Canadian Galaxy S III owners start receiving the Jelly Bean update


  • SAM

    s3 rogers downloading now verry slow

    • kris

      Just got mine on telus- slowww download, but servers are probably full

    • Dear Leader

      Buy a Sumsung, eat a dog and support me, your Dear Leader!

  • Plan Shopper

    Virgin Canada update is live!

  • iPhoneAndroid

    where’s my update HTC

    see, this is why Samsung’s kicking your a*s

  • Mikester

    Got my S3 update. I’m on Telus.

  • Moner

    On Telus, downloading now!

  • Eluder

    Downloading for Rogers now, super slow though since I’m sure many Canadian GS3 users are downloading it too.

  • Adrian

    S3 rogers in Halifax downloading very slow also…….

  • JA

    None for Wind Mobile Users yet :/

  • andrea

    I just checked and voila, updating now.

  • susans

    Just looked and my Rogers S3 is already downloading it…automagically!

  • Nick B

    Just got mine 🙂

  • Zohaib

    Just picked up my phone to look at it and realized it has been downloading for the past 30 minutes…

  • Lue

    Got mine installed on Rogers
    works great loving the google now search

  • Shawn

    Telus and update already done

  • Whoo Daat

    Telus Downloading now without any issues

  • Unknown Name

    how come im getting this message “Access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later. im with rogers btw

  • Traveller

    On Rogers in Vancouver – I get a message “Access to the software update service is provided users in the order in which they request it. Try later” – Bummer! Anybody else get this message?

    • Nitin Gaba

      Exact same message 🙁

    • SAM

      connect to kies very slow

  • hitman

    no go for wind atm

  • domo

    Just updated! And holy crap project butter is soooooo niiiiiiiice. Im with Sasktel btw. Now we wait for 4.1.2…..

    • Wozzle

      If it’s anything like 4.2 on my Nexus 7, don’t wish too hard. 4.2 turned my flawless little tablet into a stuttery lag machine. I’m reverting back to 4.1.2

  • nic

    Updating now on Bell!

  • Thai

    Tried updating the wife’s S3. Says to try later because too many people are requesting it. WTF.

  • BadGadget

    Bell S3s here, downloading it but going slowly.

  • Unknown Name

    how big is the jellybean update?

    • Wayne

      Look closer at the screen shot in the article. 😉

  • SkyBaun

    downloading now on bell =]

  • Andrew P

    Probably gonna get shot for this… but I’m enjoying 4.2.1 on my Galaxy Nexus (Rogers)

    • Matt

      I’m enjoying it on my Nexus 4 🙂

    • 7-Down

      Nexus devices 4life.

  • Dean

    How do I get this on my iPhone 5?

  • Myles

    Got the update (Rogers), advice for anyone downloading it, use your wi-fi, download time for HSPA+ is over an hour

  • HK888

    Got my update through telus 🙂

  • Jordi

    Up for Bell, Downloading at OK speeds.

  • silenbam

    finished with virgin not so slow!

  • Russ8

    Successfully updated on Rogers. Nice!

  • Mr. X

    Just checked for update and it’s downloading for Bell. Best part is I just reverted back from AOKP custom rom and got this present from Samsung 🙂

  • Dave

    Is this 4.1 or 4.2.1? Im running CM10 and if it’s 4.2 I’m going to reflash ICS to update to JB.


    • AndrewB604

      According to the “About device” screen on my newly updated Rogers Galaxy S III…

      Model – SGH-I747M
      Android version – 4.1.1
      Baseband version – I747MVLDLK4
      Kernel version – 3.0.31 – 538866

  • Whoo Daat

    sheesh I forgot to charge my phone so I have to wait lol

  • Craig

    Bell in MTL, downloading now.

  • Matthew

    Downloading now! I’m with Bell.

  • AllanVS

    I’m on “BlackJelly” (4.1.1) and will probably stay that way until after exams.
    That way, it’ll be faster download. *L*

  • lucas d

    rogers, 514.
    if anyone has it let me know, it isn’t up yet for me gs3.

  • StEC

    anyone know when the S2 will get this update?

    • Manu

      I got it but It shows up an error on Korean with KIES

  • Shaq

    On that CM10 squeeze since last morning…amazing battery life. 22% of battery = 5 hours, while heavy texting.

  • AndrewB604

    Just now randomly picked up my phone to check messages and there it was, a message telling me an update has been downloaded and is ready to install.

    WooHoo… Jellybean now running on my Rogers Galaxy S III!

