Google launches Chrome beta channel for Android phones and tablets


  • Corks

    Installing now!

    • Assdroid

      The entire OS is perpetually in beta.
      RIP Android 🙂

  • Kim

    What is this exactly?

  • Henaway

    Must try beta …. must … dammit. Still can’t view the comments on here from mobile. Was hoping. Why can’t MOBILE Syrup fix their mobile site? It’s been months now. MONTHS!

    • Sean

      They are, they are planning on implementing a new commenting system

  • Thai

    No Flash support? My balls, please suck it.

  • Shawn

    I’m using it now. I don’t see any difference in performance at all.

  • corks

    Seems to load pages faster, however scrolling is a tad choppy. However I’m still running 4.0.4, perhaps its better on jb?

    • mzo

      Nope, same on my Note II running JB. Not horribly choppy, but quite noticeable when coming from the stock browser.
      Funny thing is I’ve got friends using it on iOS and it’s much smoother.

    • booya

      Everything is smoother on any OS other than Android.

  • Dshroyer

    I’m still having a hard time bringing myself to re-installing chrome. The standard Android browser is so fast. Chrome is so slow.

    • Eduardo

      Second that! I kept trying to convince myself of using Chrome but the only advantage I see is bookmark sync. Otherwise I find the stock jb/ics browser to be much faster.

  • skazzers


  • J

    Hopefully we’ll see some kind of extension support soon

  • A White

    Tried the Beta on my Nexus 7 last night. Performance seemed a bit quicker but not significantly faster. At one point I was just scrolling through a site and my tablet completely rebooted. I will treat the Beta as unstable at this point and only use it for non-critical tasks.

  • Jimmy

    Android is the smoothest. Project Butter… Yeesh get with the times.