Windows Phone 7.8 will launch in early 2013 with few notable features




    • ICSinNovember

      Is good to see that some of that Billion Dollar Marketing budget ended up at Mobilesyrup.

      The Win Articles are full of supporters (Way to many LIKES) and the opposite is true for any negative comments.

      IT used to be the same in RIM articles when RIM used to be relevant.

      $720 for a Tablet with keyboard? (the OS alone takes 12GB!)
      $500 for the Lumia 920…only available in BLACK??

      They either start shipping something that people want, or drop the prices; or start charging a Loonie to charge phones at the MS Yorkdale Mall store.


    hope it will have apple map

  • Stephan John

    So much for Microsoft commenting on Android’s fragmentation :/. LOL

  • Hilman

    Wow, what an amazing update lol, and people wonder why their market share blows (WP8 will do as well as WP7).

  • joe

    I would imagine the same thing would happen to WP 8 about a year later?

  • Is This Bb10?

    Now the people who said early adopters who bought WP7 could not be upgraded can shut up

  • Is This Bb10?

    the iPhone can’t create mp3 ring tones without going to your computer, loading bloated iTunes, wasting about 5 minutes, connecting cables, etc.

    With WP7, it’s easy and you don’t need another device so that your phone can “just work”

  • dv

    What’s the point since there’s already Windows 8?

  • Dale

    I guess it will mean my first gen HTC surround will get it sugust/september next year, possibly October, my device is always the last device to get an update. I have to give credit though, my friends HTC hero android phone has never been supported for nearly as long as WP has supported my device.

  • Ron G.

    I’m going with a WP for my next device, but definitely not until Win9 comes around. By that time most of the shortcomings will be addressed, and the system itself, in general, will be better rounded.

    Win7 was a prototype. I was interested, but would have never picked it up. It’s a test device, and I still see it as a test device. Don’t expect much from it.

    Win8 is almost there, but lack of a centralized notification system is holding it back. Lack of apps is also a concern, though they have the most popular ones more or less covered. I can name a few other things that would bother the average consumer, but most of us already know what those are.

    Win9, on the other hand, I have very high hopes for. We will probably start hearing rumours about it in as little as a few months from now. I think that once the Win9 devices hit the stores, I will finally be a proud owner of a WP.

    Until then, I am closely watching the developments. It’s an exciting platform, to say the least!

    • andy c

      i was using a WP7.5 device for almost a year. The core apps are really nice but they can’t cover all the bases a fully stocked app store can.

      i’m on a Gnex now but will have no issue switching back to WP down the road if they get there act together.

  • skazzers

    They still need USB mass storage mode. It is a joke that they cannot get something as simple as this sorted out.

  • 2c


    just saying

  • chuck

    These WP7/8 posts are turning into the Leafs/Sens/Habs posts on TSN, where they just get flooded by fans of the other team making sour uninformed chirp comments. Hilarious. I don’t understand the need of the iPhone/android/bb users to even read these articles, let alone waste time commenting. This information is useful and interesting for people with WP7/8. If you don’t like WP7/8 just move on.

  • Is This Bb10?

    Windows 8 is going to be on 14 different magazine covers from the publisher Condé Nast.

    Only Microsoft can out-market Apple, and it’s going to steamroll everybody because Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and XBox all have that same look. They only need to advertise once for all three product lines to have the same impact.

  • phreezerburn

    Early 2013? Biggest boost to BB10 yet and from MS no less… absolutely hilarious! I’d hazard to guess that most of the early adoptees of the Nokia 800 and HTC Titan had themselves reluctantly left Blackberry devices and that’s apparently something the higher powers at MS are oblivious to. For those Win7.5 users not ready to pull the trigger on Win8 devices by December(availability, exclusives with Rogers etc…), this will certainly cause them to take a close look at the BB10 devices and OS.

  • Is This Bb10?

    It’s that 95% – 5% rule.

    There may not be a lot of Android fans, but the 5% of people who are in that camp make 95% of all posts on MobileSyrup.

    • jPhoneUser

      sure just like their market share. what is it 75% ?

  • Is This Bb10?

    Windows 7.8 is ready now, Microsoft isn’t stupid.
    They are waiting until everybody who is ready, to upgrade to Windows Phone 8 and then they will release the upgrade. Otherwise no one would bother buying a new phone that does the same stuff so quickly. It’s the same reason why they aren’t updating DirectX on Win7; they could but it would cause fragmentation and they wouldn’t make any money for all the R&D they put into it

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    i was gonna buy a windows 8 phone, but then i realized why bother? why should I pay a premium and sacrifice with the poor app market when these i****s are microsoft lied to me about windows 7. anyone else remember their shameless ‘beta testing’ advertising for win7? Who new it was actually about themselves! hahahahah

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    windows 8 is a ‘modest’ fail so far jajajaja

  • oldschool

    Sad to say, but Windows 8 has captured no one’s attention. Lame marketing and high pricing had their launch DOA.

    Instead of trying to muscle into the GS3/Note2/iPhone 5 class, they should try to penetrate the low-mid range hardware segment, those users might eventually mature into premium device users.

    Works for Android, no?