CWTA: Canadians sent over 24.3 billion texts in Q3 2012

The CWTA (Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association) released new stats today about texting. During the first 9-months of 2012 Canadians sent a whopping 71.5 billion texts messages, up from 57 billion texts in the same period last year.  Included in the 71.5 billion texts are picture and video messages of which “Canadians sent 438.8 million person-to-person MMS messages in the first nine months of 2012.” Q3 specifically saw 24.3 billion texts, including 174.4 million MMS messages.

While we wait for the complete 2012 totals to arrive, CWTA gave a bit of an insight and highlighted both December 25th (Christmas Day) and January 1st (New Year’s Day), respectively seeing about 424.5 million and 429.4 million text messages sent.

Perhaps we’ll see the 2012 pass 100 billion texts…
Source: txt