RIM to debut a 30-second BlackBerry 10 commercial during Super Bowl XLVII


  • Dimitri k.

    Well that is good!. They are listening & making more effort now as well!. Superbowl adds cost more then $1-$4 million depending on how long & what type of add it is. RIM is spending money like this for ads is showing it wants to come back!

    • vongage


    • CRTC

      Perfect way to advertise the Firesale!

      Can’t wait to pickup 4 or 5 of these for 89.99!




  • Nothin But RIM

    This is a great sign and one of the best ways to get the masses to see the change.

  • sp

    i dont care much for football, but i will watch it now just to see this commercial for BB10!!

    super excited for this release!!

    • gooman

      I just hope its not the martinez bros, remember that nonsense.

      Show a guy in a suit walking down wall street using his BB10 and then getting into a car and driving home to see his family and his HOT wife all the whilst using his BB10. Boom! Thats all they need and they are set.

  • Lirodon

    Well there goes the last of their remaining money…!

    Okay, I know they’re not THAT in the hole, but if they can pull this off, we might have a winner here. This is a very big bet they’re making here.

    Also I’m just surprised that a hardcore BB hater hasn’t made a similar joke yet.

  • Kid.Canada

    This is huge, something the last 2 clowns (CEOs) failed to see the great marketing opportunity.

  • Sweet

    Another good move by RIM. I hope it works out. It should.

    I’m really hoping that their resellers will have functioning phones on hand for people to try out, as Apple does in their stores. It’s really important in RIM’s case, since they tout the usability of the BB10 phones as being the main feature of BB10 and claim it’s superior to that of their competitors’ phones.

    I’m especially interested in seeing how they handle one-handed zooming and how I’m notified of an incoming call while I’m doing something else with the phone, how I’m able to handle the incoming call and how I can get back to what I was doing while still participating in the call. I haven’t seen that demoed in any of the videos I’ve watched so far.

  • happyboy

    Hoping it will have Skype and I be more then willing to get a blackberry one thing I do miss is blackberry messenger but I do use Skype alot for video conferencing

    • hoo dat

      The Skype icon has shown up in the recent Dev Alpha update so it’s in all likely hood going to be there, which doesn’t come as a complete surprise. BBM on BB10 will also have video chat, conferencing or what ever they’re calling it.

    • sandman
  • COBwiggy

    My first smartphone ever was a BlackBerry, and just the continued hype is making me want to get the new BB10

  • RIM – You Are tooooo late

    RIP RIM. Your Blackberry is finished. From leaked pics, Blackberry 10 still appears to have same ugly interface and menu.

    • hoo dat

      Wow, you don’t read much, do you?


    • sp

      its not that he doesnt read much. its that he feels threatened that this will be a good phone and cant imagine something to dethrone is iPhone..

      Samsung already has taken them down so shouldnt have to be so defensive anymore.

      go BB10

    • sp

      oops…sorry i meant to say his iPhone

    • Don Johnson

      LOL, have you seen apple’s stock price, they are going down the garburator like rotten apples should.

  • aryana


  • Sweet

    Mobilicity still hasn’t said anything publicly about BB10. Strange. I wonder why.

    And Wireless Wave told me they’re initially only going to offer BB10 phones with a contract. That should be illegal. We should be given the choice to buy it outright at a retail price or buy it at a subsidized price with a contract.

    • COBwiggy

      @Sweet, try an actual carrier store – in my experience Wireless Wave only sells phones on contract quite often, this could be just because of their contracts with the carriers, or it could be there own business plan. Who knows..

    • Mark

      That may just be the rep at Wireless Wave. They get more commission if they sign people up on contracts. Never buy phones from them or TBooth (owned by the same greedy company, Glentel). You’re better off going to a carrier or BestBuy/ Future Shop to ensure you don’t get ripped off.

  • techguru

    Fantastic marketing strategy….!!! Can’t seem to remember any of the other major players buying advertising spots at a major sporting event

    • Lirodon

      Uhh, Samsung had a Galaxy Note ad last year.

  • G -man

    Yeah, but the galaxy note isn’t a phone…


  • Raptor

    RIM, get prepare. There will be a huge demand for Blackberry 10 that you won’t be able to make enough phones. You have no idea how many people want to replace their iPhones, android phones, credit card, debit card with bb10. All I’m hearing from my friends and coworkers, ‘I want BB 10’. For myself, I’m right now with the Wind and using nexus s. So RIM, please tell Wind that they have to sell it to existing customers also, they have this bad policy of selling top phones to new customers only.

  • screamer

    The price is the most important thing. If it’s more than 350 $ people won’t buy it. If people don’t trust a phone they won’t buy it. Why should I buy a phone for 600 $ that i have no clue how good it is.when I can get a S3 and know it works good. Was a rim fan and still like them but not a 600 $ like them!

    • Ernest

      The BB Bold 9900 is already over $600

  • Mike

    Can’t wait for BB10 to arrive….I just want them to take my money NOW !!!

  • Michael McGuinness