Survey finds that 36% of Canadians would quit drinking coffee before giving up their smartphone


  • BBM

    I’d prety much give up my wife for BB10 right about now

    • utyey

      both your wife and bb10 are vaporware.

  • howitzer

    one is a tool, both are drugs

  • gjeff12

    How many of the 1500 drank coffee, watched sports, watched tv, and played video games? I’d give up going shopping before my phone, but I never go shopping in the first place. See, the study is flawed.

  • NOOB!!!

    I don’t drink coffee at all……………..

  • Nib

    I’m surprised it’s not more than 36%. I don’t think people realize what it would be like going back to an old flip phone with T9 word.

  • heat

    to BBM..Giving up ur imaginary wife doesn’t count..

  • Matt

    I’d give up my smartphone any day to get sex every hour of the day.

  • Lame

    WIND has more then 1500 subscribers? Study’s flawed.

    • JohnN

      That’s “lame” alright . . . .

  • iFizzle

    Breaking News: 36% of people think a smartphone is more useful than a cup of coffee.

    Kinda makes you think twice about the other 64%…

    • briggs

      The coffee keeps me up to finish projects before the deadline. The smartphone distracts me with angry birds.

      speaking of which…Star wars birds time.

  • roman

    I don’t do any of those things. But living without a smartphone isn’t so bad either.

  • BBM

    to Heat… so true…

  • Mathew

    Been happy with wind for a couple of years now.

    Lol, overages…
    Lol, limited minutes…
    Lol, long-distance charges within Canada…
    Lol, “my10″…
    Lol, “renegotiating contract”…
    Lol, $50+ limited plans…
    Lol, “service credits”…
    Lol, evenings and weekends…
    Lol, free after 5PM…
    Lol, 150 daytime minutes…
    Lol, contract termination fees…
    Lol, fees on top of fees on top of fees…
    Lol, 500MB of data…

    I can keep going, and going, and going… What ARE those things? Meh, all history, and I am glad.

    I can actually use my cellphone how I want to use it, and however much I want to use it for, and I know my bill will be exactly $40+tax at the end of the month.

    Time to come out of the stone ages, robelus. Stop raping your fellow Canadians!

    • Mathew

      Uh where’s ur nationwide network?

    • Mathew

      Wind didn’t even have its 3 year anniversary yet. Did you seriously just ask this question? For someone like me, who lives and works in GTA, the coverage is more than enough, and it keeps on growing. Even if I do end up roaming a little now and then, I will still pay way, way less than I used to before.

      If you are a frequent traveler, and you clearly are (sure…), since you are inquring about a Canada-wide coverage, then wind simply isn’t for you.

    • monsterduc1000

      @Mathew: Until you step out of the Wind store, then your roaming charges kick in =D

    • gjeff12

      This may blow your mind, but some people live outside of Toronto. I know, crazy. But maybe if the new guys covered people’s houses those people would sign up. Who knows, maybe that’s just too simple a business plan.

    • Mech10

      @gjeff12 It’s barely a 3-year-old company. Come on, people, use those massive brains of yours before you post. Wind plans to be a national carrier one day. It takes more than under 72 months to achieve that. Sheesh… Big3 have been in the game for over 2 decades, and they still have coverage issues. I get no signal from Rogers where I work, but Bellus works fine.

  • Ron-C

    I rarely drink coffee or watch sports or watch TV. I don’t mind having a flip phone as long as I can get my hands on those awesome Japanese ones that seem to have more technology than all the mid and low range smartphones and are cooler than even some of the high end ones. Heck, the Japanese have done blogging and have some sort of data and mobile sites before any kind of internet surfing on phones was even popular here. I have a smart phone but no data plan, whatup.

  • Is this Bb10?

    The only thing I wouldn’t give up for my smartphone is sex.

    • SheepSix

      Well since I’m already involuntarily celibate due to my smartphone that is not a stretch.

  • 2c

    RIP RIM !!!!!

  • Dan

    Lol. Seriously? Are people that clingy to water that tastes like an ashtray? Coffee drinkers even smell nasty too.

  • Mark

    I’ll *pretend* to give up coffee then use my smartphone to find a coffee shop.

    Never compromise!

  • Sazura

    I thought it would be higher than that – I’d give up coffee before my smartphone any day!

  • aregularonhofo

    I’ll give up my boyfriend Steve for a smartphone. Well, any phone, really.

    Wind is the best, and Mobilicity is doo-doo.

    … where did I leave my medications…?

  • howitzer

    “but no one wants to shackle their loved one with an expensive, multi-year contract”

    That’s why friends recommend the nexus 4 with a koodo plan.

    • xyz

      Nexus 4 with Koodo? You need Unlimited Data for Nexus 4 – good luck with Koodo 🙁 You need Wind!

  • Anilu7

    Daughter has had Wind for 1 year. Great unlimited data, text, calling in Wind zone. Only drawback is that she now wants the BB10 and has to pay $300 to Wind to ‘break’ the non-contract (buy out her current phone) to get it.

  • fred

    Dan, you must be a blind person. some jokers probably gave you a cup of water mixed with cigarette ashes and then they stuck their butt holes in front of your face and said they are drinking coffee.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    wind has “no contracts”. you just have to pay out hundreds of dollars to “buy out your phone”. lol its just the same s**t but said in a different way. I’ve used wind and my friend recently cancelled his sub to wind because he got sick and tired of weak coverage(just going into his basement meant no connection) and one in 10 texts don’t go through. You may not mind it, but some people use their phones for work and can’t afford to miss any texts or have poor connections.

    • caribouroader

      Absolutely the truth!

  • Sgt.Romanov

    So would you give up food , for your smartphone ? technology is making us dumber not smarter just by looking at these comments , coffee is actually good for you just do a little reserch while using your smartphone of the health benifits of coffee

  • menodumb

    They should have asked ;

    Would you give up sex before giving up your smartphone ?

  • skazzers

    I would sell my soul on ebay for BB10!

    • Satan


  • MutedMatt

    I left home this morning and forgot my smartphone but remembered my coffee. I am not the 36%.

  • GRumpyCanuck

    Yeah, no.

  • Matt

    Where did you get that picture and what is with the flip phone!

  • Peter

    Its better to give up both coffee and dumbphone, maybe canadians will get smarter.