Keep track of those New Year’s resolutions with Good Habits for iPhone


  • Tada

    Just shut up and make a 5″ iphone 6, and remember to only make it “taller”.

  • ile2013

    My New Year’s resolution is simple: get all my friends to ditch their iPhones for Lumia 920s, with Rogers, in the colour red, and using a leather sleeve case.

    I don’t need an iPhone for that, thank you very much.

  • That’s me

    I prefer my dumb phone over the Iphone 5. At least it wouldn’t make me look retarded, *cough* talking to *cough* Siri.

    • John

      Android has it too shi.t head

    • that’s me

      can u not read that i said iPhone and siri specifically? and this article is about iPhone, fcking r****d. go back to your mental institution.

  • where’s humanity

    Don’t buy the Iphone, donate the money and 1000 childrens would’ve survived in Africa.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      Also, think of the suicide rate at the Foxconn assembly plant. It’s better now but it should not have been a problem to begin with.