Bell adds NBA to their live Mobile TV offering, World Junior Hockey Championship coming later this month


  • Brad F

    G’morning everyone! I’m stuck on Robbers for another year =(

    • Monkey Face

      2 more Robbing years for me…can’t wait to leave them!

  • guy

    $5/ moth for 10 hours…which no doubt uses up all your data as well (unless its separate which I doubt). Unless you are a crazy TV watcher this is hardly a good deal. Then again, nothing ever is with robellus. (and im with bell)

    • Josh L.

      It doesn’t actually cut into your data dude. That’s why they give you 10 hours. That’s solely used for watching TV not your data.

    • the other guy

      confirmed. You pay $5 specificalyl to NOT have it count towards your data. From that perspective, $5 for 10 hours is a STEAL.

  • another guy

    It is separate. 10 hours of TV do not consume data. Please do some research before judging.

  • nik

    thats cool. I like it.

  • Ipse

    Ain’t working at all if you have a custom ROM (I’m on CM10). So silly.

    • IT

      Edit your build.prop file in the SYSTEM folder using an app such as Root Explorer for the following line:

      ro.product.model = I9100M <– Note the M at the end of I9100 is the key addition here. Do not make any other edits.

      Restart the phone and your bell mobile tv app will work.

  • Vic Singh

    I love Bell Mobile TV. When shopping with the lady on weekends I can still catch the NFL games… REDZONE baby.

    Now I can watch NBA games…. Bell Please increase the hours.

  • Tom@Bell

    10 hours is seperate from your data consumption. Not only is there NFL network 24/7 but theres REDZONE too. RDS, TSN, Comedy, CTV and a whole bunch of stuff on demand.

    I know im sounding like an employee here (which I am) but im also a fan of mobile content offering. And this is sweet because the Heat play in the same time zone as MTL 41 games per year.

    When the Habs come back, 10 hours will go very quickly. I use this app everyday.

  • Michael

    The app doesn’t work 90% of the time so it’s pretty much useless anyhow.