Temple Run 2 for Android now available


  • iphoneee

    if it’s not an iphone why is this news important?

    • some guy

      Here’s some iPhone news for you.

      Apple stocks down 30% since September.

      Hope that’s better for ya! ^_^

  • royf29

    I cannot see it on the play store. ….

    • tmonk

      It is not visible on the playstore but you can go to this link for the play store app on mobilesyrup through your desktop and install it from there.

      It would automatically install it on your device.

  • Dave

    Neither can i! 🙁

  • Abe

    Any word on when this will make it to the Windows Phone 8 Marketplace? Since Temple Run 1 was promised at launch, and hasn’t been released yet, I wonder if they will just skip 1 and go straight to 2.

  • Eduardo

    Played for a couple of minutes, nice upgrade from the first one… got stuck trying to close it though! I couldn’t find a quit button, nor does it close with the back button; I had to hit home and kill it.

  • Gsizzle


    Incredibly smooth on the N4 😀

    Eduardo is right, they don’t have a Exit option yet. Just use the home button and then kill the app. No biggie.

  • Gsizzle


    Incredibly smooth on the N4.

    Eduardo is right, there is no integrated exit option yet. Simply go to home and kill the app through the recent menu. No biggie.

  • W Young

    Game is nice and smooth on SGS2x /w CM10. Is there no way to “properly” exit the game? I can only exit using the HOME button. The BACK button is not supported?

  • Tyrone

    Why cant companies just release them for both at the same time instead of releasing it for iOS first and then Android and MS etc etc after. Seems like that for everything lately.

    • Anon

      Why can’t you just make the fries and the burgers at the same time, would that be so hard??

  • Ricky

    amazing graphics. looks beautiful on my Note 1.

  • Akash

    Works very well on my note 2. Very smooth. But yea. No exit button. No an issue though. Excellent game

  • good game

    but not that good either, come on, it’s always the same thing over and over…