Despite a disappointing 2012, HTC’s CEO remains optimistic for the coming year


  • Vengefulspirit99

    it’ll keep being bad until you listen to your customers and put things they want in it

    • dagy

      They do listen to their customers, almost blindly. Unfortunately their customers are all US carriers.

    • Edmuntun Alburta

      braking news:

      Toronto MP Olivia Chang has herpes splashes all over her face. So she cant smile no more.

      Keep the herpes down east, not here in the great west.

  • Mark

    1. removable battery
    2. external SD
    3. every carriers get the same phone
    3. ????
    4. maybe a Nexus?
    5. PROFIT

    Couldn’t be easier

  • Dylan K

    Using the One X+ from the contest while my S3 is out for repairs. I may not switch back. Who needs removable storage when I have 64GB? Who needs hotswappable batteries when the one in this phone nets me over a day of use?

    Removable components are a moot point when there is enough there for everybody. Loving the HTC One X+ right now.

    • jimmy the gee k

      Answer this question;

      Does it hurt or hinder you or any consumer to have removable battery and storage?

      No, it doesn’t. So an official statement should be made as to why they omit them for the consumer benefit. Otherwise I, like many other high end phone purchasers refuse to buy their phones based on such disregard of their consumers.

      It’s that simple.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      All that is left are timely updates.

  • chris

    hey HTC why not try releasing your phone on all carriers. That’s problem numero uno.

  • Dalex

    I have the One X. It has a beautiful display, great build quality and great design. Next step for HTC is to stop having non expandable storage devices, obliterate sense or make it barely there (seriously its horrible), and for the love of god, put in a decent battery. Removable or not, the battery needs to last at least a day of heavy usage. I don’t care about quad core SoCs or 2 Gigs of RAM or other spec sheet stuffers… Just put in a large battery and make the ui run smoothly.

    • Piff

      Sorry to burst your bubble. But unless you have a Razor Maxx or a Note you will never get a full days use under heavy load. But my One S gets me through my 12 hour shifts at work with no problems.

  • Brandon

    Maybe start updating your phones in a timely manner!

  • Airmin98

    I like the camera on the HTC One X, but It is lacking the mutli-task function, that is one big drawback. They also need to work on their Sense “launcher”. It is getting slow once you use the phone for a while..

  • 2 cents

    HTC knows what they need to do.

    The real question is – Why the Heck won’t they do what they need to do to gain more market share?

    I think it’s an arrogant move on HTC’s part to simply ignore the wishes of the consumers and forge ahead with pointless specs and features that the masses don’t want.

    NOTE TO HTC: Build a phone with a better battery capacity than worry about a 1080 screen.

    Just sayin…

  • Tomatoes11

    Peter Chou sounds as delusional as the HTC fans here. HTC not selling as well as Apple or Samsung has nothing to do with marketing and money at all. Until they realize that their products are just inferior, nothing will change even if they pour money into marketing.

    This isn’t just about the lack of internal storage or small battery either. It is about the little things that market research tells you that HTC choose to ignore. For example, Samsung knows that one of the most used actions on a smart phone is the power/wake button. Samsung tackles this by making the button easily accessible, making sure the button protrudes out enough so you can feel it without looking, runs tons of durability tests on the button. Heck, they even make the home button a physical button so you can use it as a wake up button and include a feature like smart stay so you can avoid waking the phone up too much during the day.

    How does HTC handle this important detail? They make the power button even harder to reach than it already is on the other phones by putting it exactly in the middle of the droid DNA and they keep it ridiculous flush just to have a minimalist appearance.

    Don’t get me started one the ridiculous side micro USB port on the HTC One X. Plus that camera lens circular cover design that begins to stick out more from the uni-body after a short period of time.Not to mention the digitizer that you have to pop back into place once in awhile.

    Garbage stuff from HTC and the sad thing is that the One X is arguably their best phone.

  • Aiden

    I had 3 HTC phones…desire z …sensation…one x. I loved each one of their build quality, performance and stability. I’ll be sticking to HTC. Next Htc DNa! 🙂

  • Get. A. Clue.

    Get A Clue, HTC. Get a clue.


    When HTC can deliver as well as RIM then they will be successful.
    yea in all serious rip rim

  • zzzZZZZzz

    The one thing this article didn’t quote is the CEO said HTC will focus on delivering innovation in their products and let consumers make the smart choice (paraphrasing), this coming as a solution to the poor marketing they have done.

    So, yeah, we had poor marketing and we’ll fix that by having innovation. BS!

    Do some heavy marketing (outside US), stick in 64GB internal (or 16 + external possibility) and a hefty battery (preferably removable) and you’ll see your profits rise.

  • phreezerburn

    Thing with HTC is they are trying for the exact same consumers as are owned outright by Apple. They want to sell more in Canada, they should start by delivering the funkier colours that WOULD take on the iPhone in an aesthetics race. Their green, which as a direct mix of sage green and neon yellow in a paint wheel, is 8 shades of awesomeness.

    Since playing in moulded plastic is easy peasy… I’ve seen a custom red and white patterned Fluke tester that was handed out as a gift to one of my contractors. He turned it into a donation for the local hospital and when I jumped out, the bidding was at $2,000.00 (techs bidding away like teenagers… who would have thought) and still rapidly climbing. Being unique is what HTC can do. Unfortunately that’s not a cultural inclination within the orient. The few that standout intentionally are copying what they saw from the West so when it comes this way, it’s the same old-same old.

  • Mike

    does anyone know the name of the phone in the picture?

  • Droid

    They already make good phones. The real issue is their advertising. Of course, Samsung fanboy will say : ” ZOMG THEY S*CKS, SGS3 FTW PEW PEW PEW, etc. ” -_- …

    @mike: The phone is the HTC J Butterfly (in Japan). The international version is the HTC Butterfly and the US version (Verizon) is the Droid DNA.

    I personally think it may be a good year for HTC and Sony.

  • til-bar

    I’m rooting for HTC! A competitive HTC is good for all…

  • XER

    HTC – Here is what you need to do to be successful!
    1. Start listening to your customer, not the carriers
    2. Sell your phone to us directly unlocked
    3. Forget that Sense 4.0
    4. Bring your OS update more timely… Not 9 months later.

  • Nic

    i really enjoy HTC devices just switched from an s3 to the Droid dna and Im loving sense, it runs so smoothly on the s4 pro! i was skeptical of the battery but honestly im able to get the same usage i had on my s3! Plus i dont have to worry about my phone heating up! (s3)