WiLAN, once again, sues RIM for patent infringement


  • jack

    Nothing beats my iphone!

    -jack with the most disliked comments.

    • arnie


  • hoo dat

    Back in the 70’s when mu uncle was an aeronautical engineer, patetents were view not only as a way to protect your ideas (REAL ideasn not shapes or swipes) but also to encourage sharing of tecnologies and information exchange. Now patents seem to exist purely as a piece of evidential information in a law or civil court. What happened to the spirit of innovation? What happened to the time when scientists, creators and inventors all used to feed off of each other, further perpetuating advances in technology and science? I understand, to a point, the need to protect patents sometimes but back in the day it was all done with a handshake over a beer or coffee.

    Patent trolls are the bane of innovation and the free exchange of ideas. Weak-willed judicial systems that seem to have lost sight of what is right and wrong don’t help, either.

    • hoo dat

      Sorry about the typos! I was on a cramped commuter train getting jostled all over the place while I was typing that 😉

  • Justin G

    WTF does this mean? That they can’t use Bluetooth for their devices? Doesn’t every other phone device have Bluetooth as well?
    Bluetooth has been around forever..does this actually make sense for them to come out of the woodwork now to sue? ROFL!
    The Pearl is how old again..number of years old?!

  • Netguru

    “Hopefully they reach a licensing agreement before BlackBerry 10 is released.” You are assuming that WiLAN has a legitimate claim.

  • Kid.Canada

    Patent trolls will keep trolling…

  • Knowledge is POWER

    Wi-lan is one of the canadian pioneers of wireless tech. Learn about them and you can make a lot of money. WIN WIN WIN

  • Karendar

    Response from RIM:

    “Go ahead with the injunction on our old products. We don’t care, they don’t work well anyway. We’re betting the farm on the BB10 which isn’t affected by this lawsuit.”

  • Dave Hargraves

    sure bluetooth has been around for a long time,but nevertheless other smartphone providers are paying royalties for use. is Rim trying to use this tdchnology for free? oh and my the way BB10 would be greatly affected if some of its programmes deal with bluetooth tech.

    • hoo dat

      Who says RIM is trying to use anything for free? Wi-Lan has attempted to sue RIM twice in the past over similar technologies and have lost both times so it’s quite easy to suppose that RIM is following the rules and are either paying royalties or, in all likelyhood, own the patent they’re using. People forget that RIM has one of the most powerful and largest patent portfolios going, bigger even than Nokia’s.

      By the way, as BB10 or the next gen devices haven’t been named in the lawsuit so it’s business as usual no matter how well or badly this one resolves itself.

  • some guy

    But Apple holds the patent on stupid lawsuits. I smell a counter-suit! And it smells like expired applesauce.

  • X-Rusky

    Everybody blames patent trolls, but what kind of moron in US Patent office would approve a patent for “A device for composing or editing a string of characters representing information”? OK it was 2001, but somebody must have heard of PDAs back then.

  • jonny

    We need to stand up for our rights. These patent trolls are not just hurting companies, they are attacking us, the consumers. All these illigitmate patents are increasing costs on our products significantly due to required licensing fees and legal costs.

    We all need to stand up to them. We all need to push for our governments to reform the patent system.