Samsung ATIV S Canadian launch slightly delayed, now expected mid-December


  • WP74Life

    I can’t wait!

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Seriously? Which Bell devices have NOT been delayed lately?

  • Sean

    As a telus customer I would much prefer the L920 or WP8X

    • BB King

      Sean – I completely agree. I think Telus dropped the ball by passing on the Nokia Lumia 920 and the HTC 8x in favor of just the Samsung Ativ S

    • Uncle Miltie

      Couldn’t agree more. Held a 920 at Bestbuy a few days ago…such a nice looking phone. Of course this was after the rep figured out what I was looking for and literally dug it out of a cupboard.

    • Juan

      Rogers signed an exclusive agreement with Nokia on the Lumia 920

  • monsterduc1000

    I’m sure 1.7% of smartphone owners are very disappointed =D

  • Lee

    I don’t care about the ATIV S anymore, it’s OLD news. You don’t need repeat a hundred posts about a phone that launched months ago and is the least attractive of Windows Phones. If you did this all the time, the whole site would be an unusable polluted mess promoting $99 no contract Huawei phones.

    Tell me something about the Microsoft Surface Windows Phone, being assembled by Foxconn, and to be released for sale Mid-2013

  • gwydionjhr

    If they do make it mid December that will still be well ahead of the states. I believe the Ativ S or Odyssey has been pushed back to January there.

    Seriously though, where is Telus with Nokia devices?

    • Spinmaster

      They just removed the Lumia 810 at $530 (After selling 34 units) and they put the Lumia 610 at $130 on prepaid….or $0 if you sign with TELUS for 3years!

  • Bravo

    Please KGB censors, do not send me to your gulag. I am so afraid for my family, of your iron Microsoft fist that is not small, nor soft.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    All recent phone launches have been a disaster , from the Nexus 4 to the windows8 phones

  • errrrrik

    by the time we can actually buy an Samsung Ativ S…the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be already available ……!

  • skazzers

    Strange…. it appears that this article may actually be….

    About a phone!!!

  • Ron Mexico

    After the Note 2 release failure, seems Samsung can’t launch a device on time anymore. Pretty bad for a company of their stature.

  • BigBear

    Almost considering picking up the htc8x from bell now. The source is advertising it as already available but no locations I had called physically had it. Came online today only to find this article…

  • ToxicTaZ

    “We are committed to launch the ATIV S nationally, on Rogers, Bell and TELUS, as well as Sasktel. We are planning to ship to carriers in early December, and should have supply at stores by mid month.”

    So I should get my ATIV S week 50 or week 51…so it make this phone 2-3 weeks late!

    ATIV S is my WP8 🙂

  • 8675309

    I remember fs/bb already advertised it on their site yet it didn’t exist yet for Rogers & what’s the deal with it having 11gb of storage. After buying my dvp unbranded/unlocked I’d rather buy it elsewhere where they can offer it that way & with 32gb storage

  • AvgJoe

    This or 920?

  • Ric

    Looks like Bell will be pricing the ATIV S at $79.95(reduced from 129.95) with a 3 year contract, as per the flyer I got in the mail. It is listed at $599.95 with no contract.