Apple rumoured to have sold 52 million iPhones in Q4


  • RP

    I don’t get how rumours of low demand can be ‘proved’ baseless by other rumours

    • Fartknocker

      R.I.P Android.

    • Platinum

      ” Rumours of Apple’s death have been greatly exaggerated”
      I’m not a fan of Apple but they sell more than 4.3Million phones PER WEEK and Syrup publishes this??

      Apple sells more iphones in three weeks than RIM in 3 months and there is no:
      Rumours of RIM’s death have been greatly exaggerated?

      In the last two weeks, since Syrup took some money from RIM, the bias has been clear.

      Every Canadian WANTED RIM to succeed, but they simply took forever to bring to market (To stores actually) the new phones; we simply don’t care anymore, RIM is as relevant as Britney Spears these days.

    • phreezerburn

      Because Apple will sue the pants off of anyone tossing up the figures for “acivated” handsets.

  • skazzers


  • CRTC

    52 Million suckers

    The CRTC only endorses android and possibly BB10 when the firesale happens.

  • RL

    Looking good for wool supplies if it’s true.

  • Rip Apple


  • WhoDaaat

    probably they mean all Q4s from all the years….they didn’t even have supply to begin with and now they say 52 million lol

    • Rio

      You really cant complain about apple’s supply after the awesome job Google’s did with the nexus 4 supply.

    • WhoDaaat

      Where did I say Google was better? the article is abt Apple and not Google.. “as far as I know” smart c**t

    • Brad F

      google doesnt make the phones. LG does.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Talk about stock-manipulating rumours.

    If you want to make money in the stock market just learn how to manipulate AAPL. Apparently it’s super-easy.

  • Fartknocker

    Looks like people are sick of that laggy plastic Android garbage and are finally getting real phones.

  • s_hanson

    Baa Baa iSheep

  • Jay

    “Leaked memo to investors” – any sales information has to be publically disceminated. There cannot be “secret memo’s” as this would be conisdered insider info only targeted to certain owners.

  • Craig

    Jumpin Jeebus on a pogostick, people! This is not ‘Highlander’ and there is no ‘there can only be one!’

    There’s plenty of room in the market for several operating systems and dozens of handsets. The competition keeps innovation strong and prices low.

  • boojay

    More and more I’m seeing iPhone users switch over to Android and the demand for iSh*t decreasing. It’s a beautiful thing.

    • Fartknocker

      And by decreasing you mean doubling their Q4 sales from last year? Nobody ever said fandroids were smart

  • piko

    What is a iphone!!!

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack


      You have an “a versus an” problem. Stay in school.

  • piko

    Jobs not a genius! He stolled ideas…. Period

    • John

      “stolled” Nice…

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack


      Try summer school too.

  • AWSguy

    Wow so we are now reaching conclusions about a rumour from another rumour.

  • tony

    All I see is iPhones for sale on kijiji

  • s_hanson


  • andy c

    I see more gs3’s on the TTC and at my workplace the iPhone 5’s. Even if apple’s numbers are close to the rumored amount its impressive even you are not a apple fan

    Full disclosure: mY wife uses an iPhone 5. I i use a Nexus4

  • Slype

    I would truly be surprised if Apples sales/profits were down… As much as I dislike their phones, I know they hold an appeal to certain people and while they only hold 20% of the world market, that 20% is extremely loyal (a bit too loyal in my eyes since they cannot see the iPhone has fallen behind in most areas over the past 2 years)

    Apple will be with us for a few years to come so it’s best to accept that and just try to shut out their Peter Molyneux style of marketing and their rabid fans.

    • stalemate

      Not 20%. 14%. Down from 15% last year. They were below Symbian at 17% and barely outselling RIM.

      Compared to Android’s 72% market share worldwide. Up 20% from last year’s 53%. Apple didn’t pick up any of those who dropped RIM and Symbian, and actually lost out a little.

      Apple’s phone OS never had top rank market, despite all its rhetoric, and now never will.

  • Mark

    IPhones are selling well because of all the 0$ iPhone 4/4S on contract carriers have been pushing in Q4. I’m not saying they’re bad devices but these people will eventually realize that they bought their phone just because of the brand and it didn’t really have much to offer compare to what the competition is bringing. Eventually iPhones won’t be as popular and more ppl will go to Android, WP8 and BB10.

  • SC

    The next big thing is already here

  • screamer

    There are phones they sell also good and that makes it harder for apple or rim to sell there products. So doesn’t surprise me if they loose money and with a phone that has nothing special. If you have a imac and all this gadgets go get an iPhone but why?

  • Oscar

    I’ve always known that while Android is becoming more popular with the success of the S3, the iPhone is still undeniably a popular phone.

  • phreezerburn

    Seriously people? Since when is a quarterly containing the launch of a new FLAGSHIP DEVICE the same as the quarter that cam before which had no such launch to bolster sales? Crack a book.

  • Gman

    nikkei reported that they cut the iphone 5 LCD panels orders by 50% due to low demand. Usually nekkei nikkei rumors turns out pretty accurate. Too lazy to post source jsut google it.