TELUS and Bell reportedly turn on LTE in Newfoundland


  • Skumon

    of = on

    Rogers has had it for a while here, about time Bell did something.

    • Randy – 1

      Even Rogers 3G coverage in Newfoundland (read not even all of St. John’s) is pathetic let alone LTE. That they have LTE there is moot as a Rogers phone in Newfoundland is very often just a very expensive paper-weight.

      I know it’s not a huge market, but they are so far behind Bell/TELUS in terms of coverage it’s actually quite incredible.

  • Cornelius Talmidge

    title : “turn of”
    should be : “turn on”?

  • Max

    So someone simply forgot to turn the switch to the ON position? Telus and Bell FAIL

  • Paul

    I was in the St. John’s area last month and they must have been in a testing phase as LTE showed up on my phone a couple of times in different areas. I am with Telus. Considering Rogers hardly works outside of St. John’s and Mount Pearl in NL it doesn’t really matter what they have….lol. I have had family visit and they have had to do without their cell while visiting as they made the mistake of going with Rogers.

  • Kid.Canada

    How does Newfound Land get LTE before Winnipeg? ?! Eff u Rogers and your lazy asses!!

    • EvanKr

      Apparently TELUS and Bell will be early 2013 according to a Bell rep (of course this isn’t a very reliable source, so take this with a grain of salt). I have no idea for Rogers, even though they planned a 2012 launch, right now I’m pretty skeptical.

      I have no idea what’s taking so long, probably because MTS has such a monopoly here, even though we’re about the same size as Quebec City of Hamilton, they don’t think it’s worth it until they increase their subscriber base. We always seem to be the last of the major cities to get things, I don’t predict that WIND will set up shop here until mid 2013 or later at this rate.

    • Youngie

      Why the hell does Winnipeg deserve anything ahead of someone else. Perhaps they want to claim coast to coast coverage, and considering Winterpeg is somewhere in the middle, they aint so important!

      Who knows why they make such decisions; it’s just hilarious why you would assume you should have things before NL.

      Maybe they are doing the ‘have’ provinces first!

  • nbd

    There are rogers fans in Newfoundland? Wait, considering the lack of coverage province wide I’ll rephrase that. There are rogers fans in St.John’s? Must have just moved here and didn’t know any better 😉

  • Patrick Ryan

    No LTE here in Torbay. Just did a speed test and with -89dB signal strength on 3G, I got 6.47Mbps down and 1.28Mbps up. Will have to check “in town” later today.

    • joe

      haha only newfies understand that term

  • stephie

    I haven’t seen the little LTE symbol pop up on my galaxy s 3 yet, but I’ll be watching for it now!

  • Paul

    When I was in St. John’s and Mount Pearl last month I hit LTE in the Avalon Ford area in St. John’s and Mount Carson Avenue in Mount Pearl for those in the areas that are curious.

  • Frank

    First fix Toronto…i hardly ever see LTE inside Toronto

  • danny

    I’m in st. Johns lte just came on results averaging 20 down 10 up 🙂 about time s3 can finally be used right lol

  • thepeddle

    Just did a speed Test on my Galaxy Note….24mbps down here in Mt. Pearl…..and to the comment made by the person in Winnipeg..who the hell would want to visit Winnipeg. Of course St. John’s and surrounding area got it before Winnipeg.

    • Pruowd CAnadadian

      Phuk you re-tarded stinkie newfie asswipe!
      Go back into your trailer and count your welfare that real Canadadians sent you looser!

  • Ryan

    I wonder why the cell phone industry decided to call their fastest data service LTE. Sounds like an abreviation for lite. Whenever you see lite by an internet package it means really slow.

  • Joe Dawson

    I have LTE on my iPhone five on bell today in downtown St. John’s. but the speeds still look slow wit one meg down and 2-3 up.

  • josh

    they must be only testing it, I’ve been in and out of 3G and LTE all day on my iPhone 5

  • John Ly

    If you are going to sign a contract with one of the following carriers. Make sure it’s not Bell, they have the worst customer services off them all. I’ve been with all of them and by far they are the worst. Plus they have horrible LTE coverage. My area is supposed to be covered by LTE 75 but all i get is 3G.

  • Chad

    @Pruowd CAnadadian
    4 hrs, 27 mins ago
    Phuk you re-tarded stinkie newfie asswipe!
    Go back into your trailer and count your welfare that real Canadadians sent you looser!

    This person is a complete i***t. I find it amusing when people like this make fun of Newfoundlanders now. A surplus province with all the oil, mining, and energy projects we have currently and upcoming. Newfoundland is a one of the most prosperous Canadian provinces now, and it’s people are as well.


  • Youngie

    Just did a speed test on LTE in Kilbride, 24.05 Mbps down and 6.26 Mbps up …

    Do seem to notice the connection goes back to 3G inside big buidings, and LTE is back when outside, in the car or when home!

  • Youngie

    It’s on the coverage maps now!