Update: Rumour du jour has a 6.3-inch Galaxy Note III coming in 2013


  • Laserbluemini

    if the screen can go all the way to the edges of the phone then something from 5.5-6 is still acceptable.

    • 8-down

      what is samsung doing. Current sizes of s3 and note 2 is ideal. Please dont stretch it any longer. or atleast keep the physical size of phone same, just increase the screen size with in.
      who can fit 6.3 inch phone in jeans?


      Normal size for Smartphone is 5″, phablet 6″ and tablet is 10.1 and up

      welcome 2013

    • Francois

      If the screen go closer than what it is now, it will be hard to use the phone, with the Note 2 i often grab it and touche the screen when i don’t want on the sides, it must not go closer than what it is now.

    • Eh?

      To all you people saying it’s too big.
      Here’s a novel idea: Maybe it’s not a phone.
      I was thinking it’d be cool to have a 6 – 7 ” Galaxy Note, to use as a tablet. Maybe this is in the ~7inch tablet category and they weren’t expecting anyone to use it as a phone. Just a thought.

    • nely

      If the Target market is basketball players, then 6.3 is just fine for a phablet size…

  • andy c

    to think 2 – 3 years ago we all made fun of the dell streak……

    flexable screens can’t come soon enough

  • wildspin

    The size of current G Note 2 is about right. Stretching it for another inch is simply too much.

  • Happy4N4

    Shut up and take my money! NOT.. wish people would stop saying this… most annoying comment of all time.

    • 45

      Then why did you say it?

  • deltatux

    Sounds like Samsung is now clearly trying to compensate for something… seriously 5.5″ is huge already. We don’t need them to be bigger, just refine what you’ve got already.

  • richard a

    To be honest. That is too big. That is actually in tablet territory now. Im hopping the Galaxy S4 is not 5″

  • TouchMyBox

    After finally seeing a note 2 in person, 5.5 seems like a bit of a stretch. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want a phone any bigger than that.

  • freedomispopular

    I’ve said ever since I got the first one I’d be totally cool with 6″. I’d buy this without hesitation.

  • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

    so the other day i was walking around the lake and saw a bunch of people crowded around yelling FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!! I was curious so i walked up and got into the crowd. there was an iPhone 5 & iPhone 4s having a tag team battle vs a Samsung Galaxy S3 & Note 2.

    The iPhone5 had the S3 down in an arm bar, but the S3 fought through the 10 count and made it’s way to tag in the Note 2. The fans went nuts, the Note 2 came in, closelined the iPhone 5, cracked the iPhone4s in half, knocked out the ref and then ran to the lake with the S3 on it’s back.

    The Note 2 then lay flat on the lake, giving the S3 a getaway boat.

    It was simply amazing!!

    • 45

      Sounds like a slobberknocker!

  • coop3422

    That’s simply too much. For me, even the Note is too much, but I understand there’s a market for it. 6.3′ is ridiculous though. I’ll stick with my 4.3′ S2, it’s the perfec size IMHO. Too back no companies are making a powerful high end phone in this screen size segment 🙁

  • jrfox87

    this whole making the screen bigger every year thing really needs to end, I like bigger screens and all but as phones go they are already pushing the limits. making the screen bigger at this point is just a way to “improve” specs, they should focus more on the quality of the display not the size!

  • dlo

    Bad rumour du jour: 2.5″ Apple iPhone 6 coming in 2013

    Yes, a puny 2.5-inch display. At that scale it really neglects the “smartphone” name and is simply a dumb-phone. 2.5-inch display would be a challenge to find in your suit pocket, but could fit 3 of them very well in your jeans. Hopefully the rumour is true and Apple shrinks the iPhone around the 2-2.5 inch mark and extends its lead to be the joke of the mobile industry.

    Source: ‘Murica

    • EvanKr

      My HP veer is 2.6″, it’s small, and definitely not for everyone, but the feeling of being able to walk around with a fully featured smartphone and not even realize that it’s in your pocket is priceless.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Something something “GO SAMMIE!” etc.

    • Ron Mexico

      Look everyone Brad T(rollboy) is back! Yay!

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @Ron I never really left, I just didn’t have anything to say.

    • jack

      Where’s Brad F and jack with an avatar?

  • Mike

    How bout a mini note, same size as the S3?

  • David

    Isn’t that getting a bit out of hands? I mean 6.3″ that’s almost a Playbook.

  • guy

    might as well stick a Sim card with phone capabilities inside a nexus 7. This is getting stupid. At least you can call the current note a phone…barely.

  • Dalex

    If this means it’s going to get a huge battery such as 5000 mah or more than I am more than willing to put up with such a large display. If they get rid of more bezel and the home button, the device would not be that much bigger than the current note 2.

  • Mr Big

    I’ve never had a probem fitting 6.3″+” inches in my jeans. I don’t see the problem.

  • ZR27

    1080p screen was the only thing missing on my note 2.
    The current screen is still more than enough.
    size, performance, stock battery life… all impressive.
    all on heavy daily use!

    i agree with most, over 6″ is just getting ridiculous.