    Downloaded over WiFi in the background while the phone was sitting idle, so have no idea how long it was downloading for? (Last time I used the phone previously was about 45 mins earlier)

    Update took about 10 minutes total to install. Looking forward to checking out some of the new features!

  • Phil

    no go for the koodo sg3.. i’m probably gonna need to wait 6 month + lol

  • Lexx

    S3 update on Bell. Very exciting !

  • JT

    Sasktel SG3 getting it as well.

  • Mel

    Brampton,ON Rogers network 8:22pm Dec 2nd no update for me

  • SkyBaun

    im getting this from TELUS. “Access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they requested it”. im guessing the servers are busy?

  • Aurlious

    My gs3 just started downloading automatically 10 minutes ago… on Rogers in Ottawa. So excited, I’ve been waiting for this forever… way too many delays -_-

    But, finally, the wait is over 🙂

  • Vengefulspirit99

    my picture on the left… awwww yeaaa

  • DJM

    Nothing yet from Videotron here.

  • Alex


    That’s good news.
    I hope next in line is S2.
    We are waiting for quite some time for this update.

    All the best,

  • LeafsFan77

    SaskTel is live too.

  • BillGates

    So is this ever going to come out for HTC One X?

  • Jansen

    downloading it on my iphone! woohooo

  • Dylan K

    SIII on Rogers in Kitchener getting the “please wait” message.

    I’ll just go to bed. Should happen in the morning.

  • Unknown Name

    still w8ing in line for my update from rogers

  • Jill

    You can’t get it for iPhone this is only for androids.

    • Chico

      I believe you are a casualty of a very stupid joke Jill.

  • Stuntman

    Is Flash still available after the update?

  • Bruce

    Got it at 8pm. Everything’s working fine. I thought the s3 was fast but with the update its even faster.

  • Martholamew

    “Access to the software update service is provided to users in order in which they request it. Try later.” Damnit! (Rogers)

  • Jesus Rendon

    I got the message but since I was about to take the metro postponed for 1 hour, not it’s more than 1 hour and I cannot download it anymore. I am really pissed off.

    Rogers’ user

  • Tom

    It says that “Access to the software service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later ”

    —Bell, Nova Scotia, Galaxy SIII

    • Traveller

      If you get the “Try Later” message – try a wired update with Kies on desktop. Mine now say it is downloading a firmware upgrade – hopefully it is JB!

  • Diane

    Same here. “Try later” With Rogers

  • D

    Is NFC working fine for everyone?

  • Michael

    Loving this update, Project Butter really wasn’t a joke

  • Dave

    Unlocked bell s3 on fido. Completed update.

  • iberry

    can it be done through kies?

  • John Vriniotis

    Got the message that the servers were busy so I plugged my phone into my computer, Kies opened up and voila…. download started right away.

  • Rolonoa

    Does anyone know how to get rid of the big ugly Rogers name on the bottom edge of the notification drawer? Are we gonna have to live with thay crap? 🙁

  • Lexx

    Everything seems to be working well after update. S3 on Bell

  • Jayk

    Downloading Rogers in the GTA right now.

  • ao

    have error message saying “access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. try later” Guess I’ll keep tryin! 🙂

  • Chris

    Downloading via Kies — OTA not working

  • Monctonguy

    Updated my S3 with no issues. Download speeds were good but I got mine before the rush. I’m on bell in N.B.

  • John Vriniotis

    Lost root after update 🙁

    • AndrewB604

      Yup, lost my root too. Thankfully it only takes 5 mins to reinstall ClockWorkMod & root again… (although now my counter is at 2 🙁 )

  • Ben

    After many days of waiting, the update is finally here. 96% already!! Faster faster pls!

  • Mike

    My Koodo Mobile S3 already came with Jelly Bean 4.1.1 out of the box wooohooo 🙂

  • brij

    hey i have got jelly bean …

  • JR

    I’m with Telus and was notified of the update but when I wanted to update, it told me to try again later and that access is granted to those who request it first and said “try again later”

  • loginatnine

    OTA update failed during installation, probably because I’m rooted… Trying with kies now!

  • Ron

    Telus, in Alberta… Stock ICS… OTA says: “Access to the software update service is provided users in the order in which they request it. Try later”

    When I try KIES on the PC, it shows my version (ICS) but does not show the current version? When I tried to start the update through the “tools” menue it said something like “SGH-I747M does not support sofware update initializing”. (Not word for word as I don’t have it up on my screen right now). Has anyone in Alberta on telus gotten this to work?

