Skype Preview for Windows Phone 8 now available


  • iphoneee

    I don’t see apple maps….. why can’t skype integrate apple maps?

    • sp

      because they know that if they use Apple maps..people might end up driving into a wall or a tree…or an Apple store and get force fed/drink Apple Kool Aid

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    another huge ugly tile

  • General Gustov

    Just waiting to see which other carriers will carry this phone

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    holy smokes, i just saw the preview of this on wpcentral and the design and function looks amazing. not a skype user at all, but i would use it just because it looks beautiful.

  • yodiggity dawg


  • Kid.Canada

    Wow you really need to get laid Mr. Apple Troll or even get a job and make better use of your time than sit in your mother’s basement and troll tech sites all day…

  • Ron

    Very nice I`m running it on my nokia 920, and by the way I swapped it for my iphone 5 and DAMN I DON’T REGRET IT!!!!

  • Nino

    I’m not happy, what about all of us who have windows 7.5 that we just got 5 months ago? will we get the new apps? I have a feeling we won’t! That’s not honering customers on microsoft part!

  • Marc Roussel

    SAD, I’m very sad that we can’t receive notifications and messages in the Messaging app integrated with the phone hence not having to keep Skype app running !

    Also it was so fast with Messenger when receiving messages directly into Messaging app of the phone