Rogers price drops all Windows Phone 8 devices, including the unreleased Samsung ATIV S


  • Brandon

    Went to Rogers last night to Port my number from TELUS and picked up a Nokia 920. There is a special on right now where you pay $49.99 for the phone for a 3 year plan instead of $99.99. Not sure how long the special is going to last though. By the way, the phone is amazing!

    • Aiden

      It hurts to see people still getting into 3 years contracts …

    • PeZzy

      $50 savings on a three year term. That’s like getting an extra chocolate chip in a cookie.

  • Opti

    Next promo – by a Win8 RT device and get Win8 phone for free!
    Final promo – recycle a Win8 device and get a free iPhone or Android!

  • BB

    No demand for WP8. Fail.

    • Danse Macabre

      If there is no demand for WP8, then imagine BB10 LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

      These Windows phones are quality products, BB10 phones don’t even exist and when/if they do you know they’ll be total crap like the old BBs

  • sum guy

    I imagine sales aren’t great. I’ve been to several Rogers stores to check these phones out and have yet to see a working phone. Who’s going to switch to an OS that they’re unfamiliar with based on a plastic dummy with a photo of the OS on it? The only customers are going to be WP fans. The dummy’s are actually chained down so that you can’t really feel it properly in your hand. I asked one Rogers worker about the lumia 920 and he said a customer brought one in and it looked cool.

    • pacalis

      I think the problem is that Nokia simply doesn’t have the supply chain that iPhone and Samsung do. The good news for Nokia is that every time they make a yellow or blue phone they immediately sell it.

      And yes, sorry fans, but RIM is too far back. Even if the experience is amazing (and it wont be) they’re #4 in line for parts and capacity. Remember HTC, Samsung, Nokia and will have released two generations of flagships in the time RIM is putting together BB10.

    • Cowboy Mac

      I’ve found it tough as well to see a working demo of the Windows phone. Saw several videos on youtube demonstrating its use and then bought a used Samsung Focus on Ebay to try Windows 7 phone. Have to say it is great. Have now reserved the Samsung Ativ S. Figure its the best of both worlds – gives me some of the Samsung functions, large screen and battery, along with Windows Phone system. Bought a mini Ipad and will tether it to the Windows phone for LTE access.

  • Frederick Edwards

    Rogers needs to fire its marketing department & purchasing department responsible for this phone. The 920 is experiencing sellouts around the world except in Canada.

    Maybe only selling a black version has something to do with it, when there’s 5 colour varieties available in other regions.

    Maybe its the freebies that phone companies are giving away when you buy this phone, like free charging pad you get in the USA or UK.

    Maybe its the accessories they are stocking with the phone like the Nokia Play360 speakers, Nokia JBL PlayUp Speakers (with built in wireless charger), or Nokia Purity IE/OE headphones.

    Maybe because its $100 cheaper in the USA with a 2 year contract instead of 3.

    Or maybe its because no Rogers advertising actually mentions they have the 920 by name, but you can see its picture in multiple ads.

    • TheCK

      You get my vote for this one!

    • Yup

      All of this
      but now maybe its the price of the Nexus 4

  • Hugh Jass

    sum guy has it right.

    What really irks me is that nearly every single model phone is just a plastic shell with a photo on it. How the hell am I supposed to know if I like a device based on that? What do I care how it looks like? I want to know how it feels to USE.

    Apple does it with their iPhone. That’s a company that knows what they’re doing when it comes to marketing. Why can’t everyone else follow suit and set up some POS displays with working phones?

    I just bought a Galaxy S3 but only because my aunt happened to have one and I was able to try it out. If she didn’t have it, how was I supposed to know that I would have liked the phone?

    • RogersRep7

      The reason for all the plastic dummy models and the few live devices are “chained down” is because of the rampant theft of devices. Unfortunately the few low lives out there ruin it for everyone else (such is life I guess). This is why there is a return policy (albiet a very strict one, again, mouth-breathers screwed this one up too) if you take a phone, try it, and don’t like it.

    • Tom

      I’m sure you’re right, but that still doesn’t help shoppers who haven’t tried WP8 before.

      But it isn’t just WP8 phones that have this problem. If you go to FS or BB, only Apple devices are well displayed.

    • andy c

      @ RogersRep7

      sorry i dont buy your explaination. The rogers store in my area have working demos of a SGS3, One X and an iphone. the lumia 920 is advertised but the non working dummy is actually a 900.

  • James

    maybe it’s because the 920 is still a sub par offering

    • TheCK

      Sub par? Really?
      You must be joking.

  • D

    Virgin Galaxy S3 down to 49.99 on the SuperTab!?

  • DonSod

    But you’re still stuck with their ridiculously high term$! Ordering mine online and going straight to Koodo!

  • iJellyBerryOS8

    The real cost is still the same. It’s still a 3-year contract, and the subsidy is still based on the full, UNCHANGED, price. So Rogers is helping you to save $50 over THREE years ONLY if you don’t cancel your contract early?! Wow, how kind of them. Good guy Rogers saves the day! *sigh*
    Anyone who thinks this has anything to do with how these things have been selling until now needs to get their head checked. This is marketing. Pure and simple.

    • davetor

      Actually the point is that you will pay $230 more for an iPhone that is equivalent. You can pick up the Lumia 920 for $49.99, and a iPhone 5 for $279.99. Both are subsidized on a 3 year plan. The Nokia packs many more features and has the best smartphone camera by a long shot. Those night and low light shots are crazy good!!!

