Rogers delays Manitoba LTE network launch until 2013


  • Chris

    Good, now they can continue focusing on markets that matter. Probably going to get down voted but it’s the truth!

    • EvanK

      “Other markets”? How the hell do Regina and Saskatoon, each about a quarter of the size of Winnipeg, get LTE before we do?

      MTS may have the largest subscriber base, but honestly Rogers isn’t too far behind. Hurry up and get me my damn LTE, I’ve waited long enough for it. And If you can’t, take down your billboards that have been up all year promoting it. What good is it if you have the “Largest selection of LTE superphones” but no LTE network to run them on?

  • Marki

    Stopped reading at “Rogers”…

  • Brad

    Really f’ing lame Rogers.

    Winnipeg has been plastered with billboards and other advertising touting LTE since July.

  • Smokey

    How about instead of buying a $1 million dollar bus, stop charging so much.

    Just advertise on Tim Horton cups because thats all people can afford after they pay their monthly bill.

  • Kid.Canada

    Time to sue them for false advertising then. They’ve had those LTE ads all over Winnipeg since last summer. F*cking Robbers…

  • FRogers

    Rogers said we’d have it by October, I renewed and then they failed to live up to their claim. Combine that with their aggressive advertising of LTE here and I hope they get spanked by a class-action lawsuit.

  • Jordan

    Rogers/Fido are the only ones without LTE in my City, I keep checking but 3G keeps showing up =(

  • Kakarot

    The lamest part of this you ask? Rogers has made an agreement to split the cost of upgrading and maintenance of MTS towers…. In return, hey went from 68% of Manitoba coverage to 97%….

    With that being said, I cannot understand why MTS has had LTE for months and Rogers doesn’t?
    My guess is some kid of “agreement” with MTS…. Because this makes no sense

    Oh well… I’ll switch to mts, have LTE, unlimited data and a lower phone bill….

  • T1MB1T

    Wait a sec! WIND is the best and why are we being shut out of LTE?! We are not going to stand for this. The truth is AWS is far faster and better than LTE! Tony said just the other day, after taking the gag ball out his mouth , that AWS is the best. See!

    Nuke is not happy to say he is out of the closet and under the tutelage of Warren to become the new twink of wind.!

  • K9kazoo

    I bought my LTE phone 2 years ago because they (Rogers) promised LTE in the near future. This past year I bought my wife a LTE phone after moving her from Telus because of the LTE promise. I’ve also seen the extensive marketing campaign by Rogers promoting LTE… time to call retentions and off load.


    • Hum?

      are you sure? LTE didn’t even exist in Canada 2 years ago.

  • T1MB1T

    K9kazoo ? you god hummers to dogs? well that is what nuke said.. relax wind will fix it for you! Get some AWS goodness in ya and STFU. Thank me later