Real or Fake: Leaked HTC M7 render reveals 8X influences


  • Brandon

    I liked the one we saw a couple days ago, much better.

  • John Marshall

    Y’know, most of the reviews of the HTC 8X mainly lamented “A phone this well-designed would be way better if it had Android on it.”

    Well, if this pans out, you all got your wish. Fabulous, ain’t it?

  • Dalex

    Never again HTC. Got burned on the Desire, which had pathetic storage and worse on the One X on which the screen just stopped working one day. Throw in the fact that this will again not have expandable storage or a removable battery (rumored 2300 mAh shows they still don’t get it) and this will fail and be overshadowed by the S4.

    Bring on BB10 and the Z10 or the Samsung Galaxy S4.

    • some guy

      Umm, you got burned by the storage? They posted the amount of space in the technical specs… How does your ignorance translate into HTC’s fault. Also, considering the transition in Android manufacturers to include more app space was just starting then.
      So sorry that your screen failed, because I’ve never heard of any other device having issues like that. Be it Apple, HTC, LG, Samsung, etc.
      Seriously, that’s some of the dumbest commenting I’ve seen in a while.

      HTC does make decent hardware, their biggest issue is including sh**ty batteries.

  • Thomas G.

    Football4PDA which has been pretty reliable on HTC leaks says this is fake. Although PocketNow has been pretty solid on HTC leaks but that was back when Evan Blass was getting the leaks.

    • Nice build quality

      Not fake, this phone is real. It will come out in a few months.

  • Miguel

    This looks stunning and amazing!

  • Mike

    buttons are backwards, which is odd cuz on the one x they were correct. new direction maybe?


    This is sooooo much better than the other supposed leaked photo.they just need to round the corners more & I would consider getting one for the wife. Im happy with my Galaxy Note 2 & cant deal with having a smaller screen after having the original Galaxy Note & the Galaxy Note 2.

  • EvanK

    Fake, simply based on the button placement, but something looks off.

  • drone

    Ugh.. tired of them migrating designs from their previous product lineup… Try something completely every generation.

  • kenypowa

    If football calls the image fake, then it is fake. Everything football leaks about HTC turns out to be real.

  • Iven

    I dont like this body shape at all. I know why they cant make a HTC Butterfly Japan model body. I have seen the White model and its a beauty. The grills on the side. 5 inch body. The back looks absolutely sickkk. I own a One X Quad core right now and I absolutely love the build quality except the Power button and camera that sticks out. I have scratches on my camera because of the hump. Even though it still takes good pic. HTC needs to make a more responsive and may be an aluminum power button like Sony Experia Z. And body of Htc butterfly J (with sd card) White colour look. That would be a SICKKKK phone. I cant wait for MWC though. I love my One X but android phones are outdated so quick. So far my next phone gonna be either M7, Galaxy S4 or Experia Z but Sony very slow with updating the firmware. Lets see what happens. 2013 is going to be EPIC!!

  • Gsizzle

    Capacitive Buttons = Fail.

    • amanda d


    • Gsizzle

      Cause they suck? Go hold a Nexus device or if you get the chance check out the new Sony Xperia ZL. Also, Think about the customization possiblites!

      Sony made the jump, wtf is HTC is thinking?

  • David

    Is there a front camera?

  • tonyZ

    Wow, I hope it’s fake I don’t like what I’m seeing.

  • tomatoes11

    Sigh. Fail again HTC. Fail again.

  • Miguel

    Before we jump to conclusion, let’s respect this is still a Rumour!

  • skullan

    Fake or not, that camera positioning and backing looks horrid. The renderer should be forced to give a public apology for such an eyesore.

  • Geoff

    The thing that strikes me the most about this picture is that you can’t see any buttons at all along the sides. No power button, no volume rocker, nothing. I mean, it’s totally possible that all the buttons are inset and flush with the rest of the phone, but that isn’t exactly a selling point for me.