CWTA: Canadians sent over 24.3 billion texts in Q3 2012


  • Miknitro

    Text me!

  • iphoneee

    If it’s not an iMessage, why would I send it?

  • sp

    i only use Whatsapp lol… does those count in the tally?

  • Yeria

    This is nothing to celebrate about. It only represents how far we’ve fallen behind compared to rest of the world and how much our service providers are just gouging on us.

    When the world is abandoning SMS and moving towards push messenger services, Canadians are using more SMS?? It’s an obvious trend when you can only get unlimited text messaging for $50 a month plan with 100MB of data. It’s sad because we’re going through what other leading countries have gone through in the 90’s and early 2000’s in the year 2013. Shame on Robellus and shame on the government for keeping that draconian foreign regulations law.

    • Brad F

      id give u a thumbs up if not for the lack of wireless plan knowledge you exhibit in your post. $50 for a plan with unlimited text? lol

  • skazzberry

    The only relevant text message in this day and age is: RIP RIM!!!

  • Mike

    I wouldn’t be surprised when the Carriers realize that everyone texts instead of calling, and start giving everyone unlimited calling 24 hours per day, and then change text messaging to a certain amount during the day and unlimited after 9pm to get a cash grab.
    100 daytime texts sent or received during the day and unlimited after 9pm and weekends,,LMAO LOL. Like they do now with calling 150 daytime minutes and unlimited after 6pm and weekends. This is no joke, just watch their gonna start this pretty soon.

  • HerpDerp

    This measurement is irrelevant since it doesn’t include data-based texting. It represents exactly the same activity, but over a slightly different medium.