Windows Phone 7.8 will launch in early 2013 with few notable features

Windows Phone 7.8 is set to launch in early 2013, according to a leaked slide from one of Nokia’s Chinese-language training manuals. The update for existing Windows Phone 7 users will bring no notable features  other than a new home screen, with support for three tile sizes.

According to the sheet, Internet Explorer 9 will be patched with security updates, and users will be able to create ringtones out of MP3 files on the device. In addition, Bing photos will be a new repository for lockscreen images, which is a nice, small feature of Windows Phone 8.

There will also be 20 colour themes altogether, matching the count of WP8. While we’re hoping that Microsoft will include a few more tangible features than these in the production release, we fear that Windows Phone 7.8 is little more than a pity update for those running legacy hardware. We’ll see in early 2013.

Source: WinP.cn
Via: WPCentral