Steve Garon

    If your about to renew your contract anyway. There is no reason to not get the N4 at 150$

    • haxor99

      I’ll give you a reason… you can get the note2 for $99

  • Pablo Moses

    This is another reason that Google should open their Kiosk.

    • haxor99

      If Google opens kiosks or stores then they will have to raise the prices on their products. You know how much it costs to open stores across North America? Who do you think is going to pay for that overhead?

  • screamer

    Still thinking to get one for my wife but then she drives me crazy copy movies and pictures all the time because only 16 gig

    • parkaparka


  • Ka-ra-te Master, The Fifth Dan


  • Miknitro

    Good luck!
    What a bargain.

  • D Allan

    Well… At Google store, it is selling for 359. At 149.95, you are only saving $210 but you need to sign a contract??? With some carriers that offer 10% discount for BYOD, no thanks to this deal.

  • QC_Al

    A non LTE device w/max non-expandalbe 16 GB storage and for the most part, last year’s specs for $150 on contract? There’s alredy a handful of phones that out perform that for equal or less…

    Like chrisvassos says, “Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of the whole Nexus idea?”…I’d say so

    • Nexus 4

      Show me a $350 phone with those specs and a pure Google experience…

    • QC_Al

      I guess I should have been more clear…I’m commenting on the $150 contract price. Samsung make a couple, HTC makes one or two (with non-expandable memory), and from what little I’ve read, so does Sony. All those can be had for $150 or less on contract. As well, the advert says $500 outright through videotron, not $359….and explain “pure Google experience” to me

    • hoo dat

      I can show you a whole host of phones $150+ with removable batteries and expandable memories.

    • Dave

      Videotron is a non-LTE network, so I’d say it’s a good fit. There’s nothing else last-gen in the specs.

    • John

      So what phone has an S4 Pro CPU, Adreno 320 GPU, inductive charging, miracast, unlocked, and the latest updates?

      I don’t think for any amount of money you can find another phone with all these features currently on the market.

      Yes there are huge drawbacks like stock shortages and lack of external SD (I’ll just use cloud + USB OTG cable with SD card reader) slot but for what you get at the price you pay its one of a kind.

  • Jaffna Guy

    BB10 all the way to go…….

    • nexus 4 life

      Blackberry 10 z10 has 2010 specs. So I don’t see the point in signing a contract for that garbage.

    • COBwiggy

      More like 2011/early 2012 specs but nice try..and if it only needs those parts to run as well as any android device then there is no reason to put unnecessary specs in it

  • dave

    Has LTE. 16GB = massive memory. 1.5 years into my Nexus S and not even 1/2 full.

    RIP Videotron you dirt bag company.

  • some guy


    Seriously? Wow… oh wow…

    I… wow…

  • Someonesane

    This has fail written all over it. Its almost as bad as rogers trying to sell a playbook for 549 off contract and 149 with contract when its already only 149 retail…

  • andy c

    its pretty simple.

    if you have all your services bundled with videotron then you might as well re-up your contact and get the n4 at $150.

    unless you really dont have the extra 160+shipping then you might as well wait for it on google play

  • Joel Fuoco

    Because the Nexus 4 ships with 4.2, does anyone think this will push 4.2 to the other devices on videotron? (ie. Galaxy nexus) I am still waiting for this update to arrive for mine.

  • gaudette

    359 is a little misleading. it costs 17 plus taxes to ship and you can’t avoid that. Its more like 380 which puts it around the 400 range.

    The people who buy phones outright are much more likely to be educated about the phone they are buying and will buy from Google. I’m sure they will sell plenty of these at $150 for those on contract looking to upgrade.

    • Dave

      Don’t you pay tax when you buy from Videotron? Or do they price the tax in (seems unlikely)?

      It would be fair to compare the pre-tax Play Store price (including shipping) with the pre-tax Videotron price.