  • Klee

    I think they can squeeze another inch out and remove the Samsung logo…

  • Ryan

    I hope this comes out, then I’ll get to laugh at the r*****s holding a 6″ tablet up to their ear.

  • alex

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhh Sammi please make more phones so sheeps can buy your Galaxy!! OOOOOOOOOOOH I want oneeeeeeeeeeeeee! Bahhhhhhhhhhh

  • NS49

    I don’t get it. Anyone who owns a phone bigger than 5 inch is an i***t. I’d rather buy a tablet and use it than carry a big phablet around me where it barely fits in my pocket.

  • Shane

    What about those people who want a small tablet? But would rather not carry around a phone as well? That would be perfect for a person like myself that makes less than 2 phone calls a month, but uses their phone mostly for reading and media consumption.

  • DrParanoid

    Probs not true, however I do suspect the note 2 will have a bigger screen as well as the s4. Maybe not 6.3inches, probably more like 5.7/8ish. As long as they get better at making the bezel smaller smartphone displays will get bigger. As long as the trade off of the actual physical size isn’t that big a difference I’m not opposed to the idea.

  • GuberX

    that is awesome… at my work we have been calling the note II a “phablet” haha

  • Truth


  • OMG BASEDGOD #taskforce #tybg

    Remember when we said we didn’t want anything bigger than a 4 inch screen?

    Wonder if Sammy will prove us wrong again.

  • Bigger = better?

    When I had my S2, I thought it was perfect size and the S3 was too big already. Then I got the Note II and now when I see the S2 and S3, they seem inadequate.

    I am not sure I want the Note to get any bigger as it barely fits in some of my pant pockets. One of them, part of the phone is showing when it’s in the pocket.

    The phone is 6″ diagonally, to have a 6.3″ screen, the phone will become 7″. I am not sure I can put a phone any bigger in my pockets.

  • Gary Seven

    Fantastic! Hopefully Samsung brings this 6.3″ unit to market worldwide.

  • Horton

    Will skip it, will wait for the 9 inch phone 2 years from now 🙂

  • sebas

    ….GO BIG OR GO HOME… i am very curious to see that device may be interesting…. i personaly love my note 2 and there is no way i fiond the screen to big…:)

  • sebas fortin

    GO BIG OR GO HOME… i am very curious to see that device may be interesting…. i personaly love my note 2 and there is no way i fiond the screen to big…:)

  • patorikku

    well, maybe in two years I will be able to sell my Nexus 7 as a phone then.

  • Cody

    Samsung is just going to hell with it now….

  • Richard

    Whether this is coming true or not good job on offering choice Samsung. After galaxy 1,2, I wanted bigger. Now I want bigger than galaxy 3 so the note 2 is my next progression.

  • Rob

    Why don’t Samsung just make the galaxy tab into a phone since it looks like its heading down that direction. But seriously there is no need to increase the screen size of each new galaxy released device. I’m assuming apparel companies will start creating bigger pockets to compensate……

  • Jake

    I’m really hoping for a 6″ display.

  • Fluke_skywalker

    Oddly enough I can’t find the source of this information/article on the Korea Times website. I want to confirm if this rumor is truly published…

  • Matt

    I have thought for years that a 6″ phone would be perfect! 6″ would be the max though.
    The note screen could be stretched out to the sides and bottom and top . We just use the phone for so many other things these days and a tablet , for me, is only good for when I take a vacation. A 6″ would be ideal and very practical for me.

  • iDonkey

    Where are all the idonkeys where we need them?

  • seroevo

    It’s impossible to talk about this topic in almost any capacity without endless dick innuendo.

  • Sam

    Sure is a lot of stupid people around here. If it’s too big, it won’t sell. If it’s too big for the pockets or too uncomfortable then it won’t sell. However, after all the ding dongs who said the note and note 2 was too big and they’re selling just fine, I don’t get how the current crop of ding dongs want to try and say 6 inches is too big. We will see. I know this, if they combine 6″ with a flexible screen (another rumour) I’ll be all over it, otherwise, my note 2 is almost a perfect size. Half these phone look like watches to me now.

  • Ivan

    I don’t have a problem with a giant phone. I wouldn’t buy it because the size wouldn’t suit me. My problem will be when this phone is released, the best specs usually follow the largest screen. Seriously, one day they will expect us to put 10″ phones up to our heads.

  • Xoria

    For people with giant hands

  • Mischa Price

    i heard someone say the ipad mini was stupid because it is barley bigger than a galaxy note but really samsung’s 7.0 inch tablet is closer to 5.5 than the Ipad mini and it would only be a .7 of an inch difference…. 2014 galaxy note 3 7 inch screen?

  • jamin3131

    I think there are a lot of people looking for that one device to do everything. Before I got the Note II I was really looking at giving up cell abilities and just getting an N7 (or other 7″ tablet) as my primary device. had the N7 had a proper radio with no silly work arounds I would bought it. If the Note II was 6″ i think i’d be very happy right now.

  • Justin

    Sooo… Its a tablet.. pretty much.

  • Varun

    Definitely looking forward to it. Would love that bigger screen and the note branded product. I wish it came earlier and I had enough patience and money for it when it came out but I do need a new phone and if I get something, it has to be the galaxy note 2. Go Samsung!