    • Traveller

      Vancouver – updated Kies first and updated firmware to JB through Kies. Worked perfectly!

  • Chuck

    Telus in Toronto, still haven’t gotten it. When I went to Software Update it said something about system updates only being available in the order that they’re requested, or something?

  • boring

    Yes, Samsung Kies works. i got the same try again later message but Kies is good

  • ExcessDan

    I had it pop up on my Telus S3 but postponed it an hour since I was driving home. Big mistake because now I’m getting the message that the others are posting about.

  • Dave

    Already on my gs3 have cm 10 at 4.1.2 why would i go back stock lol

  • iberry

    Downloading now through Kies

  • Saad

    Keep getting this error message: Access to the software update service is provided users in the order in which they request it. Try later

    ah man.. 🙁

  • Vengefulspirit99

    people had to wait? Thank God for automatic updates…

  • Unknown Name

    for any1 who cant update OTA (over the air) the just update via KIES

  • Dizz

    To those who updated to JB, did you lose root? If so, did you update via Kies or OTA? If you update OTA you might be able to keep root by installing OTA Rootkeeper first. Let us know. 🙂

    • AndrewB604

      I updated OTA, didn’t even think about losing root. Sure enough discovered it wasn’t working after update while I was checking to see if my apps worked properly after.
      Thankfully it only takes 5 mins to reinstall ClockWorkMod & root again. :-)(although now my counter is at 2 🙁 )

  • Atreyurocks

    Update is available with Kies. With the OTA, It says ”Access to the software update service is provided users in the order in which they request it. Try later ” . I’m going to update in a few minutes. (Bell)

    French : Mise à jour disponible via Kies. En mode ” Over the Air ” (OTA) ça me dit que les mises à jour sont faites dans l’ordre qu’elles sont demandées, et de réessayer plus tard. Je suis avec Bell en passant.

  • Ron

    Anyone having problems getting Samsung Kies to work??
    My phone connects ok – it shows “Current firmware version: … (LH1)TLS

    BUT… it does not show the “Latest firmware version” which I know kies use to show. And when I try to manualy start the update through the tools menu… it says: SGH-I747M does not support initializing.

    I am on stock ICS through telus… anyone know what is wrong with Kies or if I am doing something wrong????????

  • Steven R

    Lost my root after this upgrade on Rogers, can someone point me to instructions on how to re-root now with JB 4.1.1?

  • Josh

    My SG3 on Telus is updating right now..

  • Jay

    ROGERS rocks, got it installed so fast . great network.

  • Cwepruk

    Updating now. Sweet.

  • p

    Tel us in Edmonton check..

  • Ray

    Just installed. On Rogers. Checking out the new features now.

  • WirelessLife

    Damn that took long to download… Installing now

  • Uzi

    Rooted TELUS Samsung S3, No custom binary installed ever. Updated via kies on desktop. Update successful with 4.1.1 LK4 installed, phone is much snappier and the root still exists. Still have superuser and root explorer.

    • Nitin Gaba

      @Uzi that’s what I thought too but root has been broken. superuser and root explorer are still there however if you actually try doing something that requires root access it won’t work. Somebody will have a rooted version of this ROM up by the end of the week probably.

    • AndrewB604

      I also found my root (superuser) broken after the update, but just re-installed ClockWorkMod using Odin and then installed superuser again from CWM Recovery… Voila, all my root needing apps working again (without needing to re-install)

  • Uzi

    Note: Download and install took 15 mins total over Wi-Fi.

  • Guy C.-B.

    Too much demand for Bell I guess (“Access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later”. Too bad, I will wait for tomorrow morning…

  • jaket

    wth WIND!?

  • Don

    Still nothing with videotron…

  • Mark

    Hitting refresh on my BlackBerry 9900 and no Jelly Bean update. What gives?

  • Rick

    updated on Rogers. Was pretty fast.. maybe 5 mins. Having trouble trying to root it with ODIN though..

  • Elias

    I’m currently downloading Jellybean via kies. OTA update with bell network didn’t work, download is going pretty smooth so far …

  • Pierre

    wasn’t working on OTA, displaying same message….

    But pluged it and got in less then 10 minutes over KIES !

    now jelly bean on GS3 bell in montreal

  • domo

    Anyone else having wireless issues now?

  • Hana

    Was taking forever with the error message so I downloaded it via Kies in about 15 minutes! 🙂 On Rogers in MTL

  • Dkai

    Boo.. no jellybeans for me in the wind

  • jay

    i got it running on my telus galaxy s3.. liking it so far

    i like the official carrier updates, i find that i get the best data speeds.

