Rowi, Windows Phone’s best Twitter app, updated for Windows Phone 8


  • Brad F(anboy)

    It’s a shame it’ll run into Twitter’s user limit soon, at which point they’ll have to “talk to Twitter”, aka get shut down.

  • Tyler Margolis

    WTF? A post just about a WP8 App? That’s just an update?

    Come on, give up the propaganda. Try reporting about the tsunami of security dangers of IE10… which you can’t uninstall and can’t replace with a substitute.

    A smartphone without a usable internet browser, is not a smartphone at all. WP8 is a feature phone that you get paid to promote the heck out of and your duplicity is disgusting.

    Go ahead and censor the comments if that makes you feel better, I’m done with this site

    • caribouroader

      See ya…..or, I guess, won’t see ya!

  • blackprince

    I like Gleek better.

  • Mark

    Best twitter app on Windows phone. These devs are really engaged to the platform.