    • iJellyBerryOS8

      davetor, I may not have been clear. I think the Lumia 920 is a fantastic device, and leaps and bounds more interesting/valuable than the iPhone. Same goes for the HTC and even the Samsung ATIV.
      My point was that the author of this “article” insinuates that the irrelevant price drop (on contract only, NOT the no-contract price) is somehow tied to weak sales.
      No, Rogers just wants to make it look like they’re giving you a good deal. If people think saving $50 over the course of 3 years, while paying a monthly rate that’s too high… well… those people are suckers, plain and simple.

  • Matthew

    Jelly is bang on. If this was truly a deal the month to month price would have dropped as well which it has not. So you’re paying for this discount either way.

  • Erran

    The WP8/Nokia launch is a business case study in failed launches.

    For the people who are aware of the WP8, those are the ones who were clammering for the product and helping is sell through the door. But otherwise…

    Rogers exclusive (on an unknown product) = Fail
    Single colour choice = Fail
    Locked = Fail
    3-yr contract only (or pricey month-to-month plan) = Fail
    No marketing push = Fail
    Plastic demos with a photo of the OS??? = Fail (thank goodness for the MS Store in Toronto where I actually got to play with one)
    No extra incentives in Canada = Fail

    Nokia & MS should win awards for their sheer stupidity.

  • ile2010

    Rogers isn’t committed to pushing WP8 sales.

    They just want to be able to say that they have the largest selection and more exclusive devices than other carriers.

    Everyone on Rogers, Bell, or Telus should seriously re-examine why they continue to do business with them. If the new entrants aren’t available to (or good enough for you), then at least switch to the Big 3 flanker brands and lower their ARPU.

    • Tom

      No, I’ve heard that they are eager for WP8 to succeed because they want a 3rd major competitor in the smartphone race.

      The one upside of WP8 selling poorly (if that is the case) is that BB10 becomes that 3rd option.

  • ile2010

    Nokia and Microsoft aren’t overly concerned with Canada. Nobody is. We’re just too small of a market.

    I still think that if you’re going to sell here, you shouldn’t do it half-assed, but my opinions won’t change reality.

  • hazen w

    the lumia has always been $99 dollars.
    and yes, there is a $50 off promo, probably til mid december.

    also, microsoft isn’t half assing selling windows phones here, nor is rogers. they’re both pouring tons of money into but for some reason the lumia has a shortage of available phones for demo ones.

  • Fraser

    As others have noted here: Rogers (Nokia?) has really f****d up in that every store I’ve visited has a lump of plastic with cardboard screen in the place where a live Lumia 920 should be. I’d been on the fence about switching to Android or diving into full on Windows ecosystem but they made that decision pretty easy for me with a lack of devices to actually try using.

  • BD

    I picked up the Nokia 920 On October 31st for $99.99…So I don’t know where they are getting this “NEW” news from. I did however return it on the 15th day to pick up the Galaxy Note 2 instead. Don’t get me wrong, the Nokia was an amazing phone with excellent software/hardware however I am huge in promotions and need Instagram (and no, I am rarely on Facebook, I just use FB for invites and special events)so I switched back to an android. I do miss the camera on the 920 though, pictures came out very sharp and clear.

  • montrealer

    The black version only is the biggest fail of all. Seriously.

  • Ron

    The Microsoft store (Yorkdale)have working phones for a few carriers. I saw some at the kiosk in the Eaton Centre, but did not try them…

  • Isocrates

    I’ve got a 920 and am loving it (switched from BB). It’s got more apps than my BB did, and more funcionality.

    As to the prices going down I think that Microsoft is trying to force the price low to try to get as many into people’s hands as possible so that more developers will come to the platform.

  • BB King

    Rogers won’t even sell me a Lumia 920 off contract. Not even at $549.99. That is total BS!!!

    • DonSod

      Wirelesswave in the mall was willing to sell me the HTC 8X for $599 (Bell price) when i asked them. I’m sure they would the Nokia 920 too.

  • Chu

    Rogers has got it so wrong this time that it’s ridiculous. The only place that offers a live demo of the Lumia 920 and HTC 8X is the Microsoft store. None of the Rogers I’ve visited has it. Having Lumia in black is also the only reason why I’ve not purchased mine – even the guy working at the Microsoft store jokingly said that perhaps they think Canadians are boring or something. HTC 8X is dropping to a low price because you can barely see any of it in the ads if it hasn’t been completely covered by the bigger names like Samsung or Motorola. I’m solely disappointed in Rogers, and if it weren’t for the retention plan, I’d get the heck out of my contract.

  • glonq

    It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Rogers would not be slashing prices on WP8 phones if they were selling great.

    It’ll be a cold day in hell before Rogers cuts prices on a popular, profitable phone just because they love their customers 😉

  • roach_779

    I’m ready to buy and willing to get out of my 6gb telus plan to get a 920, but you only have BLACK! I’m sacrificing, but I can only take so much abuse…give me COLOUR!

  • C4c

    In all honesty guys i think the companies are just waiting for the new year to make the big push with WP8 imo its the new blackberry they are gonna target the business ppl and go from there; if you look at all the features its geared that way and has abit of everything im on the fence whether to wait for bb10 or go android or wp8 from the looks of it im probably gearing towards the lumia 920 i hope wp8 releases the apps that everyone craves on it. If they do it should bury the competition heres hopin tho…..