HTC Q4 2012 results show just $34 million in profit


  • Alex

    BAH they had it coming! Unlock the bootloaders,add removable batteries and SD cards, available flashable AOSP zips. Oh and a Nexus HTC. MANY MANY fewer devices and way way more ads.

    • Ken

      HTC make good phones, better than most of their rivals. What they missed last year was the millions, if not billions spent by Samsung on advertising. Everywhere you go there is an advert for the SIII, buses, trains, airports, roadside etc etc. Compare that to the amount of adverts seen for the excellent One X. People buy what they believe is better, and if its advertised, it must be better right?
      Those that spend time looking into a phone instead of a fashion statement, would by the One X+. Much better build quality than Samsung, similar specs, similar battery now its on Jelly Bean

    • EvanK

      Joe Average doesn’t look for AOSP zips and unlocked bootloaders when he buys his phone. HTC’s down simply because of poor marketing and stiff competition from Samsung who marketed the hell out of the S3.

  • Mikkey

    No surprise there.
    It’s HTC’s own fault for their dismal profits.

    Take a page out of Samsung’s book would ya! Jeezzz….

  • johnnystudmuffin


  • Mike

    The nerds aren’t buying HTC’s phones because theres no removable battery or expandable storage. The cool people aren’t buying HTC ‘s phones because theres the iphone. average people dont care what they get, as long as it works, so they just get what everyone else is getting: the S3 and the iphone 5. So who buys HTC’s? Like the guy from badBoy commercials says…. Noooooooooo Body 😉

  • Mysitc09

    IMO HTC (and other companies) could sell more phones if they made their phones available to more providers.
    I can’t buy any of HTC’s new windows phones through Telus.

    • blah

      Um, Telus had the One V, One S, One X and the One X+. Providers choose the handsets they carry, HTC doesn’t discriminate about what they’ll sell to who.

  • Dylan K

    I agree with the provider issue. Working for Rogers we have the One X but the + is through Telus. We don’t even carry the S or V to cover the low end. We are basically only selling an outdated X and Windows phones (still don’t think they’re going to do well).

    Let everyone have the X+ and the S/V, market the crap out of it. They’re amazing phones, just nobody knows it.

  • guy

    HTC needs to stop shuffling its naming conventions. Pick a nice name for a Tier 1 product and stick with it. Look at the Galaxy S series. With each iteration (with is ONLY once per year) each phone has gotten substantially more popular. People know what the S3 is, know the “S” brand and trust it. HTC’s market strategy? Phone Spam. OneX, X+, DNA. Too many!

    Also why name something the One X? It has both a number (ONE) and a -end of alphabet- letter (X). How do you make this into a brand? OneX+, OneX++, OneX+++? TwoX, ThreeX? Nope! HTC needs to get its marketing together or its gonna disappear.

  • Mystic09

    Those are all android phones. I said I was looking for the new HTC Windows phones.

    • blah

      And I said that is up to the provider, not HTC. HTC clearly has no problem selling phones to Telus, Telus just had a bad taste left in their mouth by the 7 Surround.

  • Mike

    This is surprising to me! HTCs phones are SOO much nicer than samsung’s!! Samsung’s phones feel cheap and plasticky, HTCs are way better! (Much more stylish looking, too!)

  • swizzlerz

    JUST??? 34 million :0