WIND Mobile to release the Nexus 4 on February 4th


  • stalin

    Inb4 $600 like T-mobile

    • jack

      550 i say

    • BB10@RIP.RIM


  • iphoneee

    BORINGGGGGG. No Apple maps

    • theMediaman

      I will agree that Apple Maps makes life exciting.

    • Damreal

      Your just being a Troll ..boring Apple maps makes life exciting !o Apple Maps ! Give me a break only thing Apple better worry about is stop copying and start being innovated again ! Cause the drop in Apple stock and the 150 % increase in RIM stock A la the Black Berry 10 Apple is gonna have it’s work cut out for it once again !!!

    • No RoBelUs

      Ba ba isheep!!!

    • some guy

      Damreal took the bait.

      Guess he never heard of “Don’t feed the trolls.”


  • adam man handler

    $349 on $40 plan

    $300 on tab.

    Sounds bout right

    • deltatux

      Pointless to offer the phone at that price point seeing how the Google Play Store is back in stock.

      For it to work with WIND’s favour:

      $25/30 plan: $349
      $40 plan: $149

      Remember, WIND did say that $25/30 plan only gets up to $200 off the retail price and the $40 plan gets up to $500 off. My prediction is assuming the retail price will be $550.

    • Phonejockey

      Got the email today: $249 on WINDtab with the WIND40 plan, $349 on WINDtab with WIND30, $449 on WINDtab with WIND20, or $549 outright.

  • Bryan Breguet

    Mmh, tough choice. $309 unlocked or $599 on a tab with Wind (so most likely $299 upfront and the rest on the tab) lol Honnestly, I don’t see any reason not to buy it directly from Google.

    I’m a little bit surprised Wind will sell it itself as they are currently advertising buying it directly from Google.

  • Baun


  • B.W.

    Nexus devices are ALWAYS unlocked even if you buy them from a carrier.

    • mark paisley

      not true, samsung nexus is not unlocked

  • IsMyNameTooLon

    I’d sooner buy it directly from Google and avoid WIND’s markup. Honestly though I’ll probably wait and pick up an Xperia ZL when they become available.

  • winder

    looks like it will be 100 on a wind 40 plan

  • KimJong-iil

    it will be 350$ on 25$ plan and 200$ on 40$ plan,

  • phonejockey

    It’s worth the $50 for the 16GB version, for those thinking of 8GB. Remember, there is no SD storage.

    You can bet we’ll mark it up, though. We, the lowly employees, haven’t received anything internal yet.

  • Nathen

    People please.
    Stop Comparing the NEXUS 4. to ANY other phone out there because honestly it is not going to be valid.
    The NEXUS 4 is a PENTABAND phone and yes it comes with NO Bloat Ware or Carrier programs embedded into the OS.
    It will ALWAYS get the LATEST updates from GOOGLE right away.
    Xperia, S4 ,Iphone5 , HTC 7 , Nokia 928 , whatever you choose all either chosen to work on some carriers but not ALL AND will come with Carrier junk.
    Last but not least….NO OTHER phone will be $349 outright no contract. Period.

  • Jimmy

    Apple Maps will never be on the same level as Google Maps. Google Maps is the king. Apple sucks.

    • wotzit2ya

      Can someone explain what Apple maps have to do with Nexus 4 on Wind post ?

  • the handsome one

    By the time the N4 becomes fully available, the N5 will be upon us

    • Dave

      The N4 is fully available, right now, on Google Play. The N5 is at least 9 months away.

  • Gary

    I just bought a nexus 4, 16 gig, an hour ago on Google Play for $359 cdn. About 1 to 2 weeks to arrive. Only $17 to ship to my door in southern Ont.

    It would have to be no more then $170 to $200 on any Wind plan to make sense

    • Jaga

      Really hope its around $200 from wind, just like T-Mobile, I’ll grab it right away
      Hopefully WIND will be smart about launching it, they’ll get a TON of new subscribers too!

  • Timor

    Coming up on 3 years now since I’ve joined Wind. Mm-mmm, thank you for saving me a buttload of cash, little buddy! 😉

  • kc306

    I have to imagine that any carrier that sells a N4 will only make it available with a contract/new-activation/commitment and it will probably be about $200-225. Any more than that, and it would be just as easy for someone to buy it from the Google Play Store.

    • migo

      Yeah, would be completely unsurprised if Wind wouldn’t sell it to me as I’m an existing customer on pre-paid.

  • Zakky

    These are the prices,

    16gb variant,

    $549.99 no tab,

    349.99 with 25 dollar plan
    $149.99 with 40 dollar plan.

    – Work in a “cellular environment”

  • max

    If I was Wind’s Executive, it would be free for all $40 plans to attract more new subscribers for three years.

  • ron

    If anyone has the Nexus 4 on Wind, can you just swap your old Wind sim card into the Nexus 4? Or does it take a special sim?

    • Yes it does

      I am using Nexus 4. You just pop in your wind micro sim card and it works right away. you can cut your sim card if you are using a regular sim card.

  • ron

    Never mind, I just checked the specs. It takes a micro sim card.
    It also has a non-removeable battery…that sucks. Must be a throw-away phone…

  • Gab

    Maybe wind can sell them at $300… by just buying them from the play store.

  • rockman

    Too late WIND!

    Already bought mine straight from Google!

    I just wish I didn’t have to pay the abusive mailing price! 17 dollars is ridiculous!!!

  • manny777

    Nexus 4 is available from tomorrow at Wind and not Feb 4

    Current prices $99 with Wind 40

    • Who told you that

      i work at wind and we have no sign of Nexus 4 here. Not even an internal document telling us about the launch.

  • Calgary connection

    Maybe they will make it for new activations only. Hey, is the note 2 yet available for existing wind customers. That was a total mess up on their part.

    • manny777

      Yes the note 2 is available for upgrades to existing customers

  • Simble

    So, what is the source for this article?

  • Anthony

    Not to offend you android fans.. but Wind where’s the WP8 you teased over a month ago?

  • Work at Wind

    I think Wind will be releasing it at the same time as the Nexus 4. We were told that Wind would be getting it in January, however, no Windows Phones are in stock as of yet. That’s why I’m speculating that Wind Mobile will start stocking it at the same time as Nexus 4 or maybe when they start stocking Blackberry Z 10’s.