WIND opens their doors in Peterborough, plans to expand coverage to Trent University and Fleming College by January 2013


  • Betty

    As long as WIND gets BB10 devices, sign me up!

  • Graham

    I’m chomping at the bit to switch over, but am outside the coverage area. Any word on if/when coverage will extend east on the 401 through Cobourg and Belleville to Kingston?

    • ehoustoun

      I’d say with the addition of an eastern city like Peterborough it won’t be long before the start connecting the dots on the eastern corridor of Ontario and connect all the cities between Toronto and Ottawa

  • holler back girl

    hehehe “Wind opens”

  • EvanK

    I don’t understand why WIND isn’t more focused on tapping into the larger markets like Halifax, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, or Victoria, as opposed to expand in these little southern Ontario cities.

    • sixteen12

      Because overall Southern Ontario offers a lot more potential customers than places like Regina, Saskatoon, Halifax or Winnipeg which are large cities on their own.

      Peterborough offers a lot of GTA residents cell coverage near their cottages.

    • Matty

      If WIND can target the small cities near the large urban areas, then they can convince customers in the area to jump on board. “Oh cool, now I can use my cell phone in downtown AND up at the cottage!” This is opposed to branching out into new areas like Winnipeg etc where their coverage would be limited to the urban areas. Sure there are many people living in the biggest cities, but they would rather provide a wide service area over just the big cities.

      I can see them starting on the other big cities in other provinces once they’ve got Southern Ontario fully covered.

  • Bubbles

    Winnipeg is a small tough market. Look at Rogers they are still struggling (with all resources that they have). Difficult to cover a lot oof people because of population density, people are buying from “local” companies, tough distribution. Suddenly Peterborough makes more sense.

  • Clinton

    There is more than one location to physically buy a device. Kawartha TV and Stereo is also a Wind dealer in Peterborough.

  • Tee-Bo

    I switched from Rogers to Wind way back in 2010, and haven’t looked back. It’s good to see new companies offering a bit more choice in a country where only 2 companies used to run things for the longest time – Rogers and Bellus.

    Looks like Wind is leading the pack, and as their customer, I can’t help but feel that my plan is getting more valuable as months go by.

    I’m looking forward to more expansion, though honestly, living in GTA, I pretty much have coverage wherever I go. I’ve probably paid less than $20 in roaming over the last 2 years.

    • Hurley

      I’ve always wondered with Wind, when you start roaming, do you still have your unlimited calling/texting.etc or is there a fee for leaving for your area? What happens with data?

    • Ogda

      Voice and outgoing text are chargeable, while incoming text is free. Data roaming is never a cheap option, so don’t even bother with that.

      It’s funny, but it costs less for Wind to roam on Rogers’ network that it costs Rogers’ own customers to do the same.

      Welcome to Canada – the land of Robelus.

  • aregularonhofo

    As me and my gorgeous boyfriend Steve were getting it on yesterday, I suddenly realized that… Wind is AMAZING! I mean, I knew that all along, but now I actually FELT IT!

    The sensation was so overwhelming that I hurt Steve a little by accident. Oh well, he might not be able to walk properly for a few days, but I will be by his side 😉

    Love you, Steve!
    And, Wind, I love you, too!


    • Bobby destroy my butt

      Ragu that was me! I was so hot about wind I think I hurt him as well… warren and nuke where playing hide the baseball bat so I am sure it was not them!

  • bruce

    Wind offers good prices but there customer service is un-professional. When ever I call, I get the some respones “Sorry sir, I cant Help You” Even when I orderd the Note 2 online for full price $850, It still hasent arrived (10days late)… When I call in they claim they dont have a department that deals with online purchases from there site. I will Have to make a VISA claim. Once you are a customer the dont care about you

  • Jay

    Wow, they have towers in Peterborough. Do they even realize most people that live in Peterborough need their cells outside of Peterborough too? Sorry Wind, still need a carrier that’s not gonna charge me extra when I leave their microscopic city zones.

    • Bone

      Cool. Go with a carrier that is going to charge you extra for simply being their customer.

      Honestly, you’re comparing a 2-year-old company with a 20+-year-old. Give wind some time. Until then, stay with your current provider.

  • T1MB0T

    Bone is that your name or what you do? Coverage is the key! that is why wind is so hurting they had to be sold.. again! Talk is that they are up for sale again.. Flip that mess swabbie

    • D4

      We know who you are, Robert… 😉

  • aregularonhofo

    When the 2 losers bluenote73 and Rocco start imitating me you know Wind Mobile is irritating their sore butts to a point they have to make total fools of themselves, still great to see Wind Mobile growing and expanding with better service including a superior network and absolutely destroying Mobilicity…latest stats on HoFo show almost everyone leaving Mobi and many coming to Wind. If anyone has to be sold it will be Mobi with no growth whatsoever and ever failing service including a network that sucks. No alliance here with Mobi wanted or needed, the sooner Mobi dies the better and Wind will grow even more…plus who wants to support a company like Mobi whose only purpose is to con their customers and use them with cheap tricks.

    • T1MB0T

      Oh ragoo no one wants to be like you! So winpy and weak.. come to the gym, as your gf warren he will tell you were it is! funny you talk of stats.. so do tell us here how many times was wind sold? are they for sale again? how is it that you feel good that the company that chose to close the call centers and ship them back to the owners home is in the news again? The lack of signal as well as the terrible customer service have people leaving the carrier that is going to get LTE and is in talks to buy wind from swamie. ragoofagoo just come to the gym and get in shape! D4 its Bobby. Do get that right! speaking of coverage.. the author of the program that wind uses said that his program is just a rough guess. Even wind admits this! So right in the middle of a home zone no signal! CCTS is your fried fagoo.. they have seen a HUGE jump in wind complaints! oh well what can you do right?

      nice dress twink

  • Jim

    This location will be forced to shut down when Mobilicity arrives.

  • aregularonhofo

    Pure CRAP Butt Boy, your jokes are no longer funny considering you’ve been using the same ones since 2009 and everyone knows you’re a moronic TROLL with no integrity…you know absolutely nothing about Wind Mobile/Orascom/anyone else for that matter and Wind is not being sold since they are visibly growing each month with improved coverage/signal. Plus considering you still get money sucked from your wallet big time in the home zone using Mobilicity makes your comments invalid and that their coverage has shrunk after initially deceiving subs in Pickering. Every time you post 25 individuals switch to Wind and I thank you for this. I see you’re using a Wind Mobile phone also…good little boy.

    • T1MB0T

      Let me see fagoo.. I said they were pulling the call center and I was right, I said that Orascom ran them and I was umm right.. then I said they were being sold and I was well i was right.. then I said that tony was no longer in the building and I was oh my right again.. it must really bug you that I was right each and every time. orascom, you know the company that ran wind from the start is now the owner of the few shares that tony jabrony full-o-baloney had.. and orascom is owned by Vimpelcom sooo it is as it always was foreign owned.

      Now as far as expansion.. my poor little twink. The windsider just leaked that if you leave wind they keep you on the books for 1 quarter.. therefore as always the numbers are fudged.

      so now for you… why must you wear warrens hand me downs? I thought nuke taught you how to put your makeup on right..

  • T1MB0T

    Fagoo I do not need to post.. CCTS has winds number.. FaceBook is doing a great job spreading the word.. FOR SALE.. No LTE, new hot phones for new subs only and still the limited coverage.. so sad to see you go I would call but its late and your moms will answer.. and you get to signal in your moms basement.. I am sure johnn diaper diva will sell you a booster… do come to the gym.. you can take a zumba class like nuke and warren did..