    13mbit down / 4mbit up
    on hspa+ in winnipeg, no LTE here 🙁

  • Andy

    Is anyone else kies crashing after the update is downloaded? But before installation to the device.?

  • Jv

    Updated mine just a lil while ago. On Alberta Bell, its an improvement so far. But ut isn’t as crazt butter smooth as people keep bragging about. Still not bad. Happy December all. 🙂

  • Uzi

    @Nitin, Ahh, I have not checked functionality, rooted for the novelty over function.

  • J Smith

    Anyone notice that word completion isnt working?

  • Al

    Recieved mine on Sasktel earlier tonight.

  • GTP20

    I loved my Galaxy S2, when I upgraded from it I picked the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Now the moment there is an update I get it. My brother has the S3. I think its an amazing phone but he is so upset he is waiting for 4.1 when my (much older) Galaxy Nexus is already on 4.2.1.

    I will have a very difficult time buying anything but Nexus devices in the future. I just wish they were all made by Samsung.

    P.S. 4.1 is very October 2012, but enjoy it anyway 🙂

  • James

    Download it via Samsung kies if you still don’t have it.

    • Ron

      Samsung Kies does not work. Displays my current firmware… but not the “latest” firmware. Will not update. Phone is 100% stock, 3 day old telus phone…

  • SnakeBurns

    Seems there is no queue to do it through Skies 🙂 Got my update.

  • Donovan Dale

    I have the galaxy s3 through sasktel and I received the jelly bean update at around 6:30 pm on December 2nd.

    It’s about time. But it was also worth the wait.

  • emad

    Using mobilicity as a carrier and still have not received any notifications regarding the new update.

  • Chris

    Just checked and keeps saying “access to the software update is provided in order of those requested. Please try again later”

  • Bobby McOreo

    “Access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later.”


  • Rishi

    Just connect it to Kies. You can also download it that way.

  • jason_rogers

    Yeah just installed…..touchwiz is still there…

  • Preet

    Hey guys,
    Use samsung kies to update to JB if you are getting error message or wait in process measage

  • nitephox

    updated to 4.1.1 on samsung galaxy s3 telus. what a wonderful upgrade. i am looking forward to playing around with the new features. project butter makes browsing very smooth. an amazing upgrade! 🙂

  • Kobe Bryant

    Anyone’s display look less vibrant in colors??

  • Darren Clarke

    Hello, this is Darren Clarke team manager from Bell, just updated my BELL S3 unlocked with FIDO sim via Samsung KIES.

  • Tim

    Congrats RETARDS! You had to wait like a year to get an update that is already outdated. -Sent from my Galaxy Nexus on 4.2.1

  • Ryan

    Wow is jelly bean ever fast!

  • Al

    Galaxy S3 Rogers. Downloaded ok. WORKS GREAT. Browser brightness problem fixed. Much stronger Wi-Fi signals now. LOVE IT.

  • PatB

    Got it through kies! Anyone having problems with their media? Gallery,camera,music and video player doesn’t work? Anyone got an idea how to fix this? Thanks!

  • Saone

    Damn. I got an international version and update just says no updates available. Have a mac and cannot seem to get keys to load up after I installed keis air. So yeah….

  • Saone

    Keys = keis.
    Also it did a quick two second update earlier and it didn’t seem to do anything.
    Still ics

  • Gut Rumble

    Afraid to download it since my phone was originally with Rogers and I had it unlocked and using on Telus. Should I wait or download it and hope it doesn’t lock my phone back to Rogers….

  • Gregg

    Decided “just for fun” to check last night around 8pm AST… found the update, downloaded and installed… all in less than 20 minutes. Love the smoothness, the new folders (better looking), and Google Now. The notifications have more info for my weather and the weather widget actually works and displays information when I tap on it.

    Love Jelly Bean so far…

  • Richard Russell

    Wind mobile… nothing.

  • theproducer

    i did the ota up date to I747MVLALI3 to my non rooted bell gs3 but now the official version of 4.1.1 is out but phone will not update telling me that it already has the latest firmware and kies says your device does not support software upgrading via kies

    Curent firmware version PDA:LI3 / PHONE :LH1 / CSC:LI3 (BMC)

    i would appreciate some input on how to do this , ive been dealing with all the bugs that came with installing I747MVLALI3 for a while so it would be nice to have a stable firmware again


  • Sonny j

    US at&t nothing

  • Mobilicity

    Anyone on Mobilicity get the update??? I’ve got nothing

  • Junny

    Freakin Wind…. So annoying!

