Google Maps for iOS undergoing public testing and is close to release: WSJ


  • Vince

    Google is putting the word out early to pressure Apple to approve. Given Cook agreed Apple Maps 2nd best, I can’t see them not approving it.

    If they don’t more bad press for Apple and good press for Google.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      Your comment makes no sense.

      They don’t need to pressure Apple to approve it: If it’s not breaking any rules, it’ll be approved anyway.

      Apple doesn’t arbitrarily deny apps just because they feel like it. TomTom can submit their mapping app. Garmin can submit their app. Nokia can submit a map app. Microsoft can submit Bing maps. Therefore, Google can submit their own maps.

    • Adam

      but they DO deny apps ‘just because’

  • Alex

    iPhone: The beauty of Google minus Android.

    Iow, the perfect phone.

  • Ryan

    iPhone: the phone everybody wants but no one knows why.

  • TKG26

    work gave me an ipad……. I thought great i can use its maps on the company dime…. Im still using my own android phone for GPS…. 🙁 Hope this gets approved soon…

    Funny thing for work we keep being told to install google products LOL 🙂 Told my boss we should have just got Nexus10’s

  • Henaway

    Oh come on Apple, PLEASE deny Google Maps from the App Store because it is too similar to your own shoddy app. PLEASE give them a clear and concise reason to entangle you in anti-trust lawsuits! Because if that isn’t a reason … I don’t know what is. “We won’t approve it because it’s better than our app …” Google’s got this nailed to the wall, either way.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      I think you missed the part where they (eventually) approved Google Voice, which directly competes with the phone functionality of the phone. And the Google Search app, which competes with Siri. And Google Chrome, with competes (but technically still uses) Safari. And Gmail, which competes with the built-in Mail client. And Google Play Books, which competes with iBooks.

      Google doesn’t have anything nailed to the wall. If anything they showed just how arrogant they are. They knew their contract with Apple would run out and they didn’t have an app ready for when that would happen.

    • Xperia User

      Apple fanboy revisionist history at its finest. Apple’s contract for Google Maps had another year to go when Apple decided to ditch it in favour of Apple Maps. But why let a little technicality like the truth get in the way of blaming someone other than Apple. :-p

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @Xperia There’s no “history revision” here, just deductive logic.

      The contract would have ended half-way through the iOS release cycle. Apple’s options were to either renew the contract for another year or finish it early and release their own maps.

      Another alternative was that Google could have *not* been a**holes and given Apple turn-by-turn directions and vector-based maps.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Oh, but according to so many anti-Apple fans here on MobileSyrup, not only did Google already submit it months ago but it was denied and there was a massive public outcry about it!

    Apple will surely deny the app because OBVIOUSLY THERE ARE NO OTHER MAP APPS IN THE APP STORE.

  • 2c

    iphone is always for isheeps

    by the way RIP RIM!!!!!!

  • LeafsFan77

    I hope Google charges for it (ie: $1.99) and it’s not free. Make the iSheep pay for what Apple wouldn’t.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      Google won’t do that. They make their money from ads.

  • mike

    Google maps has already been in apple app store for several months,cost $0.99. And they also have an app called g-wise or something that has all the google apps in one app for free. Ive been using them both for a long time.

  • Ron Mexico

    Whats really funny is that Apple’s heads are so swollen they actually thought they smart enough to put together a mapping system that’s better than Google’s in a span of less than 12 months. Lol, they deserve everything they got.

  • Mike

    am i the only one that thinks that google should charge for the app to show apple how much they screwed up?

    • Xperia User

      Only problem is that Apple takes 30% off the top for all App Store purchases, so by charging, Google would actually be helping Apple, it’s better that they give it away for free.

  • menodumb

    Google maps isn’t always on da money , screws up too , just sayin .

    • Brad F(anboy)


  • Thomson

    Screw them both its all about the mapquest! 😉

  • lyndon420

    @Brad F…what color is the sky in your world? You call Google arrogant a-holes for not giving you ios users a premium experience like us droiders who actually appreciate what Google does by supporting their platform? I’m a musician, so how long do I have to wait for apple to submit their Garageband app to Android or any other platforms for that matter? Come to think of it, has apple ever shared an app or anything of theirs with others? Who’s arrogant again?

  • Pat

    Cant wait! Getting sick and disgusted of Apple’s Maps

  • Martin

    Nice to hear. I can’t wait to find the nearest starbuckes on google maps my ipad 4 and iphone 5.

  • Barker

    “Never carry a paper map again.”??? That is, until your battery craps-out, then your up s**t’s-creek!