Update: Videotron, WIND & Mobilicity Galaxy S III users will start receiving Jelly Bean upgrade on Friday


  • AllanVS

    Good news!
    also from Facebook.

  • Mosa Altalibi

    My Bell S3 was got the OTA update to 4.1.1 on December 9th.
    I Love it!

  • 2c

    wind wil get it on friday and every one wil love it.

  • Iphone4life

    why bother with this phone?, google maps is back on iphone!

    • Ron Mexico

      Because iPhone’s are for girls, and guys who wear turtlenecks.

  • nrj4life



  • dv

    It’s about Damn time! Smh..

  • Dreamchaser

    This really is frustrating as a ONE X owner.
    Any idea when HTC/ROGERS will be updating their devices?

  • aregularonhofo

    Great news for Wind Mobile and totally wasted if you use on Mobilicity who are going bankrupt on a lousy network.

    • boycott apple

      bankruptcy? where is the proof?

      please provide evidence that shows that mobilicity is going bankrupt.

      you just sound stupid by making statements that aren’t backed up by any material evidence..

  • mike

    My koodo mobile galaxy s3 came with jelly bean out of the box when I got it on November 30.

  • Dkai

    Excited! I just hope its “near” bug free

  • Eric Huang


  • Snafu

    Dling now. It’s an ota update through wind and its not on kies yet either.

  • Dkai

    Downloading now.. Wind Edmonton

  • Pascal B

    Videotron, it’s started!

  • Sam S

    Mine auto updated like an hour ago. I’m on Wind in Ottawa.

  • MAm

    JUST GOT MINE!!!!!! on Wind in Mississauga,ON!

  • photomike

    just got my update. SWEET!!!!! on wind mobile

  • sd

    It was available on wind at 10pm EST

  • Momo

    Just got it now on Wind, LOVING IT!!!

  • Iman

    I’m on Mobilicity and I received the update a couple hours ago!

  • jon

    Got this update on wind. Seem faster.

  • Adam

    Got my wind update too.

  • N/A

    I’m on wind mine is up also

  • deistbeats

    Got me some jellybean on mobilicity. Tasty.

  • matt

    my wind phone got uodate soon as midnight rolled around

  • Mobilicity

    I am on Mobilicity and there is an issue after the update. “Software update” cannot connect to its server and it keeps showing a massage in notification bar that is trying to connect to the server…
    I received a new setting from Mobilicity and I installed it but still have the issue. Does anybody else have the issue or it’s just my phone?
    Any idea how to fix it?

  • L. Dao

    Updated my Wind phone, it went smoothly but notice now it’s draining my battery to fast!

    • Pascal B

      sometime, It can take 1 or 2 battery cycles before to get some improvement, some process like media scan need to rescan the device to rebuild libraries.