  • Nick

    I’m getting same mess saying “access to user in order of request”
    So no update for my GS 3 on Telus in P.E.I.

  • Lauren

    When I click “Software update” I get the following message “Access to the software update is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later”

    how do I request it then? LOL

  • claude

    Got the message update available, said no as I had no WiFi where I was, when I got home tried and telus message was update available in order received try later (how long is later with telus?)

  • screamer

    Here the message access… think they sold so many S3 that it goes in a sequence. But should be working during the day

  • chevy

    None from videotron yet

  • Lucas

    It doesn’t works on my gs3. Can it be because my phone is rooted?

  • screamer

    Yeah no update…

  • Thekid

    My Telus S3 updated on Sunday night in about 10 minutes. No problems to report. First thing I noticed was my weather widget actually worked.

  • Frenchie

    I got my Bell Galaxy III Sunday Night. Took about 3 hours but no problems with upgrade.

  • screamer

    I want to know why I can’t update or better getting this message. Could it be that the first one that bought the phone update first?

  • Aidolon

    Got the message on my Telus SGS3 last night around 8pm, and started the download on Wi-Fi… Saw it was <350MB and was going slowly, so I cancelled it in order to disable Wi-Fi and switch over to LTE. Got the notorious "Try later" message.

    Now 10:30am and I still haven't been able to reconnect to the update server. 🙁

  • rocky

    whoever is recieving try again msg. update ur phone via kies.
    it worked for me.

  • Cell Phone Addict

    Well on both my Rogers and Bell S III I am persistently getting the following message: “Access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later”

    Is this a sign of a server overload, or what? Thanks.

  • Robbers

    Still no update from robbers keep getting that message

  • Earl

    Google now is broken… the voice does NOT work when asking a question

  • Diabeartes

    Apple never has this problem. When the update is released, it’s available. End of story. And I’m sure there are many more iOS devices out there than even the SIII.

    C’mon Samsung/Rogers/Bell.

  • x2pmarkx

    I just got the update installed.

    Few observations…

    1) More Telus branding and also some complimentary Telus bloatware…

    2) Its slow? I am finding everything visual slow

    3) Homescreen mode only has Basic and Easy?

    4) Still no option for disabling data from the drop down menu..

    • ZR27

      install “notification toggle” from the play store
      you can custom toggles on the notification window, including a data toggle 🙂

  • EM9

    Apparently, too many people are downloading it so I have to “try later”. =/

  • groaner

    I started the update last night but it was coming in slow so I restarted my device and now I am also getting the Try Later message. Sigh,
    Going to try through Kies and see if it works.

  • Moe

    Guys don’t wait for the OTA update I installed Samsung Kies last night and boom it was there as soon as I connected my phone so go do the same and it’s faster

  • Nukes little buddy

    I made a comment about WIND and the bad image some “dealers” are creating for them. Naguib still does not get! Makes you wonder about what really goes on! Naguib I don’t know what it takes for you to understand that what goes on with WIND, no matter how high you are up on the ladder; STILL comes under your responsibilities.

    You will never grow like you want; and it seems that you have no issues with the lack of ethics from your “dealer” network. It will come back to haunt you; trust me!

    Naguib, ya think that maybe, just maybe; some (if not most) of the negative customer experiences could be from the “user experience” we are getting from your “dealers”; just a thought!!

    Nice huh so now Howard needs to change the powered by Globalive to owned again by Orascom..

  • EM9

    Got it via Kies!! 🙂

  • Joseph Fung

    Please don’t trust this message “Access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later”. Probably I have rooted the phone and flashed inverted Gmail, neither OTA or Kies works. Fortunately, I can still update my phone through Odin and download the firmware directly from Very happy now with offical Jelly bean and it’s newer version than most custom ROM.

  • Mike

    What about vidéotron customers???

  • Anish

    did anyone notice the notification bar colour is light gray?

  • Michael

    Downloaded same rom from sammobile, use Mobile Odin to flash (and it auto-roots) 🙂

  • Bean

    Got my update last night at like 5pm on Rogers! Didn’t take very long at all for me. They changed a few things but so far it’s all for the better 🙂

  • CL@MP

    Still nothing on Wind, this blows 🙁

  • Mike

    Anyone got Google Now voice working??

  • Frank

    go to the play store….and download Morelocal 2….once installed change language to Us english. and Google voice will work. Will not work with Canadian English as default.

