Samsung ATIV S to be priced dropped before launch to $79.95 on 3-year?


  • Kid.Canada

    Lol! Bell, they couldve priced it at $0 and that wouldnt matter to them cuz they recover the actual price of the phone within that 3 year term. Can’t fool us Bell. Not everyones as uninformed as you think…

    • MrPrice

      When will Syrup stop quoting the prices of phones based on “3yr contracts with a minimum of $50 per month”

      -Big Fail for Syrup!
      -An article about how the phone has “dropped from $129.95 to $79.95??? really??

      -The Phone is STILL $599.95 plus taxes PERIOD!

  • Mark

    The launch of this phone in Canada is a real joke. I’d even say the whole WP8 launch is a disaster. I’m a windows phone user and its crazy to me that I can’t even see the real phones in the stores. They only have the dummy devices, in my province.

    • mrdeeds72

      I wholeheatedly agree. Microsoft partnership with Rogers is going over like a fart in a paper bag. There is almost nil advertising of the WP 8 phones, though at least they are getting somewhat of a push in Rogers stores.

      Bell? Don’t even get me started, most salespeople had no clue about when the phone was coming in let alone anything about them. I did get great service, however, when I did pick up my 8X… for free!

    • Matthew

      Not defending rogers by any stretch but I would not say there has been no advertising. Windows phone has featured prominently in their ads. But the in-store experience leaves much to be desired.

      5x now i have gone in to stores to see a working phone not a dummy and the transcript is always as follows

      me: Do you guys have a working version of the Lumia 920 or 8x?
      Rep: The what?
      Me: the lumia 920 or 8x
      Rep: blank stare
      Me; the new windows phones?
      Rep: oh no.

      In some cases they don’t even have the dummy on display. In others they have the dummy but no info. For customers other than me that’s no issue, I know the pricing.

      Its the reps and lack of apparently training that is the issue. I have been to BB’s, FS’s and stand alone Rogers stores all in the western scarbs area and the conversations are always the same.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    How about a price drop of the phone from $599 to $300 which is a good price . $600 pffffff

  • WP74Life

    I will get this phone. @Mark is right, the launch in Canada is a real joke.

  • COBwiggy

    I got a Bell flyer in the mail last week that said the phone was already available and had the pricing – unfortunately I can’t remember what the pricing was, but clearly it is not available aha.

  • Big Daddy

    Echoing the “launch is a joke” sentiment here. I am a Windows Phone user and have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to buy *any* of the devices on Telus.

    Such a disappointment. So many people dropped the ball on this one. This is a case study on how to completely and totally destroy a brand with a bungled launch of epic proportions up and down the channel.

  • EvanKr

    Considering that this is essentially a GS3 running WP8, this should’ve been the price to begin with. That being said, Canadian carriers haven’t exactly been the most generous on price when it comes to WP8 handsets. The 920 is the same price here on a 3 year as it is in the States on a 2 year.

  • MC Gin

    How about dropping the no-contract price to $399?

  • Samuel

    Not sure about retail stores on your province but I was able to hold a htc 8x from rogers at Costco on Friday here in Quebec. And if costco has it in QC, I bet other provinces should too on retail stores.

  • tardis

    I agree with everyone else, the launch of WP8 fell flat. And the devises are overpriced by the carriers. If they want adoption of WP8 they need to lower the price. Plus they are all still advertising the iPhone 5 as if it came out yesterday, come on, move the iPhone ads aside and make some room for the new devices.

  • Mike

    First off, nobody gives a hoot about Windows Phone 8. Second, nobody likes the BIG 3. Even if you give away the phone for FREE, nobody would be stupid to sign their life away for 3 years.

  • ToxicTaZ

    Whats the price on the 32GB ATIV S model?

    $79. on 3 years for the 16GB model?

    ATIV S has two models 16GB & 32GB.