    • gaudette

      it’s 359 on google before tax. 17 for shipping plus taxes is about 20 bucks and is a fixed cost that you wouldnt pay in a store. to compare prices you can’t simply say the phone is 359

  • MikeSS

    Videotron = Rogers, enough said.

  • Squint

    Of course it’s $500 outright. It’s because providers don’t want you to buy it outright, and if you do they make a nice big chunk of change. They want to lock you into a contract so you stay with them. Also it makes the price tag of $150 easier to accept, once it’s compared to $500.

  • Steven Schwartz

    Google Play anyone? I can see them charging $50 bucks more as you still have to pay for shipping and wait with the play store but $500 hell I got a nexus 4 and a nexus 7 HSPA for $765 with tax and shipping. But for some who intend on staying with videotron or Wind when it come there on the 4th it is a deal to them. Me personally I like to buy my phone outright that is why I ordered them today. This is still cheaper than a unlocked iPhone 5 so I am laughing.

  • haxor99

    Someone should hack the Videotron website so that when someone visits the N4 page it redirects to the Google Play N4 page.

  • Mark

    If Videotron don’t charger that rate then they won’t get their regular margin and it wouldn’t be worth carrying it. People who don’t understand will still pay it. The cycle of overcharging Canadian customers continues.

    The best deal is still:
    1. Buy a subsidized Galaxy S3 for $150
    2. Sell it for $600
    3. Buy Nexus 4 from Google for $350.

    Arbitrage FTW. Unless you’re cheapskate on service or data it is better than any prepaid plan.

    • pacalis

      You can get a subsidized GS3 for as low as -$125 (that’s $125 bucks back). I don’t know if you could then sell it for $600, and it would also be locked.

      But nice idea.

    • MattyMattMatt

      No one, no one will buy one for 600. 450 at most. I know, because I have been sniping some quick sale units that went for 300/350 and flipping them for 450.

    • hhero

      I don’t know in what world you live but you cant sell an S3 for 600 dollars max you get out of it is 400$ and that is if your lucky

      so in other words you get a contract and sell your phone but your remaining balance is still there …

      at that point just get an Optimus G

  • Trotsky

    Don’t forget Quebec laws either.

    $500 outright – $150 on 3-year contract = $350 subsided

    Means that every month, you’ll have about $9,72 less out of that $350 to pay if you want to opt out of your contract.

    So if you’re out after a year, it’ll cost you 233,33 + your initial $150.

    Which comes up to $383,33.

    Which is about what Google would charge you with shipping.

    I’m not saying Videotron’s option is the best, but if you intent to keep your phone for a year or more, it’s a valid one.

  • Steve

    16gb is massive memory? Lol after the os it only has 12gb of usable memory. If you want to use your phone as a media player of any kind, may God have mercy on your poor soul.

  • meh

    Yeah wait til you see Roger’s prices. Probably $599, but $0 on 3-year contract over $50 a month plan. -_-

    Nexus 4 is a phone you buy without contract, if you are signing a contract, get a higher value phone, sell it and buy the Nexus 4 if you really want it.

    I got a Note 2 because I was renewing my retention plan, otherwise I would just buy the Nexus from Google. I like my Note 2 but for half the price, Nexus 4 is a steal. But on contract, I wouldn’t get it, even if it is $0 because you get better discounts on other phones. My Note 2 costs me about $100 after discounts and gift card, that’s a $500-600 discount depending which price you base on. I can probably sell it, buy a Nexus 4 and have a small profit.

  • JaySupreme

    For people like me who keep the phone for at least 3 years, I don’t think it’s a bad deal. I prefer to pay 150$ vs 360$+shipping for the same phone.

  • Joe Joe

    These carriers are smoking something serious…
    Who the hell in their right mind would pay full price for this phone from a carrier?
    These carriers honestly think Canadians are r*****s…

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    Dimitri k. will be commenting on the price of this phone from every carrier shortly.

    I’m gonna out TOOL this troll of a b’atch!!