  • alain…

    got it yesterday !!! finnally ….. fast download with telus LTE !

  • brian

    I’m with Virgin mobile and it’s says that I need to request it and try again later 🙁

  • brian

    I’m with Virgin Mobile but can download the update 🙁 it says I need to request it and try again later

  • doodfdsfsdf

    none for Virgin in Halifax yet…….

  • Mike

    It worked! Thanks Frank.

  • tonys3

    Got the update 1130 pm the 2nd and it awesome the best so far benchmark scored 6379!!!!!

  • tonys3

    Any one reading this 8:08 pm toronto time and getting try again latter pop…update threw kies on your pc…dont have to wait to recive download

  • damien

    Just got it from kies, amazing how it runs smoothly and it looks sweet too

  • KIES is going to work for you!

    KIES, KIES, KIES people!
    Install KIES on your PC and upgrade to Jelly through KIES!
    I’ve installed it through KIES and it was kind of quick!
    I am a Rogers customer.

    • Manu84

      Hi! I tried to update using kies but it showing a pop up that said my device is not recognized or suported for that version of Kies 2.0. I’m curious and wondering if kies only works for the international model with the quadcore… I have rogers the dual core lte model… any one help!!!!

  • Me-too

    is the Kies version better and less bloated then the Over the Air (OTA) Telus version… if I do KIEs instad of Telus OTA, what will be missing? specifically?

  • Diana

    Updated over Kies.
    However seems like my camera is exactlly the same?

  • Jonathan

    So I tried to update via kies, and after 2 hours it failed. Now when I turn on my phone it says “Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again” Only problem is that kies no longer recognizes my phone so i can not get into recovery mode. Any ideas on how to fix this???


    hey your web site is breaking up on this thread. unable to view last comment page using IE or firefox.

  • Gurnblansten

    Finally! Kies not OTA as never free server. Took all night to get software/drivers running but once done – voila. Rogers Jellybean on S3.

  • pacalis

    Still don’t have it on Rogers.

  • mecreyes

    Got it on Dec 2 around 7pm. I am in the Philippines, so I was pleasantly surprised when I hooked into the hotel wifi.

    With Telus. Love the results of Project Butter.

  • mrfoo

    fiiiiiiiiinally got the 4.1.1 update on my virgin mobile gs3 via ota update

    had to keep pounding on the ‘check updates’ cuz the servers were probably melting! 😀

    also took forever to download the wee 350mb update

    now where’s 4.2?

  • ice24

    Anyone have issues with their S Memo crashing? My Telus SG3 is great with JB other than the S Memo not working!

  • Bruce Eadie

    Got my update on Dec.2 from Bell but others i know with the same GS3 still don’t have it on Dec.4. Why is that ?

  • Mike Edge

    I see that most people are getting a “Try Later” message when manually doing a software update. When I do it, I get “No Update Available”. Anyone know what’s up?

    Stock, Telus Galaxy S3.

  • Ajay Kohli

    Ive installed jelly bean on my Bell…..Samsung galaxy s3…
    Im getting a red flash on the outer screen kind of like a fram. Sometimes i get this randomly or when i launch apps….anyone else having this issue?
    can anyone help?


  • Ajay Kohli

    Installed Jelly Bean on my S3 Bell phone yesterday…

    I know have a red flash fram that sometimes appears when i launch an app or randomly when a text message comes in…anyone else have this happen?
    any suggestions?
    My phone is stock with a go launcher only…


  • Ajay Kohli

    installed Jelly Bean on my S3 Bell phone…
    I now get a red fram flash on the outside of the screen when i launch apps….or sometimes randomly when a message comes in…
    anyone have this issue also?
    and one suggest a solution?

  • Jon

    Anyone notice that the network options have changed? Before you could select GSM/HSPA+/LTE or just GSM/HSPA+…. now it’s just ALL or GSM or WCDMA only….


  • David A

    Got the update and now anytime I use my headset button it will turn off vibrate mode and normal profile is now on. WTF?

  • JGalaxyS3

    Downloaded as of Tuesday the 4th and loving it. Great adjustments and tweaks. Rogers Canada

  • Borg

    I think I missed my chance today 🙁

    So, here’s my sad story…
    I did see the message this AM, saying that I’m ready for an update.

    When I starting the update, phone informed me that I need to decrypt my phone first.

    So, I go decrypt the dang phone.

    Now the update service tells me “…the update is provided to users in the order in which they requested it. Try later”

    I’m tired of waiting for the update service to tell me that I’m ready. I’m gonna go eat a pie now…