Looks like the Samsung ATIV S is launching late November in Canada


  • Is This Bb10?

    Woot! Woot!

    Windows Phone #1

    Suck it haters, you’re just jealous you haven’t got one yet.
    Droid is done for, Apple will be a junior number two, Blackberry is forgotten, Palm is manure

    • Deare Leader

      Buy a Sumsumg and support me!!
      Youre dear Leader!

  • Nate

    whatever. by then the 8X will be even cheaper. might as well go for that as the build quality is better than Ativ s

  • William

    And still no new from Telus. I’m kinda new to the canadian game, is it normal that Telus is always silent even though Bell and Rogers are constantly making announcements? I use this website mostly for my news and the impression I get is that any Telus-related news is gotten from a 3rd party, never from them.

    • Shamu

      The Samsung guy was at Telus York office today. He showed off the W8 phone. It is a beaut! Sammy has good products but their people are even better. The HTC guy doesn’t even talk to us. Samsung guy, thank you for the event to the Psy Note 2 launch. We all had a great time. Signed, An Apple Guy for years, now making the big switch

  • Brian Wray

    It may “launch” in November, but if the recent Lumia 920 and HTC 8X launches (Nov. 12 for Rogers and Nov. 15 for Bell) are any indication, there few (if any) phones to be found in the entire country. Unless the phone sports the name iPhone or Galaxy, everyone will ignore it.

    • TP

      and I do not mean that WP is any better than Android in quality. Just saying so you know.

    • TP

      Sorry, never meant to reply to your comment…something is weird about the comment system here.

  • Is This Bb10?

    Samsung ATIV S, HTX 8X, Lumia 920 have all been launched and available for sale because I swear they are the only phones I see people using in public.

    All the owners of obsolete Droids and Apples must be too embarrassed to even hold them in public now. LOL

    WP8 is the most successful platform in history, gotta be #1 in sales by a landslide. Just look at the reviews and comments — you can’t fake that

    • WP84Life

      You sir made my day.
      So much truth in these words!
      I’m already seeing people running as fast as they can to the nearest rogers to change their iSuck or Andro-lag device!
      Wp8 is the master of all OS. You can’t deny it.

    • TP

      Please come back when WP’s marketshare (yes, I will let you combine Windows Mobile 6, and Windows Phone 7.x too! woot woot!) reaches 2-digit number.

    • WP74Life

      Quantity =/ Quality, just so you know.
      Plus, most of android market share are from low-end cheap laggy budget shitty device.
      But you’re right, a Huyndai Elantra is better than a Ferrari, because there are more Elantra out there.
      Your logic -> flawed and weak.

    • TP


      Read the OP’s comment and read my reply.
      OP posted about sales, so I mentioned market share. No one is talking about, interested in, referring to, relating to anything about quality.

      Were you saying this to yourself?
      ‘Your logic -> flawed and weak.’

  • Is This Bb10?

    Anyone heard about crowd control officers being deployed to the Yorkdale Mall? The new Windows Store must be bumping, I’m hoping they open up hiring again to meet the huge demand

    • skdouglas

      Get a life!!

  • 2c


    just saying

  • Is This Bb10?

    I do have a job, I’m a contractor through Amazon Turk so I’m “at work” right now. It’s just if I do get a job at the Windows Store, I could still do this while on shift, make double pay, and get a free Lumia 920.

    Why don’t you tell other posters to get a life, or don’t you think that your beloved Google sends people to the comments as well

    • sum guy

      You seem a little obsessed with the anti-microsoft/WP8 thing. As far as I can tell, this is an item about the release date for the Samsung ATIV S phone on Rogers. I didn’t see the windows store mentioned anywhere but in your thought-provoking comments.

  • 2csucks

    RIP samsung

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    i havn’t seen a single person with a windows 8 phone jajajaja …another swing and a miss for ballmer and his jabroni yes-men down in the Redmond, aka the Osahawa of the USA.

    • Brian Wray

      That may be because there is not a single unit to be purchased anywhere.

      I have been looking non-stop this entire week looking for a Lumia 920 and an HTC 8X with no luck. If stores had supply, people could purchase them and you may actually see someone walking around with one in hand.

  • Kezghan

    I want WP8 and BB10 take both take off, so we can have some healthy competition. But seriously the WP8 launch has been brutal. C’mon Redmond get your s**t together.

  • John Marshall

    I’ve seen it listed on Future Shop for $50 on a 3-year, but I find that a bit hard to believe. I’ll have to wait and see if Bell gets this phone, as its rumoured they will, and see if they’re charging less for it. Still, I might just get the HTC 8X, since it’s a much slicker (and probably easier to hold) device.

  • General Gustov

    This is a nice device , like it a little more then the HTC8x