MTS goes after Bell one more time, puts on paper why they are “better for you”


  • Thomas

    Bell Sucks.

  • Taylor

    i have an unlimited data plan with MTS for $44.99 a month… and you can’t beat their coverage (in MB anyway)… MTS wins.

  • mmm

    MTS gives unlimited data??? Is this new? I thought they have various plans with caps at 2G and 3G?

  • 45

    Hahahah, wow, the claws are out!

  • EZ

    I’d switch to Bell just to have MTS shut the eff up. They’re taking a whiny, childish approach to the competition. Fight fire with fire. Adapt or die.

  • ChochiWpg

    MTS has unlimited data in MB but only like 100MB outside the province. I stick with Telus here in MB. There are more phones to choose from, the HSPA+ network in Winnipeg is fantastic and anywhere I go in Canada there is good coverage.

    MTS is fantastic in the Province but if you want to travel outside I would go with another provider.

  • akeem

    this is great for them but what about us in ontario? we really do not have any competition here just the big 3 and the small companies that no one really sees as a threat. unlimited plans? ha we need that here 43$ a month? i believe we can get 100MB for 50$ a month this is not fair for us

    • some guy

      Well, for one, the big 3 have majority share in Ontario. Manitoba, not so much. That’s why they’re much more competitive with pricing in places like MB and SK.

  • some guy

    Manitoba? Isn’t that where Windsor is? (According to Rob Ford)


  • 2c

    is bell still in business?

  • Scott

    What’s this? Competition? How UN-CANADIAN!

  • laner

    mts promotes that there LTE newtwork is so great yet, there flagship phone, the iphone cant use the LTE. and i beleive MTS has 3 only 3 great phones, every other carrier has about 20. MTs blows awful customer service to add

  • EvanKr

    You want my money, MTS? Then make me an offer, Bell has the iP5 or the 8x free on a 3 year with their promo, one you can give me that then maybe I’ll take into account what you said.

    And those commenting in unlimited data, it’s $45 for HSPA, if you want unlimited LTE then be prepared to pay out your wazoo.

  • Jeff

    MTS, I don’t care that I can use my phone in Tadoule Lake (can I?). Give me a decent price, include call display, and then I’ll take you seriously. As for unlimited data, you cap it at 15G. People either use much less than that (5G w/Telus is enough), or else they use more than that (tethering) and you cut off their legs by traffic shaping. Your unlimited schtick is misleading.

    • Discoverelle

      MTS does not “Cap” you once you reach the 15G of usage, Yes you are throttled during peak hours once you reach 15G but you are still able to use the data unlimited and the throttle resets every month. Also you can get an unlimited data plan on the MTS network for $63.50 plus taxes which also includes unlimited calling to ANY MTS cell phone along with unlimited Canadian texting.. not a bad deal for those cell users who strictly text and use data

    • ruraluser

      @Discoverelle – actually once you hit 15G, they throttle you to 128kbps (barely usable) 24/7 for the next 30 days, regardless of your billing cycle. So if you hit 15G on Dec 20th, you’ll be throttled 24/7 for another month.

    • Discoverelle

      That is also incorrect. Give MTS Customer Service a call. The throttling is relative to your bill cycle date so NOT 30 days.

  • jack

    If MTS is really that much better, then they should behave with a little bit more class. Why are they even worried?

  • Lewis

    MTS may win, but the bar is set pretty low in MB. I love the place really – (no intent to slam MB in general), but MTS hasn’t done anything except stagnate communications in the province. The one location out West where a crown corp going public failed IMO. As an ex MB now AB with family still in MB and therefore lots of travel there, my best bet for coverage has actually been Rogers.

  • lyndon420

    Glad I moved away from that toilet shaped province.

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    The hell with Bell. More power to you MTS

    and Don’t buy Stupid designed phones like the Nexus 4 from Google and LG. who the hell puts glass plates on the back of the phone that break easily ?????

  • daddychicken

    The bar is set pretty low in Manitoba. MTS customer service is frustrating, albeit they are the only provider in Manitoba with extensive province wide coverage. Their major disadvantage is their roam in partner outside of the province. With HSPA they roam with Rogers who appears to have decent coverage across Canada but only in major centers. Telus/Bell have wonderful networks outside Manitoba but what they call coverage in Manitoba is a bad joke. They have coverage in Winnipeg and beyond that they are spotty. That said my work takes me to small towns in Northern Canada where Bell offers service. Telus has been my best option. For someone who wants great Manitoba coverage and who doesn’t leave major centers outside of Manitoba….well MTS may be a compelling option.

  • Owen Finn

    Bundling can now save you $63.50 a month.