TELUS Samsung Galaxy Ace II x now available


  • menodumb

    With the Nexus 4 at $309 ( ok OOS for now ) I dont see why getting this .

    • CanadianMobileIndustry

      This phone Doesn’t compare in performance the N4; but at $250 you HAVE TO!

      I agree again: not everybody needs a 4.6″+ phone but once again if you want a trouble free experience (as in The Telus bloatware slows down the phone) you might as well get the $99 Galaxy Discover available on Telus prepaid.

      FYI the Ace 2X is available at Koodo for $199 outright, and if you are on Telus no Unlock is required.

      The price for this phone should be $150, since its just slightly better, bigger (still with ICS) than the $99 Discover.

      Finally: Will the Discover show up at $50 on Koodo on Dec 03?? That would be a great entry level Android phone.

  • CanadianMobileIndustry

    December 2012 and they keep releasing ICe Cream Sandwich phones??

    $250 for this phone? let’s see:
    $15 for unlocking the phone
    $30 for the inconvenience of ICS
    $20 for the updates that will never show up (This is a Telus with an X variant of the Ace 2, so there are not that many out there)
    $20 for the inconvenience of the 2010 screen.
    $30 for the crappy re-selling value

    Add them all up and is not that diffucult to see that the N4-8G at $310+$20 for shipping is a way better deal.

    Even the Koodo version that sells at $200 is still too expensive.

  • anelectricmind

    Not everyone like to carry a 4.5+ inch phone in their pocket/purse. Not everyone can pay 300$+ outright for a phone. If it runs ICS smoothly on a single core, that’s a very decent phone.

    Please don’t compare it to a N4, this is not a high-end phone.

    • menodumb

      Then should be $199 off contract .For $60 more you get an unlocked , much better specs phone running JB and will be getting Key Lime pie .A no brainer .

  • moe

    I think Google/LG messed up big time with the Nexus 4. With all of Google’s might and brain power, they decided to put a glass plate on the back of the phone!!!! why???? Why Google ???? Heck I prefer a cheap plastic cover over a glass plate that will break when accidentally dropped. I think they were copying the iPhone’s last generation model but I guess they didn’t do their home work very well to realize that Apple realized it is stupid to put glass on the back side so they stopped doing that.
    Also what’s up with the inferior display that has washed out colors?????
    I think at the end, Nexus 4 is a dissappointment. sure it is cheap to buy, but guess what, you will get a cheaply built phone.
    Also, Samsung excels in building cheap feeling phones with horrible design considerations.

    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      Its stupid to use glass? WOW…tell that to the hoardes of people who bought ip4/s…the highest selling smartphone ever.

      Glass is actually more expensive that the cheap aluminium Apple is now using.

      moe get back to the welfare you self-entitled peasant, nobody gives a smash what you prefer.

  • oldschool

    I don’t know anyone with a Nexus 4, don’t even know anyone who knows Nexus 4 exists, know lots of people with iPhone 5 and GS3 though.

    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      this has nothing to do with the article at all, now, get back on the ttc bus your posting from and troll off

    • CanadianMobileIndustry

      Just wait 3 weeks when the next shipment arrives-gets delivered to people.

  • deltatux

    Basically this is a Nexus S in a Galaxy S II body…

    • CanadianMobileIndustry

      This is a Nexus S1 with Android from 2011.
      The right phone at the wrong price. The Koodo version at $200 is still $50 too expensive.

      People are sick and tired of the lack of upgrades, and the Android segmentation, they are becoming tech savvy and they will vote with their wallets.

      $250 is a segment for people who want to upgrade, worry about performance and all those things. For those reasons this phone is a FAIL. you can get the Virgin S2 international version for $175 now, and the S2x from Koodo for $280 on prepaid. both of them phones that will last you 1.5 yrs since they have Jelly Bean. Good luck waiting for updates with Telus.

      $99 is not.

  • moe

    HighClassFrenchCricket , you are a classic example of a sheep. a blind follower that knows jack s**t.

    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      learn how to reply properly dummy hahahaha

  • george

    at a quick glance at the picture it thought this was the s3 in black, got my hopes up too quick

    • CanadianMobileIndustry

      The S3 is coming to Koodo On Dec 12th, depending on price, this could be the only competition of the N4 in Canada this season.

      Plus the colors available are to be seen.

    • Jim R

      Any idea of the price of the S3 on Koodo (assuming it is indeed coming)?

  • ile2010

    This phone is properly priced outright. The only thing that’s wrong to me is that that it’s not $0 on a contract.

    Who’ll buy this phone? People who don’t want giant slabs in their pockets and people who sign a contract. Contrary to most of us that comment here on MS, most people simply don’t buy their phones outright.


    Wish telus could have gotten the s3 mini instead. The mini looks better and has jellybean on top of it….so for 250 if telus had gotten it, it would be a more attractive phone and the name of the s3 mini alone would sell better than this phone.

  • Mike

    Kinda looks like the UK S3 mini that was recently released-too bad this phone isn’t dual core like the s3 mini though.

  • Eric Walsh

    The pricing on this phone is really confusing. However it was for sale from at least two of tree three little guys for $150 tab, and a big gift card; no contract required. Compare it to the n4 if you want, but note the ace ii x has twice the memory.