Bump for Android updated to support file transfers




  • Allan

    Do you actually have to touch another person’s hand for this to work?

  • Johnny

    Bump vs Beam who’ll win??

  • bill

    i used bump on my nexus 4 and the back glass cracked, wtf!

  • koalameatpie

    Sooooo why not just Bluetooth file transfer?

    • speed bump

      What do you think they do with the files/data….
      they collect all data just like facebook !

  • Kevin

    Just tested out Bump after playing around with it almost 6 months ago. With the ability to move files, it’s actually something that I’ll be keeping on my tab/phone.

    Pretty nifty to be able to send pictures/messages/files (under 10MB) to any device without needing to be on the same network, and being able to do so once you’ve bumped once.

    Bluetooth is a little annoying since both devices need to have bluetooth on.

    Seeing as there are a number of ways to already transfer files (email, the cloud, physical USB drives, bluetooth, wifi direct), it’ll be hard to see it become a staple in the average user.

    Even if I don’t get the opportunity to use it with others, easy transfer between devices that can’t make use of NFC has been a bit of a dream. I’m a happy camper.