Bell Galaxy S II users can try some Jelly Bean thanks to Samsung leak


  • Piff

    Didn`t see this coming. Good job Samsung. Now about that Galaxy S2 X update.

  • AndriodGirl

    who cares! What about the S3?!

    • Dennis Leboeuf

      Some people don’t have enough money to get a phone every year you know

  • Alex

    I lol everytime you guys drool on os updates.

    • Ron Mexico

      I lmao every time I see an isheep with his Apple taxed, locked down, POS with a fruit on the back and an OS update that actually managed to reduced functionality even further (how is that possible?). I LMAO BIG TIME, BIG TIME

  • Lirodon

    I seriously was not expecting them to ever port TouchWiz Nature outside of the new Galaxy phones. This is going to make some people VERY happy.

  • andrew

    same for the S3. I bought the international version so I could travel to different countries and use my phone and so that I would get quick updates cause everyone said stay away from carrier phones. still no update

  • fnair

    Installed it last night. Running very nicely. I’m pleasantly surprised to see how much of the cool SGS3 and Note 2 features they actually included (e.g. Smart Stay). We’ve known for a while that the SGS2 would get a JB update, but I didn’t expect it to be this good. Hopefully Samsung will include multi Window in the final release. 🙂

  • S2556

    Jb should hit the Canadian s3 soon. It has already been released on tmobiles s3.
    I personally don’t care because I have been on a solid 4.1.1 rom for a while now but good for the majority of users!

  • Graham

    This is very encouraging news. I am awaiting the official update with baited breath. Here’s hoping this solves some of the nagging issues which make me want to put my sgs2 in a blender.

  • Puff

    @S2556 – wouldn’t it be ironic if Wind and Mobilicity got the update first since T-Mobile now has it.

  • Brad

    will the bell galaxy s2 hd lte get jelly bean ?

  • Frankie

    Already installed CM10 long time ago.

  • Craig

    Ics slowed my gs2…made my battery life worse…. Why am I supposed to continue to crave new updates?
    I had a much more enjoyable experience with gingerbread. Meh…. To supposed excitement over jb…. Does jb fix what Ics broke? And improve?

  • fnair

    I just realized that even pop up play is included. Cool!

  • Suj

    did they end up fixing that brick bug from the last update?

  • Coolbean

    I have had cm 10 for at least a month now…

  • dern

    Just flashed it. Works great, plus you get 50GB of dropbox for 2 years when you flash it. Sweet stuff!

  • cars

    Question? is this version of Jelley Bean compatible with Bell GT-I9100M ?

    • MapleHamwich

      Yeah, I’ve always been confused about the Bell Galaxy S2s. I’ve always heard they have the international standard, but when I check my device it says i9100M.

  • Jeffrohurt

    Hey. The leak works fine on Bell s2s. I’m running it now and it’s smooth as butter(pun intended). All Bell Galaxys are international, just in case you didn’t know

  • MapleHamwich

    Successfully updated. For what it’s worth, you can look up the “How to Install XXLSJ Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean on Galaxy S2 I9100” on Team Android’s website. Simple setup with good info and resources.