Astro File Manager for Android adds Facebook support and a dedicated photo viewer


  • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

    This story has absolutely nothing to do with Zeller’s holiday specials.

  • Khav

    I’m glad one of the recent Astro updates changed its permissions, because that means it doesn’t get included in the auto-update list. Almost all of the reviews after that update have been extremely negative, and something tells me facebook integration is the wrong direction to go from that response.

  • John

    Cyanogenmod file manager is better.

    Astro went downhill after the last update.

  • schultzter

    I tried Astro, for some reason I came upon ES File Explorer and I’ve been really happy with it. QuickPic is still my image viewer; but ES does everything else.

  • Mark

    I’m having difficulty accessing the comments on the mobile version of this site. Anyone else having this issue? Using Chrome on Android 4.1.

    • Jeremy

      A mobile focused site that isn’t fully functional on mobiles.

      They broke it at least a week ago and never seemed to care enough to fix it.

  • Stanislav

    Astro used to be great. Now they keep adding more and more unneccsary features. I do NOT need Astro for Facebook. I am tired of their seemingly weekly updates. I have moved on to a better alternative… which does what I want… manage files.