Apple: 40 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store


  • landragon

    Whooo, our big number is only going to get bigger because.. common sense. why does this keep getting reported? it’s about as useful as counting how many farts you give since you were born.

    • SUpa


    • Porilaisten

      Now you have me curious, I need to google that now.

    • phreezerburn

      So the expected average income (which we know is less in that all are not equally successful) for an app developer is $9,032.26… still needing that job at McDonalds to make the rent.

  • XS

    Who cares….?

    • phreezerburn

      Every site who puts up the story earning their Apple “advertising” cheque.

  • Twosee

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

    • Twosee

      RIP Android 🙂

  • skullan

    Considering how slow I am finding the app store while stting up the new iOS devices that came into my home this year, I am assuming this was all at once since Christmas?

    Is it always this slow compared to Google Play?

  • XmenJ

    Impressive numbers indeed, App Store has come a long way since is its launch

    Btw, why do fandroids on this site feel the need to trash everything apple related? Insecure much?

  • BB

    i think people tend to bash apple because it’s not really an accomplishment by apple. The developers who created the apps should get credit, not the apple store. Also, these stats are often just a way for them to stay relevant.

    • Andrew

      Relevant? It’s not like Apple is the world’s largest and most valuable company or anything…

    • bitethatapple

      @Andrew, and apple dug deeeep into your pocket to make that happen. BTW Feel free to let them continue doing that and theyll stay the wealthiest company lol

    • BB

      i say relevant because most mobile sites have tons of articles on every other android phone, and when you don’t see anything from apple in a few days they post something like this, or how they will have new phones with different colors.

    • BB

      and just because a company is the most valuable doesn’t mean its great, it might just mean there was nothing else to offer at that time. for example..leafs suck, but they make a ton of cash don’t they.

  • BB

    also if they paid 7billion how much did they make off the developers.

    • Milpool

      It’s a 70/30 split, and always has been in the App Store. You get a 70% cut for every time your app is purchased, and Apple gets 30% for running the community, the servers, the device it will operate on, etc. (plus an annual $99 development fee to Apple). The same 70/30 split happens in the Google Play store + $25 registration fee.

  • WP74Life

    that is a lot of Fart Apps.

    • ChromeDome

      And what apps have u got on Windows app store? Bing maps I hear?

    • phreezerburn

      Just off of my home screen and NOT including the basics of MSG, Email, People Hub, Photos etc…

      Facebook Pro
      Central Search
      Nokia – Maps, Drive and City View along with Photobeamer
      Amazing Weather
      Microsoft Research – Test My Net
      CBC News
      Epicurious (love cooking)
      Smart Recorder
      Flashlight XT

      The only thing I’m really wishing for is a Windows Phone version of Wireshark.

    • phreezerburn

      Need to see what’s on my Note II?

  • Jack

    Out of those:

    – How many are paid vs. free?
    – what is the typical download # of an app?
    – Does this number include re-downloads of the same app?
    – Does this number include new versions of the same app?

    • phreezerburn

      You mean expose the methodology? That’s a trade secret.

  • Brent

    Who gives a flying F*ck!!!

  • phreezerburn

    Wooot! 775,000… wow… hey most are like browser shortcuts! I’ve been jipped!!!

  • peter

    numbers mean nothing as the Ipad does not come with a calculator built in. It has to be downloaded from the app store +1 apple store. Soon you will get a blank phone and to make a call you will have to get that app form the app store. lets see those numbers balloon.