Samsung promises to fix Exynos kernel exploit “as quickly as possible”


  • hero

    shouldve got an iphone, why buy this stolen samsung garbage when you can get a quality phone from apple. at least they know how to innovate, samsung just steals

    • Anonymous1

      What exactly did they “steal”? Rounded corners?

    • M

      Troll zone is the other way buddy. But we’ll let this one pass, you probably got lost using your phone’s innovative maps.

  • vengefulspirit99

    no, you’re just holding the phone wrong.

  • metoo

    What’s the big deal? So what if any and all apps can access and root your device? It’s a Samsung. What were you expecting?

    • Ron Mexico

      Id rather a Samsung with kernel exploit than a pos locked down gimped ios trash device any day of the week.

    • metoo

      Ron, I always thought you were big into gimps.

    • Ron Mexico

      And you can’t read. Works well with your maps I guess, can’t read them you dont know your going the wrong way.

    • metoo

      I read fine. So you aren’t into gimps anymore? Did the rubber ball fall out?

  • tokenusername

    Translation = never. Screw Samsung.

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    Atleast Samsung supports their devices with patches that actually fix the problem. What did Apple do with maps? Say,”I’m sorry.” Apple users are risking their lives using maps in the deserts of Australia.

    What did Apple do with the antenna problem? They modified their code to display more bars than before but reception remains the same. You might feel better seeing more bars.

    • metoo

      When they had a similar hole, they patched it. This is the second major hole from Samsung in 3 months. It is systematic.

    • metoo

      systemic too…

    • Ron Mexico

      Like iOS users overpaying for products because it has a fruit on the back, systematic.

    • metoo

      Or Samsung users being convinced to use a tablet as a phone. Or to hand over their data to Google (and now to everyone else that wants it).

      Don’t worry ronnie, samsung will save you from yourself.

    • Ron Mexico

      Dont be sore because Samsung makes a more useful product that isnt limited to your little apple sandbox. I heard walmart is having a sale on turtlenecks, run along now dont want to miss out.

    • metoo

      Certainly more useful to anyone that wants to root your phone and pwn you.

    • Ron Mexico

      You mean like

    • metoo

      yes, Ronnie, like jailbreakme from over 2 years ago.

      Samsung seems to have holes every other months to exploit. That’s really the best you can two? A two year old exploit on iOS?

      Maybe you might want to take up gimping again. Your advocacy for Android is embarrassing. Still got the pleather suit?

    • Chris

      Oh yeah? And when will the fix be available? Mid 2014? Also, for which devices, S III and Note II? What about the S II and the Note I? Oh yeah, still waiting for Jelly Bean that MAYBE will be available in early 2016.

      Apple, atleast, they have greatly improved the maps and also, they made a big banner on the App Store to show alternatives to their maps.

  • sixer

    And this is why BB10 will continue to win customers after launch, tsk tsk Samsung.

  • Phox

    I wonder if the iphone troll realizes an iphone is made with Samsung

  • metoo

    Samsung’s actual statement on the matter
    “Well, shitz, sucurity is hardz. Don’t matter, our uzers don’t gots nuthin to hide”

  • deli

    OMG, stop blowing things out of proportion. Every device has an issue. There’s malware on Play store, so what? Does that mean Android is a failure and would not succeed in continuing to win marketshare? No. Did Microsoft go bankrupt yet? No. Can I buy Apple stock for $0.99? No

    This will get fixed and pass over. AND I OWN A NOTE 2 along with all my closest friends, and the rest, S3s.

  • Sam

    As I’ve said before, with freedom come risks. I’ll take the freedom of a samsung over the cult restrictions of Apple.