Hands-on with the BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981 in Black, costs $2050 Canadian


  • lukeiphone

    And…what is special about this? Just the design?

    • HwyXingFrog

      Yes, the design, and besides that, it is all old technology. 720p video, NFC, Blackberry 7.

      Obviously anyone who buys one is only looking to make a statement, “Look at me I have an overpriced Porche phone with terrible specifications, but look, it says Porche and has a cool Theme?

    • Nothin But RIM

      Obviously im a RIM supporter but i don’t understand why you’d spend that much money on an ugly design (IMO) and old tech when the new stuff is coming out in a month. I guess there is a market for it but I’m not part of it.

    • Porilaisten

      Good lord, if they had a BB10 Porsche phone it’d probably be $5000+

      But, as an argument. Where’s Apple’s Porsche phone? Samsung?

    • Pabli

      Rim iz dead. Yup.

    • 2009

      It’s not that bad, the phone makes great phone calls, it comes with a mildly used 2009 calendar, a rolodex for your contacts and a Samsung 2 when you need to use an app or play “angry birds”

    • 2009

      Another milestone in design for RIM:
      This phone is the “Pontiac-Aztec” of phones!

  • skullan

    For $2050, this is a more money than brains scenario.

  • Eduardo

    I would really like to know who buys these things Ave what goes through their mind when they do.

    • booya

      Obviously people with far more money than you.

  • Porilaisten

    These are for gangsters/drug lords.

  • howitzer

    For expensive and un competitive products you can always buy the iphone

  • AB

    I actually saw a guy with this phone at Square One in Mississauga. He was in the line at Service Ontario just like everybody else..

    • Porilaisten

      Probably licensing his new Porsche car to go with his new fancy Porsche phone.

  • AN

    I saw a documentary about rich young Arab guys and their supper cars, they were using this phone. Guess there is a market.

  • chris

    there’s always a sucker born every minute, just ask apple.

  • jboutit

    Honestly if anyone were to buy this phone they should just get a stack of 20 100 dollar bills and burn them this phone has some of the worst internal specs i have seen in a while, a 1.2 ghz single core processor are you kidddding me? and rim wonders why they are going bankrupt

  • skazzers

    RIP RIM!!!

  • Nick

    This phone is so ugly and cheap looking! It looks like a $69 pay as you go phone that you would pick up at Wal Mart…

  • bilzkh

    Yeah…if you were a Gulf Arab supercar owner, why would you want your phone to look like something everyone else uses? Though if I were them I’d buy a Lumia 920, not that many folks using those…and get some better tech, and save money.

  • adderall

    1. Not having any serious purpose or value

  • Mike

    When I read $2050 for a boring Blackberry which isn’t that different than all the rest before it,,, I feel to the ground laughing LMAO LOL
    $2050 For a blackberry must be a joke, is this April 1st Today ???
    I wouldn’t spend more than $50 Bucks for a blackberry that has barely any apps in the app store.

    • Jack

      Go figure there aren’t BlackBerry Apps in Apple’s app store. Over at RIM’s App World, there’s over 100,000 though. 😉

      This device puzzles me. No one would buy it for practical reasons so must be the porche branding/rarity.

      If you aren’t a BlackBerry fan, there are better phones on the mnarket. If you are, there’s going to be way, way better BlackBerry phones in two weeks.

      This is a weird collector’s item for rich people with money to burn.

  • Costa84

    I would so rock this phone! Yes; I know, it’s 1400 bucks more than the regular 9900. It stands out, and it will catch eyes. It’s a little late to invest into something like it now, but I would when the 9900 first came out. I like all black phones too.

    P.S. Doesnt it look like a computer from 1989?

    • Jack

      Not me. If I had to choose between 9900 and this, I’d say the 9900 is a much, much nicer looking device. The keyboard looks better too.

  • rspear

    Can’t wait to buy this. I’ve already got the Hello kitty case ordered.

  • D

    This phone has a case of the oooglies

  • ace


  • Zoomus

    This is cheap and I mean cheap in price, ever heard of the Nokia Vertu phones, they run on Nokia old S40 software and some cost more than $5,000 bucks, some models go for as high a 30K or higher, Nokia just sold that division not too long ago. Third world dictators love those lol.

  • Christian

    For that price I’d rather buy a iPhone…and I own an S3 already =/

  • Waiting for RAZR M HD with 3300mah

    Is this BB10? If so, I am NOT impressed.

    • Jack

      “The specs are the same: 2.8-inch touchscreen display, runs OS 7.1 (no upgrade to BlackBerry 10 is planned)”

      I guess it’s too much to assume that people commenting on this stories are functionally literate

  • Fandroid

    if you’re thinking of buying one of these badboys – please consider donating money to me instead.

  • Dave

    I like the leather back. I would have used leather on the X10 but I guess RIM is going for the rubbery Playbook / Thinkpad feel for the back. It would have liked the reviewer to try out the horizontal keyboard since a similar format will be used on the X10. You really can’t compare the BB9900( soon to be the X10) to other smartphones on the market because the the phones are purchased first and foremost for the keyboard and small size.

  • OMG BASEDGOD #taskforce #tybg

    Yikes that thing is ugly and outdated. Who wins buying this thing save for Porsche/RIM?