Samsung pushing out “Exynos 4 bug” fix to international devices, should come to Canadians soon


  • firstnigga

    At least Samsung tried to fix this bug, unlike the previous superbrick bug in the kernel which they stated was being patched. Let’s see if they follow through


      Samsung is fixing the problem, if that was Apple they will say there is nothing wrong with the phone you holding it wrong!!

    • LOL

      Another reason to ALWAYS get the INTERNATIONAL version of any phone.

      More support,faster updates, faster fixes, higher re-selling value…

  • Alex


  • deltatux

    I hope they also push it out to the Note 10.1, I have friends awaiting for the fix too.

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    Apple fanboys are readying their comments now. Checking for gramatical errors and spending too much time on selecting the right font.

  • xenrobia

    The only fix for any android device is to throw it in the garbage – there fixed it. LMAO

  • geo

    if this patch doesnt come bundled with jelly bean then who really gives a f%$k!!!

  • @maikelparets

    I sent my phone (note 2) for repairs and got the multi window view. Check my Twitter feed for details @maikelparets

  • CRTC

    The update/problem doesnt effect north american s3s. its a exynos bug. note 2s would be effected but so far this issue is only happening to international s3s

  • Ron Mexico

    Lol, just like multiview “coming soon” that was in november. Sorry samsung canada is a joke with updates of any kind.

  • Sixer

    Android devices will evenutally be exposed to the public as the non-secure devices they are. It will only take one huge incident, which will eventually come.

  • Donald

    It’s really important to fix bugs like this for new users.