Videotron releases the LG F4N, otherwise known as “The Little Phone That Could”


  • Dalex

    At least the fido device was like 50$ outright… 150$??!?!?!? are you shitting me Videotron…

    • rogue17

      Yep, outrageous isn’t it?. Like I have said before on other threads. Videotron is worse than the Big 3. Their website is slow and confusing. They now have a unlimited Quebec plan, No caller ID,No voicemail 1Gig for the low price of $55.95. OMG!! But if you want a subsidized (overpriced)phone it will cost you 3 years. Then in very fine print it says the price of $55.95 is good for only 3 years.After that it jumps to their regular price. Funny thing is they now don’t show the regular price anymore on their website. They used to have the regular price if it was bundled with other services or standalone. Videotron is all about deception.

  • _ThaNerd_

    soon they will try to cell you 2 cans with a string attached in between and send you back to stone age.

    • _ThaNerd_


    • skullan

      That does seem to be where the pricing versus value option of Canadian wireless is going.

    • rogue17

      LOL!! Sounds like Videotron alright. You would need to sign a 3 year contract to have the cans subsidized.LOL. And they would put all kinds of conditions to it. You would have to pay at least $50 a month.

  • ukrainian fob

    forget nexus 4 or Iphone 5, this is the s**t. The most desirable phone on teh market. I hope the line-up won’t be to big at the store to grab one 🙂

  • dez

    lol ill stick with my nex4 🙂

  • Nathan

    and the HTC ONE V and Galaxy Ace 2 X are 150 $ at Koodo haha !

  • Craig

    I still use my ancient LG flip phone as my main mobile. LG makes good phones. The once blackberry 10 releases I will finally let the little LG guy have a break. I already have my blackberry 10 device reserved.

  • Blas

    Now to be fair, a 1.3mp camera and text-to-speech flip phone cost about $500 back in the day.
    If you’re from 2005 this is a hell of a deal.

  • huh

    This post was an error, it was a repost from December, 30th 2002

  • Mike

    I’ll pass om LG stuff

  • EAK47

    You had no right, I repeat, no right to waste Internet bandwidth over this post!

  • Dave

    “$149.95 outright (or $0 on a 3-year)”

    It this company is on drug or they’re really a meat head?

  • 2c

    lol in QC every one is fighting for rights and no one is fighting for cellphone rights:D

  • Lividity

    2c: We fought for cellphone rights and that’s why you can now change you’re phone while on contract by only paying the device balance.
    We call that QC Bill 60 and since they did that in QC, they made it for the other provinces.


    it stands out b/c it’s a flip phone!

  • Fido Rep

    well we still need phone for old people who can’t even change their ringtones.

  • Donald

    I remember people everywhere signing 3 year contracs to get the Moto Razers.

    Those were some strange times.