Update: “SaskTel Ultimate $65” plan now available, includes unlimited calling, texts and data


  • Claw

    OK what’s the catch? That’s just too good to not come with strings attached.

  • Max Power

    The catch is that you have to live in Saskatchewan. 🙂

    • DexterMS

      If I’m visiting Saskatchewan can I walk into a SaskTel store and get this plan? It could start a mobile-phone-tourism boost for the provincial economy.

  • new_tradition

    Pardon my ignorance, but is the plan suggesting you can use data in the U.S. and the rest of Canads without roaming? :O

    • LeafsFan77

      I’m questioning the Data in US thing too but Data roaming in Canada is real. They changed the policy a month or two back.

      You can use unlimited data anywhere in Canada (based on your plan allotment of course). It’s the same as in Province, up to 10GB at full speed, then slowed down, but true unlimited.

    • Quinn

      Truly unlimited with a HUGE asterix. After 10GB you get speeds that are worse than dial-up. I’m guessing maybe… 10kbps? You may as well consider this a 10GB cap.

  • Brian

    That’s a pretty big catch!

  • Surveillance

    Voicemail is $40 per month

  • Kid.Canada

    If only Rogers would release something like this or atleast with a decent amount of minutes plus 6GB of data with call display and voicemail for that price…

  • Thomas

    Well, guess I know where I’m moving. Get in the car, kids!

    • LINS

      Make sure you buy a Rider jersey for next season! You’ll fit right in!

  • lins

    Voicemail is 3-10$/mo, plus deposit and retrieval fees unless you have the 10$ one.

    I don’t think unlimited US roaming is accurate but could be mistaken.

    Sounds like the unlimited SaskTel cell-to-cell calling is nationwide. Annnd… Sounds like unlimited picture messaging is included. Which would be crazy bc SaskTel tends to horrendously overcharge for this service. 75 cents/sent picture unless you have a pack and there’s no pack for unlimited.

    Plus there’s “second cell” which means if you have a unit on one of the new “converged” plans (one is 25.83 for unlimited text and 200 mins/mo plus unlimited eve/wkend local calling) then you could actually get the unlimited 65 for 60$. Don’t forget the 83 cents for 911 fees. But this should be the only catch. Plus there’s add-ons for unlimited long distance as well.

    Pretty exciting…

    • LINS

      Data in Canada – unlimited.

      US data roaming: 6$/mb

      Looks like MobileSyrup took off the statement about unlimited US data already though lol

  • Dan

    “150 long distance minutes (Canada to anywhere in North America)”

    Dealbreaker for me.

    • lins

      Why a dealbreaker if you can add more?

      And those are included at no cost…

      “This free gift with purchase doesn’t hold as much gold as I thought it would!”

  • Plan Shopper

    Hello? Virgin? Are you there? Now this is a plan for you to copy. Nevermind copying Koodo(n’t have signal) or Feedo, copy THIS plan please!!

    • Michael

      Virgin uses Bells network which is shared with Tel us who owns koodo. If you don’t have a signal with Koodo, I don’t know what kind of gypsy s**t happened with virgin.

    • chall2k5

      probly comparing CDMA reception to HSPA+, both virgin and koodo still offer both

  • Richard

    Sasktell is pretty much bellus. Sounds too good to be true.

  • Me

    I would take this plan. I’m with bell and in Toronto. I need more data for work.

  • Kid.Canada

    Hey Dan, you’re right it is a dealbreaker as you can get more minutes with the Big 3 at no extra cost ontop of your plan…

  • Movieman87

    This plan also has unlm mms which sasktel has never offered. And why do you need more calling? It has unlm local and sasktel to sasktel Canada wide

  • DrBadass

    This must be a scam! We are in canada. we are not suppose to get over 100mb of data for this price!

  • paulo

    Its sad that the Big 3 can’t come up with something like this! Good for you Sasktel! I hope you poach many subs from the Big 3!!

    • skullan

      They can come up with this. They choose not to.

  • Xian

    Does unlimited Sasktel calling include landlines or just mobiles?

    • LINS

      It’s unlimited airtime local. To anything.

      Unlimited outgoing airtime to other SaskTel cell phones Canada-wide.

      The incoming SaskTel mobile calling is not unlimited if you are outside of your local area. This is reasoning for the 150 long distance minutes included.

  • Startoss

    Don’t expect Rogers to have anything close to this plan in the near future. They need all the $100 phone plans to pay for the Jays.

  • John

    So can I get this plan and roam on Rogers for free….

    • LeafsFan77

      SaskTel roams with Bell and Telus not Rogers.

    • Steve

      SaskTel only roams on Rogers in Manitoba.

  • Sweet

    It’s a good deal. If you need more long-distance minutes, then use Skype. For $3/month you can use Skype to make unlimited calls to any phone in Canada and the US. That’s what I was doing before I switched to Mobilicity and got unlimited long-distance.

  • Joey_G_1975

    I’d jump on this plan with no hesitation if it was available in Ontario!

  • tremsr

    This is a great plan! I would hop on it in a heartbeat. I hope the big three follow suit, though it is very unlikely.

  • TKG26

    Great plan… Should be everywhere. I am in Ontario and got the last sask promo:
    Caller id
    10 nationwide favs
    Unlimited text

    Life is good. I almost don’t bother with wifi now… 1.5gig used last month..

  • John Lee

    SaskTel should set up shops elsewhere in Canada. 😉

  • Sad Man

    So bummed I just sign a new 3 year and not with Sasktel 🙁